Dog Door Stop

If you are a dog lover, then what a better way to keep your door open than with a dog doorstop. No, we don't mean an actual dog, but one of these attractive and heavy dog shaped doorstops that will keep your door open or closed as needed. They are a fun way to get this specific task done and we promise your dog will not feel jealous when you give your door stop a little extra attention.

Best Ideas

Golden Retriever Wooden Dog Doorstop

Golden Retriever Wooden Dog Doorstop
This doorstop was design not only as a functional but also decorative gadget. It is made of durable and solid MDF with a hand painted, high quality golden retriever's look. This stop don't require installation.

Home homeware warm bronze dog door stop

Home / Homeware / Warm Bronze Dog Door Stop

Dog door stop 1

This cool thing is dog doors step. This fluffy small creatre can be really helpful in your daily ruitine. Have you just painted your wall or changed the door? This door stop would protect either he wall or doors from destruction.

Design pick faux leather dog door stop from linea

Design pick: Faux-leather dog door stop from Linea

Tartan check patterned fabric doorstop red scottie dog door stop

Tartan Check Patterned Fabric Doorstop ~ Red Scottie Dog Door Stop

Faux leather brown dog doorstop dog door stop i stopping

... Faux Leather Brown DOG Doorstop Dog Door Stop I' Stopping The Door

Dog door stop 11

Lovely door stop in the shape of dog. It is covered with fabric and reinforced with solid seams. Functional accessory for each place as needed.

Dog door stopper

Dog Door Stop Theme

Dog door stop 10

Doorstops constitute more and more often a way to distinguish your flat with a funky accent. This enchanting "good dog" doorstop will play a trick on most of your guests. Apart from it, kids will love from the first sight!

Dog door stop pattern door designs plans

dog door stop pattern | Door Designs Plans

Abbott Cast Iron Scottie Dog Door Stopper

Dog door stop

Whichever you choose the ribbed dog door stop is a stunning little K9 ...

Really cute dog door stop in a brown herringbone fabric

really cute dog door stop in a brown herringbone fabric.

Dog door stop 5

Dog door stop

Details about labrador dog door stop doorstop wedge brass wood

Details about Labrador Dog Door Stop Doorstop Wedge Brass Wood

Dog door stop white choca block poodle dog door stop

dog door stop white choca block poodle dog door stop

Dog door stop 6

dog door stop

Home accessories door stops


Dog door stop 27

Union Jack Dog Door Stop

Scottie dog door stop 3

Scottie Dog door stop

Dog door stop 13

Perfect gift for your baby girl, a cute, tiny Scottish Terrier door stop. Bound to look well with the rest of the furniture, this door stop is a great replacement for those boring, plain door stops. Your kid will love it!

And dog door stops view all dora designs cat and

... and Dog Door Stops ‹ View All Dora Designs Cat and Dog Door Stops

Dog door stop 9

The big handmade material dog-shape door stop. It is highly durable and weights aroung 3.5 lbs, so it could keep also the heaviest door open. Features heavy bean bag style filling. The design is very simple so it fits to each type of room.

Dog doorstops 1

Dog Door Stop - interior accessories

Floral dog door stop

Floral Dog Door Stop

Scottie dog door stop 4

cast iron scottie dog door stop

Dog door stop 12

Know any dog fans? For sure! Yet this novelty door stop is something more than dog-shaped - it's a Scottish dog! You can tell it by the red plaid it's wearing. And that the black doorstop definitely resembles Scottish terrier.

Scotty the guard dog door stop

Scotty the guard dog/door stop

Draft dodging hyena by gregory hayes via make craft blog

Draft-dodging Hyena by Gregory Hayes - via Make craft blog

Scottie dog door stop

Even something as simple as a door stop might be a nice accent of the room. Everybody will love this charming figure of a Scottie dog. It's in a pure black color and was made with great precision. It has a red ribbon on the neck.

Dog door stop 23

Vintage Iron Scottie Dog Door Stop

Dog door stop 32

Simon Carter, Dog door stops

Scottie dog doorstop

Union Jack Dog Door Stop

Dog door stoppers

Hound Dog Door Stop....more so it was a boot scraper, for mud before you came in the house.

Dog door stop 28

Scotty dog door stop

Dog doorstops

For every British person or fan of this lovely land this is a truly funny and fitting door stop - it sports the charming colors of the finish and the design of a dog is a really creative and original choice.

Dog door stop 22

vintage Dog door stop in cast iron flat style

Union jack dog door stop 18 00

Union Jack Dog Door Stop £18.00

Dog door stop 14

Hand Painted Black Dog Door stop - I know I would trip over this and break a toe, but I still want it

Dog door stop 25

Candy Stripe Dog Door Stop

Dog door stop 26

Patch Dog Door Stop

Dog door stop 33

Scottie dog door stop - too cute!

Door stop dog

Antique Cast Iron Bull Dog Door Stop Free shipping by PhoebeDelia, $250.00

Dog door stop 24

dog door stop in rustic iron

Dog doorstop

VTG Lrg 15" Chalkware Poodle Statue Figurine 50's French Retro Dog door stop

Dog door stop 34

Trixie Scottie Dog Door Stop

Door stop scottie dog

Door Stop Scottie Dog

12 x scottie dog door stop


Dog door stop 31

Brown waxed cotton dog door stop

Cast Iron Dachshund Doorstop

A decorative and functional element in the house. This door stop has got a very attractive dog stylization. It is made of cast iron, so it is resistant to damage and wear. The overall size of this product is 5"H x 8"L x 3.5"W.