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Do you happen to be searching for something like that? These solutions are undoubtedly artistic and have already inspired different people. Perhaps you will be one of them – all you need to do now is check out these duffner Kimberly lamps and pick the best model for your house. Which one will it be?

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514: Duffner & Kimberly table lamp, bronze base,shade l

Duffner and kimberly lamps

Sporting the Louis XV pattern and the extremely rare design this beautiful table lamp offers the warm, gold tones of the finish and is a piece that already stood the test of time, being over 100 years old.

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A nice, very traditional lamp design with a stained glass shade. Perfect for a classy and elegant bedroom, bound to spice up the room with its beautiful look. Also sure to look well in a vintage library or a study room.

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Duffner Kimberly Lamp : Lot 3046

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RARE Antique Genuine Duffner Kimberly 26" Leaded Hanging Dome Lamp Fuschia | eBay

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Stained glass table lamp by Duffner & Kimberly; it's height is approximately 22 inches. The shade is composed mainly of flamingo pink glass pieces, with forest green framing and yellow flaming sword motif.

Lot 1143 a duffner kimberly bronze lamp base est 500

Lot# 1143 A Duffner & Kimberly bronze lamp base. est: $500/700 *Price Realized: $1,875.00

For sale antique 30 floral leaded shade duffner kimberly tiffany


Duffner and kimberly co table lamp mosaic glass and bronze

Duffner and Kimberly Co. Table Lamp Mosaic glass and bronze New York, c. 1906 Domed shade in foliate colors of brown and green slag glassover two socket standard with acorn finials on pulls, verdigris standard with leaf blades on circular base with criss

Duffner and Kimberly 24" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Duffner and Kimberly 24" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
24 inch high table lamp with beautiful design. Additionally, it features metal base, which provides durability, and Tiffany-inspired bowl shade. This lamp is a perfect addition to all interiors furnished in style.

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This Duffner & Kimberly 22-inch #508 modern floral table lamp with a rare leaded shade is expected to bring between $50,000 and $75,000.

Lamp and lampshade tiffany louis comfort tiffany new york the

Lamp and lampshade Tiffany - Louis Comfort Tiffany, New York, The Duffner and Kimberly Company - 1890-1900

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Duffner & Kimberly Bamboo Leaded Stained Glass Lamp Lamps photo 9

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Duffner and Kimberly Art Glass Lamp image 3

Duffner and kimberly

A chic vintage table lamp with a base of patinated metal adorned with grooves, ribs, beads, scrolls. An umbrella-type stained glass lampshade has colourful geometric and floral motifs, a wavy bottom edge, a metal frame with carvings and a finial.

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The Duffner & Kimberly Company, Lamp with Nasturtium Motif (detail), Early 20th century.

Duffner and kimberly lamp

Duffner and Kimberly Lamp

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Duffner & Kimberly oak lesf leaded table lamp

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Lamp, Duffner & Kimberly, Rose, c. 1910 : Lot 1364

Duffner kimberly lamps

Duffner & Kimberly Poppy Floor Lamp

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Lamp, Duffner & Kimberly, American Leaded Lamp : Lot 1363

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Meyda Tiffany Duffner and Kimberly Laburnum Table Lamp

Duffner kimberly louis xv table lamp rare table lamp in

duffner kimberly louis xv table lamp rare table lamp in louis xv ...

A duffner and kimberly leaded glass table lamp having a

A Duffner and Kimberly leaded glass table lamp having a large shade with one band composed of rectangular and diamond shaped pieces of lead glass.

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Duffner & Kimberly Egyptian Leaded Table Lamp

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Duffner Kimberly "Owl" Mosaic Lamp Stained Glass Antique Slag Glass ...

In a 26 inch duffner kimberly renaissance hanging dome lamp

in a 26-inch Duffner & Kimberly Renaissance hanging dome lamp ...

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Mosaic Glass Table Lamp Attributed to Duffner & Kimberly, Art Glass And Bronze c. Early 20th Century - Skinner Auctioneers

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A lavish piece that is more than certain to elevate the look and feel of your interior and makes for the finest solution for when it comes to style and fashion of your household. This lamp sports the Tiffany styled lok and the antique appeal fits every interior.

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mission art craft stained leaded slag glass lamp duffner kimberly tiffany handel

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Early 20th-Century Duffner & Kimberly Table Lamp

Duffner and kimberly table lamp

Duffner And Kimberly Table Lamp

1907 Ad Duffner Kimberly Reading Lamps Poppy Adams Models Shown - Original Vintage Advertisement

Victorian Duffner and Kimberly Shell and Diamond Accent Lamp

Victorian Duffner and Kimberly Shell and Diamond Accent Lamp
This Tiffany table lamp features a handcrafted body, finished in dark bronze. The body holds a multicolored shade, designed of hand rolled art glass. The lamp also includes an on/off switch, and beautifully enhances contemporary homes.

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Duffner and kimberly gourd pattern leaded stain glass table lamp

Duffner and Kimberly (Gourd Pattern) Leaded Stain Glass Table Lamp

Duffner kimberly leaded stained glass boudoir lamp lamps photo 2

Duffner & Kimberly Leaded Stained Glass Boudoir Lamp Lamps photo 2

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Large Duffner And Kimberly Leaded #Lamp With Fiery Granite Glass #artsandcrafts #michaans

Dk101 7l jpg 63


Duffner and kimberly chandelier fine leaded glass hanging downturned lamp

duffner and kimberly chandelier | FINE LEADED GLASS HANGING DOWNTURNED LAMP : Lot 94 exactly like the one in my Grandparents home!

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A Duffner & Kimberly leaded glass open top shade early 20th century

Duffner kimberly bamboo mosaic lamp lot 128

Duffner & Kimberly "Bamboo"Mosaic Lamp : Lot 128

Duffner kimberly louis xv leaded table lamp


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Meyda Tiffany Duffner and Kimberly Italian Renaissance Table Lamp

Lighting new york duffner kimberly floor lamp having a shade

lighting, New York, Duffner & Kimberly floor lamp having a shade with stylized floral design in white and caramel slag glass extending vertically in four panels on the shade. The area between the four stylized floral panels is caramel slag in a fish scale

Duffner and Kimberly Colonial 25" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Duffner and Kimberly Colonial 25" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade