Elephant Door Stop

Perhaps door stops aren’t the most important element of our houses. Nevertheless, they can still make for a nice addition so why not have a closer look at those that are shown down here? We can assure you that you will not be the first person who got inspired by these solutions so take your time to pick the right one.

Best Ideas

Cast Iron Anchor Door Stop

Cast Iron Anchor Door Stop
Unique door stop in the shape of anchor. It is completely made of cast iron. Handy gadget for each home. It is very well appreciated by customers for stylish appearance and high quality.

Floor Stop

Floor Stop
Wooden door stop with an elephant design. The carved elephant figurine boasts meticulous form and finish. The door stop is all-brown. It is a nice and stylish tiny addition to a decor, providing functionality at once.

Starfish Iron Floor Door Stop

Starfish Iron Floor Door Stop
This floor stop has a rustic vintage look and was crafted from a durable cast iron, shaped on a starfish on waves shape. This door stop is decorative, functional and heavy, suitable even for large doors.

Cast Iron Door Stop

Cast Iron Door Stop
It is a special object of iron, which is used to stop the door. It protects them in this way from hitting or knocking against the wall. It is also a very nice door stop. It has the shape of an elegant, large shells.

Elephant door stop

Meet the friendly elephant that's ready to stop your doors in case of draft. Yes, this cute fabric elephant is meant to be a doorstop, but who said it couldn't be a cuddly plushie too? Not only kids will like it!

Elephant door stop 1

Make sure your door stays open and safe when you want it too, while still adding a charming decor choice for your interior with this stunning door stop, suitable for your kids' room with its charming elephant shape and look.

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Solid Brass, African Elephant Door Stop or Display Figurine, 8 Pounds

This door stop features the most amazing African elephant and weight as much as eight pounds to hold your door open without any trouble, while the great attention to detailing allows it to become a charming and stylish piece.

Elephant door stop 14

Antique, painted cast iron Elephant door stop

Metal door stops 3

Elephant Metal Doorstopper

Monica Richards of London Doorbanger Doorstop Door Stopper Elephant

Fabulous quality designer doorstops and doorbanger in one shaped in a little elephant figure. Protects your wall against opening door's handle. The teddy look makes it perfect for the room of your children.

Door stop elephant

Door Stop Elephant

Elephant door stop 1

Mrs Rosie the Elephant Door Stop | Grey

Tweed fabric elephant door stop taken from bundle of crafts

Tweed fabric Elephant Door Stop. Taken from Bundle Of Crafts

Ulster Weavers Elephant Doorstop

This user friendly cute and colorful elephant doorstop is suitable for keep doors open and closed. Made of cotton with sand and polyester filling, makes it fun and easy to bring any room to life. Great gift for family and friends.

Elephant door stop 29

Elephant Bookend Tan

Elephant door stop 11

#Elephant door stop

Door Stops - Wooden Elephant Doorstop - Elephant Door Stop

This kind of doorstop is a functional and decorative product. It has got the shape of an elephant and it is made of acacia wood with a lightly distressed patina finish. Its size is 10.75"L x 2.75"W x 4.3"H.

Monica Richards of London Doorbanger Doorstop Door Banger Brown Leather Elephant

Small faux leather elephant door stop or book end with

Small Faux Leather Elephant Door Stop or Book End with Reversable Label £14.95

Zuny Classic Series Elephant Brown Animal Paperweight

Elephant paperweight in brown and white. Sewn of synthetic leather and polyester fiber. Iron pellets inside make it heavy enough to hold all the papers and files. It is a cute accessory to have on your desk.

Elephant Doorstop-Cast Iron-Hand Painted-Good Quality-3.5 Pounds

This charming elephant doorstop comes with the cast iron structure of the highest quality, making sure it provides a durable and strong structure to hold the door open, while the hand painted design looks simply stunning.

Elephant door stop 2

Elephant door stop

Elephant door stop 25

How to Make An Elephant Doorstop (that's too cute for the floor!)

Elephant doorstop 1

Nursery Elephant Door Stop One of our favourites! Perfectly weighted elephant doorstop to keep the bedroom (or nursery) door ajar at night. $23.90 Dimension: 20 x 22 x 15 ...

Antique 1920s cast iron hubley walking white elephant door stop

ANTIQUE 1920s CAST IRON HUBLEY WALKING WHITE ELEPHANT DOOR STOP ORIGINAL PAINT. Bought at local show for $50 Sold ebay $110 after paying shipping. Total now $6,975

Elephant door stop 7

Pretty traditional door stops in forms of lovely simplified elephants standing with trunks upwards. They have heavy filling of loose materials and covers manufactured of durable colourful fabrics with geometric or floral patterns.

White elephant bookends

White elephant bookends.

Elephant door stop 21

This ribbed grey elephant door stop from Sifcon adds a modern touch to a classic product and it's only £14.95. He's cute, he's grey and we think he smell's better in the home than most elephants too!* Will sit (or stand) perfectly with

Cute Elephant Door stop Large Ribbed Fabric

Elephant door stop 6

Lovely door stop in the shape of elephant. Handy gadget for each home. Application in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Brass Decorative Elephant Door Stopper

This door stopper sports the golden finish and the most charming elephant design that will not only accentuate the look of your interior with the antique brass finish but also provide great functionality with the nice quality.

Elephant door stop 15

Hand Painted Elephant Door Stop

Elephant door stops

Elephant Door Stop | Pink | Monsoon

Elephant door stop 13

If you are looking for a funky accent to your interiors, consider an elephant door stop. Lovely and eye-catching will enchant both children and adults. Soft, beige finishing adds style and elegance.

D-ART Elephant and Frog Wooden Doorstoppers (set of 2 pcs) - made of Teak Wood

With this set of two frog wooden doorstoppers you will not only get the needed convenience but also some style and class, since they offer the solid teak structure and look extremely unique both with their design and with the charming finish.

D-ART COLLECTION Turtle and Crab Door Stopper

Unique, handcarved solid teak wooden door stoppers with turtle and crab motif are high quality, durable and very stylish accessories that protect your walls from door damage. Will surely keep doors propped open anywhere in your home.

Selamat Designs Elephant Doorstop

Being hand carved with meticulous care and offering the mahogany finish of utmost class and elegance this doorstop is more than amazing when it comes to bringing some convenience to your household with great style.

D-ART Elephant and Frog Wooden Doorstoppers (set of 2 pcs) - made of Teak Wood

Made from only the most solid teak wood, these two doorstoppers sport the frog and elephant design, making it practical for displaying your favorite picture or just to use them for decorative purposes.

Elephant door stop 13

Elephant door stop

Elephant 29


Elephant door stop 30


Elephant door stop 31

Elephant Bookend/Door Stop

Cast iron items cast iron small antique elephant door stop

... > Cast Iron Items > Cast Iron Small Antique Elephant Door Stop

Elephant door stop 15

Elephant door stop

Iron elephant doorstop 5 x 7 x 3 door stop

... Iron Elephant Doorstop 5” X 7” X 3” Door Stop Metalware photo

Cast iron items cast iron small antique elephant door stop

... > Cast Iron Items > Cast Iron Small Antique Elephant Door Stop

Diy this adorable elephant it was originally a door stop

~DIY this adorable elephant. It was originally a door stop, but I want to make it as a softie with different colors for the boy...

Patchwork style elephant door stop taken from www

Patchwork Style Elephant Door Stop. Taken from www ...

Elephant shaped doorstop fabric door stop

Elephant Shaped Doorstop - Fabric Door Stop