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Door chimes are unsightly. They ruin the flow of the wall and they're often boxy which, if you prefer something a little more contemporary, could be a problem. Instead, we offer a different selection of door chime covers that will more likely fit into your decorative scheme with a better head toward style. Take a look at this extensive collection for more.

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Contemporary Door Chime

Contemporary Door Chime

A piece of equipment that has got stylish and durable character. It is a door chime made of solid materials that assure contemporary look. The product has got a very convenient mechanism and it looks nice in different stylizations.

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Heath Zenith Wired Door Chime

Heath Zenith Wired Door Chime

If you’re fed up with those old, ugly door chime covers made out of white plastic with no redeeming qualities, you might be interested in a design like this one – a wooden frame with a metal pattern to cover the chime.

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True LED Doorbell Button

True LED Doorbell Button

It is a true LED doorbell button that is perfect for modern home. It is nicely finished and provides an elegant way to let your guests announce their presence. You need to buy this doorbell.

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Doorbell Button

Doorbell Button

Add this extremely charming doorbell button to your household to make it feel a little more welcoming and provide a beautiful, vintage vibe at the same time. The gold accents look eye-catching and elegant.

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Door chime covers 6

Stunning door chime covers with a beautiful two-tone design. The piece is finished in dark brown along the edges and a light brown touch in the middle. Its glossy appeal and stunning craftsmanship should bring the ultimate stylish charm to any door.

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Door chime cover

This door chime cover, stylish and practical is a great idea, that will work out in all contemporary decors. Its, bright, beige design features smooth ribs, imitating wood grains.

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Door bell covers 2

Door chime cover featuring a glossy design at the edges and a rug-themed design in the middle. The edges are painted dark brown and the middle has a sunray design. This will definitely bring a stylish appeal to any door.

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Vintage doorbell chimes

Cute little addition that may not look like much, but really gives a nice finishing detail to any home. A great choice if you’re looking for a piece that will add a rustic, country touch to your house, with a beautiful, fresh look!

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Wireless door chime home depot

Door chime covers designed with impeccable stylish appeal and beautiful class. Constructed from quality long-lasting materials, the chimes also come fitted with stunning brass coated accents, neatly glossed for that beautiful classy look.

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Art deco pryanco doorbell cover

Art Deco Pryanco Doorbell Cover

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Door chime covers

Beautiful door chime covers constructed from wood and featuring a unique natural wood grain. This is quite a minimalist piece but you are free to customize it further based on how you see fit. It’s also quite large as well but that is a great plus no doubt.

Door chime covers 10

Minimalist door chime covers large enough to cater for most doors. The covers feature a two-tone finish that should complement your front door. They are long-lasting as well thanks to their durable weather-resistant construction.

Door chime covers 9

Antique style door chime cover constructed from wood. The piece is finished in a natural stain and its neutral light brown aura of colorful appeal will be a great addition to any home. It’s also incredibly easy to install.

Designer series wireless wired door chime with contemporary wood cover

Designer Series Wireless/Wired Door Chime with Contemporary Wood Cover

Craftsman mission style doorbell cover

Craftsman Mission Style Doorbell Cover

Door chime covers 8

Arts and Crafts Door Bell Buttons and Door Chime Covers

Nutone molded white cover chime 1

Nutone Molded White Cover Chime

Door chime cover 1

Door chime cover

Door chime covers 3

White cover with Horizontal Lines Chime - Door Chimes

Door chime covers 6

Make sure your interior is beautifully styled and looks truly amazing in any part of your home with this door chime covers. It looks charming and elegant and thanks to the intricate pattern on the sides, makes for an interesting piece to add to any decor.

Door chime covers 12

Stickley Mission Style Black Walnut Doorbell Chime Cover Tung Oil Wood Door

Heath zenith wired door chime with a maple cover and

Heath Zenith�Wired Door Chime With A Maple Cover And Silver Pewter Side Tubes Welcome to the 21st century!

Door chime covers 5

Quorum Flush Mount Door Chime Grill -paint color of wall to blend in

Door chimes covers this pair of chime covers was my

door chimes covers this pair of chime covers was my contribution to ...