Desk Lamp Weighted Base

Even if you already have a nice desk lamp, maybe you should see if any of these that are presented below, are something for you. It is a fact that there are various shapes, designs and colours to choose from so take all the time you need to do it.

Sitting pretty edison table lamp

Sitting Pretty Edison Table Lamp
For minimalist interiors - which should stay that way, you can attach a modern timeless desk lamp that includes a drum shade and asjustable design, and weighted base. fFeels sturdy and looks very cool, thanks to a construction of powder coated aluminum.

Desk lamp weighted base

Shell desk lamp with weighted base, super antique lighting idea. Made from goldish brass, delicately decorated with stripe pattern looks very oldish and mid-century style. But I like it, gonna look nice on wooden desk.

21" Counter Balance Desk Lamp

21" Counter Balance Desk Lamp

Heavy lamp base

A good example of modern design in household goods. This desk lamp equipped in halogen lamp, having a metal arm with 18" reach, can be a pretty convenient addition to your home office.

Desk lamp weighted base 2

... desk lamp with counterbalance arm 1 x 50 w halogen bulb weighted base

Desk lamp weighted base

If you’re looking for something more industrial and vintage to light up your living room or study room, take a look at this very retro desk lamp. Great to put up next to your PC to make working in the evenings easier.

Desk lamp weighted base 36

Recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the best inventions of the year, this is the desk lamp whose ultra-flexible design offers an extended reach for precise task lighting. The slim, minimalist lamp is constructed from three lightweight aluminum bars cant

Desk lamp base

Desk lamp with weighted base will be a practical decoration on your desk in office. You can adjust the arm of the lamp to get the most perfect position for reading documents. It has heavy base so the lamp won't fall.

Desk lamp weighted base 33

Very nice and multifunctional desk or table lamp by Paolo Rizzatto for Arteluce. This is model number 613 not ton confuse with model 612 that doesnt have a base. This lamp has a weighted base and contra weight at the end of the arm, fully adjustable arm a

Desk lamp weighted base 3

Tiffany counter weight bronze desk lamp - base signed : Lot 244

Desk lamp weighted base 30

Great lamp to do work with at a desk. This lamps adjusts in two places. Has a porcelain socket and cord switch. Base is weighted to counterbalance this beautiful deep etched ruffled shade.$ 340.00 SOLD

Desk lamp weighted base 14

Adesso Duet 2 Light Table Lamp in Satin Steel 4015-22 Satin steel with oval ivory silk shade. casting all light downward. 2 x 60 Watt appliance bulbs. 27" Height. Weighted oval base 10" Width, 6.5" Depth. Shade: 8" Height, 17" Width, 11" Depth Manufac

Desk lamp weighted base 28

Luxo Magnifier KFM 5 Diopter 30" Arm Desk Base Black by Luxo. $350.00. The industry standard for round-lensed magnifiers Features: Heavy duty cast alloy heads for durability and strength K-arms with internal springs individually calibrated for proper bala

Desk lamp weighted base 20

love the use of concrete

- Counter-Balanced Halogen Desk Lamp, 22" Reach, Black -

Daylight U52107 Slimline Table Lamp Base

Desk lamp weighted base 1

A functional desk lamp in a modern design. It's a perfect solution for reading as it features a flexible post that you can easily adjust the way you need it. The lamp has a universal, metal character which will suit any decor.

Ledu Illuminator Incandescent Desk Lamp, 17-3/4 Inches High

Desk lamp weighted base 26

Sussex Adjustable LED Chrome Desk Lamp, Reg $145., Now $99., 6/14/13 on Three separate flex points give this lamp an impressively positionable light head and neck. Size: 39"H x 9"W ; base 9"W; weight: 5lbs.; Bulb: three-1W LED; on/off ba

Desk lamp weighted base 9

Ikea Black Jansjo Desk Work Led Lamp Light by Ikea. $18.99. Product dimensions Height: 24 " Base diameter: 5 " Cord length: 6 ' 7 " Energy consumption: 4.2W. Built-in LED light bulb. LED life time approx. 25,000 hours. Light color; warm white (3000 Kelvi

Desk lamp weighted base 4

Gerald Thurston forLightolier Desk Lamp usa 1950's Gerald Thurston for Lightolier desk lamp circa 1950's.Adjustable dome shade complete with original plastic diffuser supported by tubular arm and heavy weighted 8" disk base.Fully rewired with flat silk

Desk lamp weighted base 8

'ATLAS' LED Desk Lamp by Vision. Uses only 6W. Fully adjustable, weighted base and rated for 30,000 hrs. No mercury or harmful chemicals. 4600k VLED500

Holtkotter Bernie Turbo Series Chrome Desk Lamp

An aesthetic modern desk lamp crafted of metal with a chromed finish. It has a weighted round base with a switch, a thin round section arm with regulated tilt and a bowl-like tilt adjustable shade. It requires 1 low voltage halogen bulb.

Weighted lamp base

Simple yet elegant, this brushed steel desk lamp will let you work with convenience and comfort in mind, while the weighted base makes for a safe choice and the entire piece offers as much durability as you could only wish for.

Ottlite marietta table lamp

This desk lamp will provide your perfect light for reading or working. Vintage designed will make you feel as an adventure raider during your work or study. Perfect, elegant addition to the stylish office.

Ott lite desk lamp 5

The alabaster glass is produced by shading a grayish-gray color glass or pastel colors-like visible on this shaded bronze and caramel streaked lampshade of the ott lite desk lamp,based on an iron adjustable structure,with a dark brown finish on the round base.

Ott lite desk lamp

With the features of Dual flex joints and pivoting head allowing for easy positioning and versatile tabletop or clamp-on lamp, this OttLite desk lamp constitutes a practical addition to any home office space.

Ott lite desk lamp 2

Antique design for an industrial, Ott-Lite desk lamp with a handy organizer built in the base of the piece. The lamp is made with an adjustable aluminum neck and a long fluorescent light bulb which provides a plenty of light.

Ott lite desk lamp 1

This amazing adjustable desk lamp sports the golden bronze finish and offers an antique styled look to ensure a significant boost of elegance to your decor. It comes with the beautifully detailed base to complete the look.

Ott lite desk lamp 4

Desk lamp in industrial form. Metal frame is fitted with swing arm. Elegant accessory for the office, teenager's room and more.

Peggy 18" H Desk Lamp with Bowl Shade

Peggy 18" H Desk Lamp with Bowl Shade
This fabulous lamp on the desk is the perfect decorative and functional accent for your home or office. The stylish shade and beautifully gilded interior design give each of them a new dimension. The whole is maintained in a traditional style will fit in any interior.

Platte 26" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade

Platte 26" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade
Do you need some stylish and practical equipment for your house or office? Then, take a look at this amazing table lamp! It's gonna bring you not only the highest functionality, but also an intriguing design.

Desk lamp weighted base 5

Obsessed with lighting and this would be perfect for our desks!

Flash 17.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Flash 17.5" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade
If you're a fan of modernity and intriguing design, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and stylish table lamp! It's gonna bring you not only an extraordinary look, but also an unusual functionality.

D Lite 16.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

D Lite 16.5" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade
Fashionable table lamp. This modern table lamp is a great alternative to old fashioned table lamps. It features 270 degree arm rotation, an electronic dimmer with memory switch and the rectangular shade.

Erick 24" H Table Lamp

Erick 24" H Table Lamp
A classic table lamp with a modern shape. Handy pedestal thanks to bending points makes it easy to direct the light where it is needed. The lamp can be placed vertically or bend. Perfect for people who need good lighting, eg. architects, craftsmen, technicians.

Wasomark ledu office articulating desk lamp metal mid century modern

Wasomark Ledu Office Articulating Desk Lamp Metal Mid Century Modern Orange
Direct the light spot straight on your work papers - you'll need an office lamp on your desk that has its shaded bulb mounted on an adjustable arm. Bright orange finish can perk you up in the mornings.

Vintage ledu architects screw down desk

Vintage Ledu Architects Screw Down Desk
A cool traditional vintage desk lamp designed to screw down e.g. to a desktop edge. It has an orange coated aluminium frame composed of a screw mount clamp, 2 double-rod articulated arms with springs, a tilted lampshade for 1 bulb.

Round Base 18" H Desk Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Round Base 18" H Desk Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Nice-looking blending classic and modern styles table lamp. Its metal fixture has a glossy brass finish. It has a round base, a round column, 2-rod adjustable arm, a long cylindrical-shaped swivel shade for 2 up to 40W bulbs and an on-off switch.

Ledu desk lamp 6

This halogen desk lamp embodies all the best features of modern design, combining smooth, sleek design and practicality. Regulated in many planes, this simplistic construction will be a cool addition to any home office space.

Desk lamp weighted base 18

LEDU CORPORATION Antique Floor Desk Lamp with Swing Arm Bell Shade, 60-Inch, Brass by LEDU CORPORATION. Save 50 Off!. $90.03. Design also features a bell shade and weighted base. Floor lamp features a unique swing arm that works well as a shared reading l

Ledu clamp on fluorescent swing arm magnifier lamp 1

Ledu Clamp On Fluorescent Swing Arm Magnifier Lamp
The magnifier lamp for precise work in your workshop. Sometimes your eyes are not enough good to see all the details - the additional LED lights also will help. This lamp with the comfortable jib could be accommodated to your needs.

Ledu desk lamp 19

A small, narrow Ledu desk lamp with a halogen bulb and a brass frame which gives it a modern, contemporary look. The top of the lamp is fitted with an oval piece of acrylic glass, which nicely finishes off the piece.

Desk lamp weighted base 21

Bernie Series Energy-Saver Desk Lamp Available From Dyer Electrical Company Featuring: Energy-efficient low-voltage bulb (50W/12V) with IRC energy-saving technology Tremendous reach with infinite positioning Extra-heavy, weighted base for stability

Ledu lamps

Ledu desk lamp reminds of its many joints and springs robot arm, and its dark green color makes it also extremely fashionable appearance and well presented on the desk of all kinds. Very important are the flexibility of the settings and the solid character.

Ledu Adjustable 25" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Ledu Adjustable 25" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Are you a fan of stylish and super modern solutions? Then, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and unique table lamp! Check it out now and bring some unusual design and functionality to your house.

Desk lamp weighted base 24

Michel Buffet Floor Lamp

Bronze tubular style table lamp with weighted rectangular shaped base

... bronze tubular style table lamp with weighted rectangular-shaped base

Desk lamp weighted base 27

France, 1900s, Vintage Early Monarch's Brass Scroll Writing Desk Lamp. Weighted Brass Scroll Base with Spun Brass Dome Shade. Elegant

Ledu Organizer 15" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Ledu Organizer 15" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
15 inch high table lamp with modern design. Additionally, it features rocker switch, silver base made of plastic and bulb. It's a perfect addition to almost studio, where it adds futuristic touch and style.