All In One Loft Bed

In case you aren’t convinced about the functionality and elegance of loft beds, here’s a perfect chance to change your mind. The collection that you can see below, presents different ideas for all-in-one loft beds in varying designs, shapes, sizes and colours. The question arises which one will you decide on?

All in one bedroom furniture

It's very hard to find a special space for kids in small apartment. So, we suggest you to choose this all in one loft bed, which has the stairs for easy access, the desk next to the bed, the storage space underneath and the play zone under the loft bed.

Bed and desk in one

Emanating with its stylish appearance and functional design, the loft bed comes with a roomy compartment underneath, surrounded by frosted glass panels. The inside is accommodated with a wood desk, open shelving, and built-in lighting system.

All in one loft bed

Loft bed in modern style. It is mounted on wooden frame. It contains a lot of drawers for storing clothes and others needed items. Perfect solution for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

All in bed

Loft bed for space saving in each home. Perfect solution for small spaces.

All in one loft bed

The practical and highly effective loft bed for children in beautiful colors is a functional solution for any interior. The wooden construction is durable and permanent, has many shelves, a place to sleep and rest.

All in one loft bed

A great combination of functionality and style, this loft bed for kids comes with an integrated desk and a properly secured top bunk. Also includes a 3-panel mirror, storage drawers, a pull-out keyboard tray, open compartments and a stabile ladder.

All in one loft beds

bunk - over office - cool idea for a teen.

All in one loft bed

All-in-one Cube Furniture Offers You Everything You Need

Loft bed with stairs and desk

A practical loft bed for small rooms. It's made of white-finished wooden materials. A bed has straight both a headboard, a footboard and side rails. There's a 2-door wardrobe and 2 drawers under a footboard. One can place e.g. a desk under the bed.

Sleep and study loft bed plans

Loft bed made of wood. Base has a lot of drawers in various sizes for storing clothes, beddings and more. Ideal for space saving for kid's room, teenager's room and more.

All in one loft bed

now, this is great, but I know what would happen is somebody'd get drunk and dive off into the bed @Jay Jenkins

All in one bunk bed

The unique combination of attractive design and functionality makes this phenomenal four bunk bed an excellent choice for children's room. The whole finished in white is universal and beautifully presented in the decor.

All in one loft bed 3

Island of Privacy, OMG this is just perfect. Kids can watch a movie and mom can make popcorn below and pass it up. Or just enjoy a rainy day in the comfort of your cozy lofted den.

All in one loft bed

Awesome! Future cabin home dream come true. I imagine 3-4 bunks like this all in one room so I can have the time of my life on winter vacations. Adorable wooden loft bunk bed and cool wooden floor look amazing.

All in one loft bed

I like the loft in this one. I don't think I'd have to crawl all over the place to make the bed! spacious tiny house on wheels by richs portable cabins 003 600x1067 Spacious Tiny House Living in Richs Portable Cabins

Full all in one loft beds

full all in one loft beds

All in one bed

A lovely bedroom set consisted of 1 bunk bed, 1 dresser with mirror, and 1 desk with office chair. Made of white-finished wood, the set also includes a pull-out keyboard tray, 14 storage drawers, a built-in ladder and a small serving tray.

All in one loft bed 1

I'm wondering if this would be a better idea instead of bunk beds.... Each kid could have this and have their own space too!

All in one bedroom furniture

Who said that the princess cannot sleep in the tent? This bed is perfect for two little sisters or a girl with a friend. The bedding in rose shades win the approval of the most demanding kids. The white canopy could be also used as a mosquito net - ideal in the summer.

All in one loft bed 15

[Tomoko and Kimio Akiyoshi's NoHo Bento Box Apartment - daughters Sora and Umi Akiyoshi's Loft Beds with Walk-in Closets Underneath by Mishi Hosono and Adam Weintraub of Koko Architecture and Design] an effective solution for those who want walk-in closet

All in one loft bed with trundle

A space-saving design for small bedrooms. This bunk bed is a multi-functional construction that includes a comfortable bed in its upper area. It is equipped with a durable ladder. The lower part includes a desk with shelves for books and storage baskets.

All in one bed set

The all-in-one loft bed is an excellent design combining space for sleep, relaxation, and fun. Finished in interesting colors, it has stylish lighting and comfortable ladder. Perfect item for kids room.

Bedroom built in idea im thinking something like this eventually

Bedroom built-in idea - I'm thinking something like this (eventually) for that front bedroom upstairs, if Jared lets you have it. It gives you extra storage for all the crafting to happen on the other side of the room!

Furniture for small spaces 5 cool hidden beds apartment therapy

Furniture for Small Spaces: 5 Cool Hidden Beds | Apartment Therapy

All in one loft bed 14

Bunk House View 2, Guest Room for five. Love it from APARTMENT THERAPY (Shoebox Inn House)

All in one loft bed 10

Top 10 Back to School Essentials for College Dorms

Lea furniture all in one twin loft bed willow run

Lea Furniture All in One Twin Loft Bed Willow Run in White LA245964R

All in one loft bed

I really am fond of the kitchen at one end and the sliding couch / bed. tiny-studio-14

Desk for teens

A great use of space with a bed, storage & a desk. Fabulous & oh so compact! Around $804 from Ikea.

All in one loft bed 7

CRUCIAL blog teaches step-by-step tiny house building for the novice. Tiny house beautiful interior.

All in one loft bed

I adore a bed on a stage and my childhood home was full of sloped ceilings. Love the lighting in this room too.

All in one loft bed 8

All in one beds

A cool practical loft bed for girls. It's of wooden materials with a pale creamy finish. It's equipped with a simple headboard, side rails, a slanted ladder, a corkboard. A U-shaped desk with a drawer and open niches in side parts is under the bed.

All in one loft bed 11

love loft beds for the kids if you have a little room

All in one loft bed 13

TWELVE3 CUBE HOUSE - Cubes are micro houses that can be set up in conjunction with a primary household on an existing residential lot. These are sometimes called Carriage Houses. Our Cubes can also be used as guesthouses or rentals that serve as revenue g

All in one loft bed 9

Except the top would be a library, not a second bed.

The miter box tiny house love all the wood and

The Miter Box tiny house. Love all the wood and stainless surfaces! Has lots of things I normally don't like, but in this situation it all works well. Normally hate achromatic color schemes, but in a small space it makes it feel more open. Also normally d

Bunk desk

A comfortable and solid bunk bed for children. This wooden construction includes an upper bed with comfortable and ergonomic mattress. The lower part includes storage shelves, one chair and one working space for a computer and notebooks.

Shaker all in one loft

Shaker All-In-One-Loft

Not so much crazy about the hanging bed idea but

Not so much crazy about the hanging bed idea - but if this was a couch/seat for reading....that's where I would be all the time.

Loft beds with steps

Ideas for Madison's loft bed...she wants a large rail and desk area with bookshelves....

All in one loft bed 12

great built in bed under the eaves, with storage on all ends

All in one natural twin loft bed student furniture

All-In-One Natural Twin Loft Bed - Student Furniture

All in one loft bed

From Outstanding to Easy: 20 DIY Toddler Beds

Trofast steps

The loft bunk beds are always an interesting solution, but in this one, the ladded is the most intriguing. It has got shelves for books, toys, accent pieces and more. And of course it's for easy access to the bunk bed.

Reading loft stockholm sweden photo via leah one day this

Reading Loft, Stockholm, Sweden photo via leah ONE DAY, this will be in my house

All in one loft bed

Wow, this looks just like my first student room! i had a little attic for my bed just like this. April Anson's 120 sf modified Tumbleweed

Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Brady Twin Over Full Bunk Bed
With the stunning and charming white finish and the simple lines, this twin over full bunk bed will be just perfect for your kids' room, allowing them the perfect sleeping space and saving plenty of space in the process.

Roberta rimme all in one beds on july 28 2010

roberta rimme all in one beds on july 28 2010 in furniture by wes

Bunk beds with slide

A very attractive bunk bed with a superhero theme. It includes an upper bed that is accessible with solid stairs. The bed is solid and it features a slide that provides good and safe fun for the children.