Activity Tables For Kids With Storage

All kids like to play and they want to have a nice place to do it. If this is the first time that you can see such a collection of actvity tables with storage functions designed especially for kids, do not rush and check them all. Are you ready to pick something ?

Peyton Robinson Interior Design Expert
Activity tables for kids with storage 1
Stacey Ale

Wooden acitivity table for kids; one side provides open display shelves for arts & crafts or toys storage. If storage bins are added, organization can be furtherly boosted with ease. Black top with red edge.

Activity tables for kids with storage
Esther Jackson

Activity tables are always a good idea, especially for children, which have loads of energy. This one combines a place to work and play with a functional storage space. All constructed in bright wood with black accents in finish.

Art table for kids with storage
Patricia Brya

Why shouldn't your child enjoy a fully comfrotable and convenient craft table that still provides ample colors and charm to the setting with its polka dot table top and spacious compartments for storage purposes.

Childrens desks with drawers
Brittany Gonzales

If you want your kids to always be able to have fun and at the same time for the interior to be safe and organized then this stunning coffee table or storage desk will prove ideal, since it comes with two extremely spacious drawers for you to hide any toys.

Plastic lego table with storage
Davis Kelly

i'm thinking as a coffee table. the top reverses, chalkboard one side, maybe magnetic the other?

Toddler play table

This table was created for kids. It features a smart design and it has got two stools that provide additional level of comfort. It features a quite large surface for work and having fun. The side of this table has got many storage shelves for toys and different items.

Kids art desk with storage

Make sure your children can have a lot of fun and play by decorating their playroom with a stunning kids art table and chairs that make for a really colorful addition to the place and keep it practical.

Activity tables for kids with storage

Nice solution for a play table with a hidden toy storage built in, perfect for kids’ room. This one is made out of smooth, dark wood which gives it a modern look, making it viable for a living room coffee table as well.

Activity tables for kids with storage
Weber Lily

Large Lego Table - 20" x 34" Lego Surface with Lego Organizer Storage.

Momma mia

Momma Mia!

Wooden lego table with storage
Bianca Weberable

Activity table from Land of Nod. We have one of these (LOVE it!), which we use for daughter's dollhouse, and I would love to have another. I would set them back to back and then could stick her farm (also from land of Nod) set up there with the dollhouse

Toddler activity table with storage
Vanessa King

A stunning play table that offers more than enough space to easily fit every single toy inside and keep the play area clean and free of clutter, while normally your children can simply have fun and you can enjoy its neutral looks.

Activity tables for kids with storage 6
Patterson Gracie

Playroom: built in Lego/activity table with drawers for Lego storage, storage ottoman seats on casters, between built in shelves. I also love the framed chalk and magnet boards on the far wall!

Lego tables for older kids with storage

DIY train or activity table with a storage shelf. This is so much better than some of the store bought ones I have seen!

Activity tables for kids with storage 3
Vanessa Jenkins

I love absolutely everything about this playroom!!!! modular toy storage, craft/Lego corner with magazine shelves for coloring books and tool drawers for craft things, reading nook, changing table to park big trucks, plus cute wall decor. Love love love!

Activity tables for kids with storage 4

I want this table for my patio!

I love this design for a kids art center table
Bush Eliza

I love this design for a kid's art center. Table top for creating and shelving for storage. Nice idea!

Lego activity table with storage drawer
Thomson Marisa

Game table designed for kid's. Base is made of wood. Top has large usable surface. Great addition for any kid's room according to taste and need. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

Activity tables for kids with storage 2

Coffee table with padded cover + rolling book storage under for Ava's reading nook???

2-in-1 Lego and Train Activity Table
Shannon Moore

2-in-1 Lego and Train Activity Table
Cool table for fun 3-4-year-old kids. It's made of laminated fibreboard with a natural wood finish. It has wide A-shaped legs, a reversible play board and a storage space under. It's equipped with a 30-piece wooden train and 200 plastic Lego blocks.

Activity tables for kids with storage 7
Kathryn Smit

I think Chris could totally make this for Joey! A perfect play table with storage. The fun part will be decorating it for Joey.

Play table with storage underneath
Laetitia Kloss

5 Awesome DIY Lego Tables: this one has an adjustable table height and lots of storage

Activity tables for kids with storage 2
Alison Nels

ohhh... we could have bench built with these kind of drawers and sew cushion for top. Like the stenciled numbers too.

Kids activity play table storage for play areas free shipping


Art table for kids with storage 2
Lisa Pete

ikea tables $12.99, land of nod baskets for storage underneath.

Toddler activity table with storage 2
Tiffany Ram

Activity table for kids with storage

The kids activity table with storage gives you children space
Elizabeth John

The Kids Activity Table with Storage gives you children space to work on craft projects and store the supplies for them as well.

Self storage craft table i wonder if we could also
Bush Eliza

Self-storage craft table...I wonder if we could also build an adult-sized one!

Kids tables with storage 3
Danielle Lee

More Lego Storage Ideas : The Organised Housewife : Ideas for organising and Cleaning your home

Childrens play table with storage
Sarah Nel

childrens play table with storage

White train table with storage bins

DIY lego storage table: I like the shelf above for keeping finished masterpieces out of the way

Activity tables for kids with storage 8
Evans Liliana

PBK train table with storage may be the best one we've found, designed to grow with you.

Activity tables for kids with storage 1
Rivera Lindsay

Play room: window seat with storage

Multi-Activity Table
Crystal Perez

Multi-Activity Table
This extensive and very impressive table playground is a great place to entertain your child. The queue with numerous elements, large drawer which can accommodate numerous trinkets and robust design perfect for children.

Activity tables with storage

Children's Space Saving Activity Center with by DrakestoneDesigns

Kids activity table with storage
Jillian Flor

In the Family Room Room for Everyone Since every family member spends time in this room, it can become a jumble of activities and stuff. Create storage for each activity, whether it's reading, playing games, watching TV, paying bills, or pl

Kids storage the childrens department
Heather Long

kids storage the children's department

Activity tables for kids with storage
Kristin Ward

I want to make this! DIY Furniture Plan from Small children have a way of taken over your coffee table with their toys. This play table when not in use rivals the beauty of a coffee table, but is at just the right height for play, and the

Deluxe Art Center Box1
Amanda Edwa

Essential addition to the room for every little artist. This thought-out desk can accommodate without problems all the utensils for creative works, such as colored paper, drawing blocks, pencils, paints and many others. Creative art station will help to maintain order in the house and provides a suitable surface for work and play.

Activity tables for kids with storage
Lewis Alexandra

Target has two great deals on activity tables for kids ! They are both ...

Perfect for train table could do with or without carts
Simmons Margaret

Perfect for train table - could do with or without carts, only need low legs. Carolina Grow with You Activity Table

Early childhood manufacturers direct quad activity table with storage to

Early Childhood Manufacturers' Direct - Quad Activity Table with Storage to go in the kids play area...

Activity tables for kids with storage 4
Natasha Bak

Organising Kids Stuff: Tips for small living spaces, co-existing with kids without feeling like you live inside The Wiggles house!

Have to have it classic playtime vanilla deluxe activity table
Ebony Griffin

Have to have it. Classic Playtime Vanilla Deluxe Activity Table with Free Paper Roll $249.99

Elementary table lt honey we have this table great size
Lauren Park

Elementary Table (Lt. Honey) - we have this table. Great size for kids and comfy enough for adults to sit along with them. The cubbies and shelf are a great use of space and offer convenient storage for supplies.

Lego duplo table with storage
Renee Pri

Teach your child keeping order with this activity table with storage. It has a lot of drawers and shelves just to put favorite toys out of sight. The table has also a lot of space to play, draw or sit.

Diy ikea trofast play table via ikeahackers
Mackenzie Poly

DIY Ikea Trofast Play Table (via ikeahackers )

ALEX® Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table /W Paper Roll -Wood 711W
Lindsay Gre

ALEX® Toys Artist Studio Super Art Table /W Paper Roll -Wood 711W

Thomas The Tank Kids Square Activity Table

Thomas The Tank Kids Square Activity Table

Kids table with storage inside comes with plexiglass or chalkboard
Sara Nels

kids table with storage inside. Comes with plexiglass or chalkboard. Very cute for a playroom. Pottery Barn Kids