Thinking of giving your living room a makeover by introducing a fancy circle couch?

Comfy and with a unique layout, this type of couch is ideal to enjoy some precious family time, hosts some evening drinks with your friends, and create a unique interior style.

Not sure where to start? Stop going around in circles!

We're going to tell you exactly what to do - and, most importantly, what to avoid - in order to pick and style a circle couch the right way.

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DO: Take the room's shape into consideration

Circle couches aren't like traditional rectangular sofas that you can move around until you find the right spot. Because of their signature shape, you must really think it through!

DON'T: pick a random color for your circle couch

Your circle couch is likely to be the largest piece of furniture in your living room: you definitely don't want it to look out of place!

Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in Blue
Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in Beige
Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in PInk
Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in Black
Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in Navy Blue
Symmetrical Sectional Circle Couch in Olive

DO: figure out the right material for your room and needs

It's easy to focus on colors and designs without really thinking about the upholstery material but that's something that you could regret over time:

DON'T: forget about your décor style

Your décor style goes beyond colors and materials. While they're both important, the design of your circle couch will play a major part!

If you want your living room to look cohesive, it's important to choose a circle couch that can complement its existing interior style:

It can be a bit trickier to complement the following styles since circle couches aren't the most obvious choice for them. However, if you focus on these details, your room will still look cohesive:

DO: consider complementary accessories

Depending on the vibes and atmosphere that you're going for, your circle couch could be absolutely fine as it is or it might need an extra something:

DON'T: ignore the shape of other pieces of furniture

When it comes to circle couches and their surroundings, you have two main options: amplify the circular element through other pieces of furniture or surround it with more traditional shapes to keep the couch in the spotlight.