Eiffel Tower Lamps

These fun eiffel tower lamps let you take a mini vacation in the comfort of your own room. A touch of Parisian elegance and a cahrming source of light all in one. This is a grouoing of great lamps adds a great taste of France without the stair climb or the jet-lag. With both subtle and fierce options to fit your aesthetic. this set has something for everyone. Grab a baguette, and site see this collection to find that perfect accent piece.

Best Ideas

Royal paris eiffel tower moulin rouge hot pink ribbon table

Royal Paris Eiffel Tower Moulin Rouge Hot Pink Ribbon Table Accent Lamp Gift
Now you can bring Paris straight into your feminine home, thanks to this amazing lamp - adorned with Moulin Rouge hot pink ribbon. The base is painted black, and shaped like the Eiffel Tower, supporting a drum shade with a black and white stripe pattern, and a black ball finial on top.

Exquisite vintage eiffel tower lamp

Exquisite Vintage Eiffel Tower Lamp

Eiffel tower lamp stand

Original element that decorates desks and tables. It also provides good level of light in home offices and other small rooms. The frame of this lamp looks like the Eiffel Tower that is stable and paired with a standard shade.

Eiffel tower lamps 8

butterfly Vintage pink Paris Effiel Tower Table Lamp

Eiffel tower lamp

With such an impressive table lamp, you can have a touch of Paris inside your own home. The lamp features an Eiffel Tower base made of durable metal with attention to details, which holds a stylish drum shade designed of an off-white fabric.

Eiffel tower table lamp black paper shade

Eiffel Tower Table Lamp Black Paper Shade
The beautiful Eiffel tower lamp in the base is a perfect combination of beautiful style and functionality. The classic lampshade perfectly matches the original base. The whole is ideal for a bedroom or living room.

Eiffel tower floor lamp base

Love this lamp!

Eiffel tower lamp 32

Eiffel tower lamp

Paris themed lamp shade

If you are a fan of Paris, this Paris Eiffel tower lamp with script lampshade will be an attractive proposition for your bedroom. Everyone will be delighted how beautiful and romantic it looks in your home.

Eiffel tower lamp 5

Eiffel Tower Lamp

Eiffel tower lamps 2

The delightful Eiffel tower table miter is an excellent combination of functionality and French styling. Attractive base and lovely shade with pink bow delights. Beautiful combination of white, pink and black delights.

Vintage lamp eiffel tower 50s 1950s paris by lestrictmaximum

Vintage lamp EIFFEL TOWER 50s 1950s Paris by lestrictmaximum,

Eiffel tower lamp base 1

Made in a volley-like eiffel tower design, the floor lamp makes the interior of the Parisian climate more attractive and presents itself. Classic lampshades in combination with an attractive base are ideal for modern interiors.

Eiffel tower bedside lamp

BHG Eiffel Tower Lamp Base, Black (available at Walmart)

Eiffel tower lamps 3

Stylish table lamp mounted on metal base in the shape of eiffel tower. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Great as night lamp or additional source of light.

Eiffel tower table lamp

Now you can brings Paris charm into your contemporary living room or bedroom, while choosing this fine table lamp. Its base is shaped like a small Eiffel tower, holding a stylish drum shade made of a quality white fabric.

Eiffel tower lamp 4

Eiffel Tower lamp

Eiffel tower lamps 20

eiffel tower lamp makeover

Eiffel tower lamps 19

Madelines Boudoir~~ Paris themed room~~

60w eiffel tower shaped decorative table lamp tc shade metal

60W Eiffel Tower-shaped Decorative Table Lamp, TC Shade, Metal Base ...

Eiffel tower lamp 3

Eiffel Tower lamp<3

Tower lamps

With such a beautiful cake stand your wedding, birthday, or anniversary will be oozing with Paris accents. The stand is made of durable metal and shaped like Eiffel Tower, characterized by a detailed design and good stability.

Eiffel Tower Bookends

Eiffel tower lamps 9

Vintage Paris France Map Table LAMP French LOVE by czechpub

Eiffel tower lamp 34

Eiffel Tower Lamp

Paris themed lamp shade 1


Travel Paris Eiffel Tower Postcard 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Travel Paris Eiffel Tower Postcard 20" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
A beautiful table lamp with a drum-shaped shade. This construction is mainly made from high-quality metal and other materials like fabric etc. High-resolution printed shade representing a travel Paris Eiffel Tower postcard.

Eiffel tower lamp 2

Lovely table lamp mounted on metal base in the shape of Eiffel Tower. Lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Perfect as night lamp or extra source of light.

Effiel tower lamp

An attractive contemporary table lamp featuring a base modelled on famous Eiffel Tower. It's manufactured of grey-finished metal wires. Its classic tapered up lampshade is of quality plain beige fabric.

Eiffel tower lamp shade 2

Curious about your reactions to this unusual design. The Tour Eiffel Lamp envisioned by Studio Job and falls into the category of “you either love it or hate it”-designs

Eiffel Tower 15.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Eiffel Tower 15.75" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
A fashionable table lamp, with the EiffelTower-shaped base and Paris print fabric shade, which will definitely add style and pizzazz to any room. Perfect for living rooms, bedrooms or offices.

Lamp eiffel tower

The efficient design of this stylish Eiffel Tower lamp impresses. Beautiful details and subtle classic lampshades create an unusual combination that perfectly highlights the character of the French-style interiors and beyond.

Industrial Evolution Tour D'Eiffel 35" H Table Lamp

Industrial Evolution Tour D'Eiffel 35" H Table Lamp

Eiffel tower lamps 7

eiffle+tower+lamp | Eiffel tower lamp:

Eifel tower lamp

Eiffel Tower lamp light

Eiffel tower lamps

Eiffel Tower lamps

Eiffel tower floor lamp

Modern table lamp mounted on metal base in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. Empire lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with frills. Ideal solution as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors.

Love it eiffel tower floor lamp on 1

Love it. Eiffel Tower Floor Lamp on

Giant eiffel tower that is bigger than me i want

Giant Eiffel Tower that is bigger than me. I want to put Winker's bed in the bottom of it.

Paris themed lamps

Unique table lamp with chalkboard lampshade. Base in the shape of Eiffel Tower is made of metal. Perfect as night lamp or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed. Classic form and contemporary design.

Vintage eiffel tower lamp

vintage eiffel tower lamp!

Eiffel tower lamp 9

eiffel tower lamp!!

White Porcelain Eiffel Tower Accent Lamp

Paris Bonjour and Eiffel Tower Shade Night Light (Personalized)

Paris pretty soft pink ruffles eiffel tower fleur de lis

Paris Pretty ~ soft pink, ruffles, eiffel tower, fleur de lis, feminine. inspiration: paris, chanel, dior.

Crystal skull recycled bottle lamp light biker by mojocustomlamps 45

Crystal Skull Recycled Bottle Lamp Light Biker by MoJoCustomLamps, $45.00

Eiffel tower lamp and taj mahal table

Eiffel Tower Lamp and Taj Mahal Table

New york eiffel tower lamp 40

New York: Eiffel Tower Lamp $40 -

Wake up to views of the eiffel tower

Wake up to views of the Eiffel Tower

Pink, Black and White Paris French Eifell Tower Lamp Shade by Sweet Jojo Designs