Adjustable Bathtub Caddy

All those who have thought about a purchase of such bathtub caddies for bathrooms, will feel themselves at home here. There is no need to look anywhere else for nice solutions – check it if you still have any doubts. Many people have already become inspired by them and what will you say?

Olivia Jackson Interior Design Expert
Adjustable bathtub caddy 1

Adjustable bathtub caddy makes the bathroom more functional and lets you enjoy your bath more. Rust-resistant stainless steel construction is combined with a teak wood accent that even has a candle holder.

Adjustable bathtub caddy

Being a very practical addition to your bathroom, this adjustable bathtub caddy will let you spice up your time in a bathtub, having a small sandwich, a glass of favorite juice or wine.

Tub caddy 2
Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy

Soap and Sponge Bathtub Caddy
Organizer designed to hang on the edge of the bathtub. It is made of metal. It has space for soap, sponge and more. No assembly required. Functional addition to any bathroom.

Teak tub caddy
Bathtub caddy
Adjustable bathtub caddy 2

An aesthetic traditional bathtub shelf-seat crafted of quality teak wood with a finish in nice warm browns. It's intended to put across a bathtub. It has a longwise slatted surface. Clamps (on a bottom side) are adjustable with wing nuts.

Brushed nickel bathtub caddy
Bath rack with wine holder
Bath cady
Bath tub tray
Bathtub book rack

If you need a little bit of extra space on your bathtub for shampoo and cosmetics storage, take a look at this fresh, bright wooden shelf that is bound to nicely match more modern, contemporary bathrooms. It’s also movable, which makes it extra handy.

Teak bath caddy
Adjustable bathtub caddy 6
Adjustable bathtub caddy 5
Teak bath tray

Adjustable bathtub caddy consisting of 3 shelves. It is completely made of rust resistant metal with chrome finish. Designed for mounting on the wall. Perfect for storing soap, cosmetics, sponge and more.

Aquala Bathtub Caddy in Natural

Aquala Bathtub Caddy in Natural
This is perfect for relaxation stand on the books, which can be used in the bathroom. The stand is placed on the tub. In the central part you can put a book. Thanks to not become wet and not destroy it, and you can read while relaxing bath.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy with Extending Sides by ToiletTree Products

Allow yourself a little luxury and relaxation of the highest class. On this bamboo bathtub caddy you can safely and comfortably put your favourite book, a telephone or a glass of wine. The bath has never been so fun!

Zenna Home 2120BC, Tension Corner Pole Caddy, Satin Nickel
Bath caddy with book holder 1
Stainless Steel Bathtub Caddy with Extending Sides and Book Holder. Guaranteed Not to Rust.
Adjustable bathtub caddy 7
Bathtub wine and book holder
Adjustable bathtub caddy
Across Satin Bathtub Caddy
Adjustable bathtub caddy 3
Adjustable bath rack
Adjustable bathtub caddy 10
Expandable Bathtub Caddy (Set of 6)

Expandable Bathtub Caddy (Set of 6)
A decent and simple-looking set of six expandable bathtub caddies. Made from high-quality metals only with a chrome finish. Both ensure durability and strength. It was manufactured and imported from China.

Adjustable bathtub caddy 1
Simplehuman bath caddy
Teak bathtub caddy 2
Here for a close up image of the simplehuman adjustable
Bathroom shower corner tension pole caddy adjustable bath organizer 2
Umbra Aquala Bamboo and Chrome Bathtub Caddy

It is a bathtub caddy that is made of bamboo and chrome. It is perfect for everyday relax in bathtub with glass of wine and book. It is very functional and you need to have it. You will be impressed how great this caddy is.

Zenith Bathtub and Shower Pole Caddy, White

Aesthetic corner shower pole with 4 shelves. Made of durable rust resistant material finished in white. Shelves are adjustable both vertically and horizontally. Practical, with self-draining shelves for toiletries, easy to assemble and clean.

Safe-er-Grip Tub Organizer (Set of 2)

Safe-er-Grip Tub Organizer (Set of 2)

Adjustable bathtub caddy 4
simplehuman Adjustable Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum

Useful shower shelving unit made of steel and aluminum. This caddy has 2 larger adjustable wired shelves, a smaller shelf for soap as well as side hooks. It also has a suction cup for stability and a rubberized clamp to secure grip on shower-heads.

simplehuman stainless steel anodized aluminum adjustable shower caddy - Silver
Adjustable Bamboo Bathtub Caddy by ToiletTree Products.
simplehuman Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy, Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum

Practical and useful shower caddy. Durable, made of stainless steel and aluminum with a white finish. It has adjustable shelves for bottles and lots of convenient storage hooks for toiletries. Extendible, easy to fix between floor and ceiling.

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Bamboo Bathtub Caddy

Expandable Bathtub Caddy
Zenith Products 2132S 4-Tier Tub and Shower Pole Caddy, Chrome
Over Tub Caddy by Spa Creations Satin Nickel Finish Adjustable
Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy

Adjustable Tension Shower Caddy

Adjustable shower caddy tension shower caddy
Bathtub and Shower Corner Caddy

Bathtub and Shower Corner Caddy
If you are looking for a practical solution for your bathroom, this corner shelf in the shower will be perfect. It has four practical shelves, hanger towel to the face, and a mirror. The whole is maintained in white is very stylish.

Teak Bathtub Caddy

Teak Bathtub Caddy