Aladdin Lamp Shades

Lamps are something that is used really often. It might be worth to consider all the options before choosing the most appealing shape, design and colour for your house. Keep in mind that many people have already picked something for themselves and what will be your decision?

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Aladdin Lamps are the brightest kerosene-burning lamps ever. And when they have vintage drape alcite finish it's even better. This aladdin oil lamp has a white ceramic base, with elements of gold and subtle flowers painted on the lampshade.

Aladdin lamp shade

Have you ever dreamed about the Aladdin lamp? Now, you can have it! This lamp shade has got the glass construction, brass finish and Victorian design. Everyone will be delighted how beautiful this lamp is.

Aladdin lamp shades 3
Meghan Lewi

Enchanting with its oriental form, this Alladin shade for kerosene lamp measures 16" diameter. It catches the attention with its fluted parchment finish, adding a rustic appeal to the space.

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Tara Zucker

Green Aladdin lamp shade made of durable glass with decorative accents. This decorative and functional lamp features a round base that provides good stability. Its upper illuminating area is finished in white color.

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This Alladin model of lamp delights with its characteristic form, which fits perfectly well to all classic, refined interiors. Has some tiny chips to rims of shade, yet impressive, original paint and honest font and burner surface.

Antique aladdin lamps

Beautiful Alladin lamp shade is an easy way to refresh the look of an old lamp. Straight glass and very original shade captivates the details and creates a unique atmosphere in the interior. The whole is presented perfectly.

Antique aladdin lamp
Esther Taylor

Designed in the 1920's, this complete Aladdin kerosene lamp is a true work of art amongst antique home accessories. It comes with a well-polished metal base that supports a milk glass shade with a clear glass hurricane hidden in it.

Jadite lamp
Rebecca Turn

Stylish lamp inspired of Aladdin lamp. It has sculptural kickstand made of green, untransparent glass and chimney made of clear glass. It is not only unique decoration, it can be very useful during power failure.

Aladdin lamp shades 1
Theresa Hern

Go for a piece that brings to mind the olden days and yet is still just immensely stylish and will do a splendid job when it comes to completing the look of your household decor. This oil lamp shade comes with the red case and the Aladdin design.

Aladdin oil lamp with hand painted violets lamp shade
Christine Alex
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Vintage Aladdin lamp shade in raspberry red (the seller described the shade as brick red though). The design is as follows: round form, ribbed surface, all glass construction, classic, traditional appearance.

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This beautiful Aladdin lamp comes from a limited edition, created by Mosser Glass of Ohio. It is available with Kerosene or Electric Burner. Features a solid brass hardware and a durable lacquered finish.

Aladdin lamps antique
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Enchanting with its ornate and vibrant finish, this Alladin lamp shade enchants with its cobalt blue base and ornately designed, white and gold shade, measuring 10 inches.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. 10" diameter Glass Lampshade - N301 Emerald Ribbed
Torres Melanie

A spare Aladdin lampshade is replaceable and useful. It has its own retro style, so it works well with antique oil lamps, oil lamps, and modern electric lamps. It has hand-pressed emerald flared milk glass, ribbed texture.

Aladdin lamp shades 2
Carter Valerie

Classic Aladdin lamp with some unique features: this dark jade green shade boasts a pretty uncommon ribbed design, which was in addition hand molded - nice! The base of this vintage oil lamp is brass.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. 10" diameter Crystal Lampshade - 501-9R Model #9 Crystal
Elizabeth Coupe

Vintage lamp shade - a part of Aladdin mantle lamp, a type of kerosene oil lamp - in ivory, with textured crystal like glass detailing. Apart from subtle embossed details, the top part of the shade has a pearl like sheen to it.

Antique aladdin oil lamps
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The lamp shade of Alladyna lamp is an atmospheric and exceptionally attractive way to decorate the interior. The hand-painted lampshade impresses and presents itself perfectly in every climatic decor.

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Aladdin lamp shades
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A fantabulous lamp shade that will keep your room warm and cozy, filling the whole interior with warm light. The shade is designed of milk glass and shaped like a king's crown with detailed royal pattern.

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Attractive and practical element in the house. This table lamp features a round base for additional stability. Its construction includes some decorative accents, so it provides light at night and decorates indoors at day.

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Do you remember the legend of the magic alladin lamp? And what if it had at least a substitute for it, in the form of a ceramic aladdin lampshade, with light embossing in floral motifs? It can be used for both: pendant and table, standing lamp.

Antique aladdin oil lamps for sale

A nice and utmostly elegant Aladding lamp that will prove simply perfect for your table or desk. It sports a simple and yet sophisticated design with the golden hue to the base and the lovely, round shade.

Antique aladdin kerosene lamps
Allen Katie

Why not choose this simply amazing Aladdin lamp for your table or work area and let it brighten up any space thanks to the vibrant, deep blue finish and the gold accents of the stunning frame to match it?

Converted oil lamp with glass globes converted aladdin brass kerosene
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The model 1630 family all bakelite aladdin lamp is unique
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Antique aladdin oil lamp
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Aladdin lamp shades
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Now you can bring some Geenie magic into your living room by choosing this pretty oil lamp with a white procelain base adorned with a blooming rose pattern. The hand-blown hurricane is designed of clear glass.

Aladdin Mantle Lamp Co. Wall-Mounted Lamp with Shade - BW170-701 Genie III Brass Lamp with Model B White Glass Shade
Hernandez Courtney
Vintage aladdin lamps
Cintia Brook

The hand-painted, Alladin-style table lamp is a beautiful combination of functionality and unique appearance. Stylish elements and slender base create a beautiful whole, which adds a bright shade.

New aladdin lamp its georgeous im saving up for this
Aladdin electrified victorian table lamp farm scene shade
Anna Howard
Vintage aladdin oil lamps
Anderson Marisa
Brass aladdin lamp antique electrified white milk by gardenbarn 139
Olivia Smithist
Aladdin hurricane lamp

An oil lamp - constructed by a Polish chemist, will find its unique place in every home. Made of green glass, antique oil lamp presents also a hand-made heart-shaped decorations. The iron mechanism on the top, provides light for many generations.

10" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade

10" Hardback Linen Empire Lamp Shade
Attractive traditional conical shade having a frame of brass wires. It is manufactured of semi-matt black linen fabric with a solid pattern and has reinforced edges. It is equipped with a clip fitter.

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Aladdin model no 12 nickle plated oil lamp with shade
Griffin Kristen
Aladdin lamp shades 2
Roberts Isabelle

A pair of old-fashioned Alladin table lamps with an off-white finish and vintage craftsmanship. Each of those oil lamps has a porcelain base, supporting a stained glass shade that hides a hand-blown clear glass hurricane.

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Aladdin opal b style glass oil lamp shade
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18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade
Tara Gosselin

18" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade
Empire lampshade in traditional form. Metal frame is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Suitable for table lamps and floor lamps. Received a lot of positive recommendations from clients for aesthetic appearance and high quality.

Floral vintage kerosene oil lamp shade aladdin rayo 10 fitter
Adriana Andersson
White glass lamp shades on aladdin 11 oil lamp shade
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Aladdin Shade - 10" Opal White
Alexis Millerism
Aladdin ruby ribbed glass oil lamp shade
Antique aladdin lamps and aladdin electric lamps
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