Embroidered Shower Curtain

Perhaps shower curtains are not one of the most important elements of our households. Still, they can be quite useful so why don’t you look at the offers that we have prepared especially for people like you? After that, you will have a much better overview and maybe you will buy something nice.

Best Ideas

Embroidered shower curtain 6

Pearl Embroidered Shower Curtain , gray mist monogrammed for kids bath

Embroidered shower curtain 1

embroidered shower curtains | Embroidered Dragonflies Shower Curtain

White taffeta curtains 2

A charming window curtain made of silk taffeta in a very light blue color with a subtle, flowery decoration. The curtain will suit interiors in a traditional, rustic style, creating there a romantic atmosphere.

Signature stripe faux silk taffeta 120 inch curtain panel

Signature Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 120 Inch Curtain Panel
A curtain panel that provides protection from the sun. This useful product also increases a decorative value of any room. It has got a very interesting pattern and it is made of high quality flannel and cotton.

Embroidered shower curtain 11

Personalized shower curtain for residential and commercial use. It is made of waterproof fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Includes hook holes for easy mounting on the rod.

Embroidered shower curtain 26

Elegant and sophisticated setup for a bright bathroom with a decorative shower curtain hung around the bathtub. The bench along the wall under the windows provides a handy place to store towels and toiletries.

Blue grey gold stripe faux silk taffeta 84 inch curtain

Blue Grey Gold Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 84 Inch Curtain Panel
These are very unique and attractive functional and decorative elements that will decorate any window in the house. These curtain panels are 84 inches long x 50 inches wide and they are made of faux silk taffeta in 100%.

Embroidered shower curtain 3

Embroidered Shower Curtain and collected decor #Anthrofaves #Anthropologie

White taffeta curtains 2

A beautiful design for an unusual curtain, made out of silk in a vibrant, green colour. Perfect to put up in a mid-century living room to give it a colourful contrast, bound to spice up your home with its unique look.

Grand embroidered shower curtain 2

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain

Embroidered shower curtain 23

lovely vintage embroidered tablecloth as curtain, via dottie angel

Embroidered shower curtain 5

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain - Gray Mist, monogrammed with "L"

Embroidered shower curtain 43

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain | Pottery Barn

Monogrammed shower curtain pottery barn

Decorative and long lasting shower curtain made of cotton with embroidery. It features a white lower surface with an upper multi-color pattern, so it protects indoors from water and it also decorates bathrooms.

White taffeta curtains 1

Simple white curtains with some decorative accents on their top area. These curtains are made of durable materials that are resistant to frequent use and washing. Their white color completes any decor.

Embroidered shower curtain 12

Vintage embroidered linens, some edged in crochet, are recycled to make a patchwork curtain. By Rosehip

Dragonfly Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Dragonfly Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
It is a rod pocket single curtain panel with dragonfly design and two color options to choose: ecru and white. It is an elegant and made of 100-percent polyester. It is an attractive addition to any window.

Close up 25

{close up}

Royal Plaid  Single Curtain Panel

Royal Plaid Single Curtain Panel
Luxurious classic style window curtain panel manufactured of durable soft to the touch sheer polyester fabric with a solid design. It requires a standard or decorative rod and brackets to hang and is machine washable.

Light pink cream stripe faux silk taffeta 96 inch curtain

Light Pink Cream Stripe Faux Silk Taffeta 96 Inch Curtain Panel
This is a functional and decorative element that protects the room from the sunlight. It is made of cotton and flannel. Each panel is 96 inches long x 50 inches wide. It has got an interesting pattern that looks stylish in different indoors.

3 Horse Embroidered Shower Curtain

3 Horse Embroidered Shower Curtain
If you're dreaming of a unique and intriguing design in your bathroom, this awesome and stylish shower curtain may perfectly match your needs. Check it out now and enjoy an amazing look in your house!

Embroidered shower curtain 16

A beautiful contemporary shower curtain crafted of water-repellent purple polyester fabric adorned with embroidered charming floral motifs in darker purple shades. It has reinforced edges and can be spot cleaned.

Embroidered shower curtain 44

Amelie Embroidered Shower Curtain - Spa | Ballard Designs - available in xlong 84" - can also be monogrammed!!

Scallop and starfish blue embroidered shower curtain

Scallop and Starfish Blue Embroidered Shower Curtain

Embroidered shower curtain 37

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain | Pottery Barn $59

Home embroidery circles shower curtain

Home » Embroidery Circles Shower Curtain

Embroidered shower curtain 10

Monogram Shower Curtain, Personalized Custom Shower Curtain from SassySouthernGals Boutique

White taffeta curtains 4

The decorative buckle will be useful in every household - it allows you to hang well your favorite white taffeta curtains, with pink shades. Behold, this is undoubtedly decorative, if it takes the form of gold-plated rose.

Embroidered shower curtain 24

Simplicity is a great force in bright bathrooms - in order not to suppress its bright, white radiance, such a polyester embroidered shower curtain with a gray frame in the middle will be a sufficient decoration and protection of the bathtub.

Embroidered shower curtain 7

Western Shower Curtains: Embroidered Barbwire Shower Curtain|Lone Star Western Decor

Embroidered shower curtain 9

Monogram Embroidered Shower Curtain

Embroidered shower curtain 4

Embroidered linen shower curtain #anthroregistry

Embroidered shower curtain 2

Pearl Embroidered Shower Curtain | Pottery Barn $59

Embroidered shower curtain 33

Amelie Embroidered Shower Curtain, black 59/69 + monogramming

White embroidered shower curtain

3 colors. Sale 40%-50% off tons of items! Including this #anthrofave #anthropologie

Embroidered shower curtain 17

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain | Pottery Barn

Embroidered shower curtains

monogram a Target waffle shower curtain for a custom look

Diamond Patterned Embroidered Shower Curtain

Diamond Patterned Embroidered Shower Curtain
If you're dreaming of an elegant and stylish look in your bathroom, check out this unique and original shower curtain. It's gonna bring you not only an extraordinary design, but also an unusual functionality.

Western shower curtains 2

western shower curtains

Embroidered shower curtain 8

Pearl Embroidered Shower Curtain For my new bathroom!

Embroidered shower curtain 13

An interesting bathroom - a change from the norm with a painted floor and a crate for storage

Parquet Curtain Panel (Set of 2)

Parquet Curtain Panel (Set of 2)
This is a set of curtain panels made of solid poliester and available in many different, bright colors. It can be wash in a washing machine and iron. Panels are lined and has a rod pocket on a top for easy install.

Cotton Rod Pocket Pane Curtain Panel

Cotton Rod Pocket Pane Curtain Panel
Nice curtain panel, quite casual in looks but having a dash of elegance, too. The fabric it is sewn from is half-translucent and it lets the sun rays to gently shine through. It has standard rod pockets for facile installation.

Embroidered shower curtain 25

Do you think my boyfriend would still live with me if I put this in our bathroom??? Haha

Marianna Rod Pocket Curtain Panel

Marianna Rod Pocket Curtain Panel
Romantic and airy curtain panel sewn of half-transparent fabric with subtle, feminine pattern in its middle, top and bottom. White, wit slight sheen, it is really stylish and elegant. It has standard rod pockets.

Valerie Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel

Valerie Rod Pocket Single Curtain Panel
This gorgeous curtain window is a lovely and very stylish damask pattern and excellent performance. Pocket you can easily wear it on the curtain rod.It gives the interior a beautiful, gentle character through tulle - embroidered inserts.

Embroidered shower curtain 39

Grand Embroidered Shower Curtain ... the one with the black would look great in the bathroom!

Embroidered shower curtain 34

Madison Park Belle Embroidered Shower Curtain - another that matches a comforter I liked. I think I like the idea of coordinating the master bath and bed sets.

Embroidered shower curtain 40

Iris Embroidered Shower Curtain | World Market

Monogrammed embroidered shower curtain white cotton

Monogrammed embroidered Shower Curtain - white cotton