Eclectic Wall Clocks

Wall clocks can actually prove to be a useful thing to have. After looking at the shapes, sizes, designs and other features of these eclectic wall clocks, you will have an idea about how diverse such a collection might be. Do you know what you will decide on, in the end?

Best Ideas

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This fantastically designed wall clock uses interlocking leaf-shaped shafts pattern to produce a gorgeous frame and durable clock face with roman numerals. Utilizes accurate clock movement running on one AA battery.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
This Antique Wall Clock in Distressed Grey Finish is characterized by durable metal construction. The clock includes a square face with Roman numerals, and is more than suitable for to be easily mounted on walls of rustic interiors.

Perch Wall Clock

Perch Wall Clock
Clock designed to hang on the wall. It includes a display for time and temperature. Powered by 1 AA battery. The structure is made of metal and decorated with patterns inspired by nature.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock
Interesting wall clock made of wood with Antique inspired style design, east-to-read clock face with roman numerals and quartz clock movement running on one AA battery. Solid and great looking timepiece.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Boxer

It is an adorable boxer dog clock that is a perfect addition for your bedroom, living room and dining room. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

Vintage license plates 29 wall clock eclectic wall clocks

Vintage License Plates 29" Wall Clock eclectic-wall-clocks

Vintage Vinyl LP Record Wall Clock, 70's/80's Pop Genre

It is a fantastic vintage vinyl record wall clock that is handcrafted. This is an amazing decoration for your home. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

Eclectic wall clocks

A beautiful example of mediterranean style, evoking memories of Italy, Greece or Spain. Wherever it appears, this eclectic wall clock brings automatically brightness and vividness. It is 13" large with roman numerals.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Yorkshire Terrier / Yorkie

Gorgeous wall clock boasting a Yorkshire Terrier inspired frame made of lightweight wood. Features a cute tail shaped pendulum that charmingly wiggles as the time flies. Requires one AA battery to run.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Greyhound

Simply wonderful with the charming design - this pendulum dog clock with the greyhound theme will let a cleverly designed and downright lovable piece to your household, while the wagging tail ensures a lot of fun and always brings a smile to everyone's face.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Siberian Husky

Eclectic MDF wall clock - Siberian Husky clock, having a swinging dog's tail as a pendulum. Funny, warm gift for dog lovers. No classic clock face here, just dog themed wall art with white numerals & black hands pointing hours and minutes.

TOM PETTY 7" 45rpm Record Clock "Change Of Heart" (1982) Red Translucent Vinyl

If you are a devotee music aficionado, you'll for sure appreciate this unique record clock crafted of an original Tom Petty vinyl. The disc stands for a clock face, and it has been made complete with high-accuracy quartz movement and gold0colored hands.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Border Collie

Gorgeous Border Collie shaped wall clock utilizing the dog's tail as pendulum. Clever design features lightweight frame made of wood, quality clock mechanism, and detailed dog painting. Runs on one AA battery.

ELVIS PRESLEY Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - Blue Color Vinyl "Moody Blue" (1977)

Wall clock with Elvis Presley theme. Round shield in the shape of vinyl is made of plastic. Includes Arabic numeral and quartz movement. It is very well appreciated by the customers.

Sardine Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

It is a sardine wall clock that is handmade and has got a can shape. It is made from recycled material and decorated with beautiful colors. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall.

BOB DYLAN 7" 45rpm Record Clock "Lay Lady Lay" (1969)

Music-themed round wall clock made from a real vinyl from Bob Dylan discography. The clock has precise mechanism, big gold hands (the second hand is red) and gold hourmarks. It can serve as a gift for music lover.

DAVID BOWIE Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Let's Dance" (1983)

Creative wall clock with vintage design that uses a recycled vinyl record by David Bowie as a clock face, and a quality clock mechanism. Great looking a highly performing designer item purely made by hand.

BOB MARLEY Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "The Birth Of A Legend" (1977)

Amazing wall clock sporting a clock face made of vintage vinyl record by Bob Marley and quality, handmade elements - clock hands, clock mechanism, and solid wall hanger. All these elements result in a great looking and durable clockpiece.

STAR TREK Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - 1970s Audio Stories with Comic Book Album Jacket

Star Trek theme clock made of recycled vinyl. Features three clock hands and quality clock mechanism, and solid frame, designed with utmost attention to detail. Great looking and functional wall clock.

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Beagle

Uniquely designed wall clock, made of lightweight wood, features a beagle inspired frame with a cute wagging tail pendulum. Charming and lovable little artistic piece that requires one AA battery to run.

LED ZEPPELIN Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Led Zeppelin IV" (1971)

Gorgeous wall clock made of recycled Led Zeppelin's vinyl record "Led Zeppelin IV". Besides a unique and sleekdesign, this item features a solid clock mechanism and a durable frame with a metal wall hanger.

THE BEATLES Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "1962/1966 Compilation Album" (1973) RED COLOR Vinyl

This cleverly designed wall clock presents a great way to recycle vintage vinyl record by making a clock face out of it. This clockpiece includes a quality clock mechanism and handcrafted elements, including clock hands and wall hanger.

STEELY DAN Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "AJA" (1977)

Fantastic design utilizing a recycled vinyl record by Steely Dan to ship an awesome wall clock with handmade elements and a quality clock movement. Designed around the idea to utilize vintage vinyl record in a new way.

ELTON JOHN Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" (1973)

Stylish and cleverly designed wall clock featuring vintage clock face made of recycled vinyl record by Elton john. Handcrafted frame with quality details and solid clock mechanism provides a fantastic vintage clockpiece.

JOHNNY CASH Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "I Walk The Line" (1964)

Great looking clockpiece cleverly designed using vintage vinyl record by Johnny Cash, featuring handcrafted details including clock movement and metal wall hanger. Solid and durable frame with artistic touch.

MICHAEL JACKSON Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Thriller" (1982)

This wall clock sports the recycled vinyl record of Michael Jackson's "Thriller", being utmost ideal for any fan of music. It is handcrafted with meticulous care and includes the built-in metal wall hanger and battery.

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Born In The USA" (1984)

Astonishing design that utilizes recycled vinyl record by Bruce Springsteen to provide a fantastic vintage frame for this handcrafted clockpiece featuring quality clock mechanism, gleaming details, and solid wall hanger.

ELVIS PRESLEY 7" 45rpm Record Clock "Always On My Mind" Purple Translucent Vinyl

This is a very unique and original product created for use as a wall clock. It has got a very convenient and reliable mechanism and an Elvis Presley vinyl record stylization. It includes a built-in wall hanger made of metal.

LADY GAGA 7" 45rpm Record Clock "Telephone" 2010 Picture Disc w/Beyonce Knowles

Modern wall clock with Lady Gaga photo taken from a famous "Telephone" music video features with Beyonce Knowles. The picture is black and white, which stands in contrast with high-gloss gold and red clock hands.

BILLY JOEL Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "52nd Street" (1978)

Swinging-Tail Pendulum Dog Clock - Tri-color Chihuahua

METALLICA 7" 45rpm Record Clock "So What" (2011) The First Thirty Years

This wall clock is a great gift for Metallica fan. It is made of "So What" vinyl record, but please give it to a fan only if he or she has ALL the records in the collection! You won't be able to use this clock as a real record.

Oak Wall Clock - Handmade Artistry

It is an oak wall clock that is handmade and has got a tree shape. It is made from recycled material and decorated with brightly colored paints. Everyone will be impressed how fantastic it looks on your wall.

JOHNNY CASH Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "San Quentin" (1969)

PINK FLOYD Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Dark Side Of The Moon" (1973)

interesting wall clock utilizing recycled vinyl record as a clock face. Features hand crafted construction with reliable clock mechanism and solid wall hanger. Highly decorative item made of unique material.

Abstract Pendulum Wall Clock - Dust Furniture Clock No.3 Mini (Vintage Blue)

Fancy shape and unique form definitely give this wall clock bold personality. This is what you need if you'd like to add attitude to a somewhat bland decor. Light color palette, with vintage blue/mint outer case and wooden inner part looks charming and harmonious.

The BEATLES Recycled Vinyl Record Clock - "Rock 'N' Roll Music" (1976)

Stylish wall clock with unique design utilizing recycled The Beatles vinyl record and solid clock mechanism. Hand crafted with great precision to provide a reliable and uniquely looking clock with vintage vibe.

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