Designer Door Stops

Door stops aren’t the most important thing in our houses, that’s for sure. However, after having a careful look at these designer door stops, you might become impressed by this diversity of sizes, shapes and colours. Which one will make for the best option for you? There can be hardly a better collection.

Best Ideas

Railroad Spike Door Stop

Railroad Spike Door Stop
Functional door stopper made of durable metal in rustic lacquer finish providing a reliable way to hold the door open without damaging the wall. Easy to install and remove, versatile and sturdy utility item.

Cast Iron Door Stop

Cast Iron Door Stop
It is a special object of iron, which is used to stop the door. It protects them in this way from hitting or knocking against the wall. It is also a very nice door stop. It has the shape of an elegant, large shells.

Rubber Floor Stop

Rubber Floor Stop
It is a rubber floor stop that has got two finish options to choose: brown and grey. It has got a wedge style and it fits to any décor. It protects your floor and wall. This product is a very good choice.

Floor Stop

Floor Stop
Wooden door stop with an elephant design. The carved elephant figurine boasts meticulous form and finish. The door stop is all-brown. It is a nice and stylish tiny addition to a decor, providing functionality at once.

Decorative doorstops 21

Interesting contemporary decorative borne door stops hand-turned of natural stones in grey shades. They are equipped with durable robust loop handles of quite thick leather straps finished in browns or black.

Prime-Line Products J 4547 Door Stop, Floor Mount, 1 Hole, Brushed Chrome Cast Brass

This durable and stylish door stop in a brushed chrome finish is characterized by a floor mount design and cast brass construction. The door stop is also equipped with a rubber bumper for proper protection.

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Cute door stopper :-) (Hugh Thomas, all colours)

Designer door stops 3

In Greek-Roman mythology a dove was shown in Aphrodite, Venus - the goddess of love. They are also a symbol of the house - so it is worth to have its ceramic, minimalist look as a decoration at home, in the form of a designer door stop.

Cast iron 3kg design door stop

Cast iron 3kg design door stop

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“Love this idea! Just get a boring door stop, a plastic animal & some gold spray paint! Super cute @maxmakes #mybeautifulmess”

Decorative floor door stoppers

It does not look like anything unnatural - a very realistic leaf that has misplaced under the door during an autumn storm. However, it is a decorative doorstop. This designer door stop keeps your doors, whenever you pay attention or not. Just relax.

Brass door stops

Stop the door! How many times did you faild it? Me too. So here we have a solid solution - brass door stop, with a modern matte black finish and black rubber, will stop any doors for you. Simply form in classic design of black and grey colors.

Door stops 8

Door Stops

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magnetic doors (like at the hospital) available on amazon:

Buy cyan design crane and turtle door stop sculpture in

Buy Cyan Design Crane and Turtle Door Stop Sculpture in Old World on ...

Stanley Hardware S829-234  2-1/2-Inch Concave Wall Door Stop, Bright Brass

With this door stop in the most stunning bright brass finish you will get the maximum convenience and practicality for any room of your house, while it lets you enjoy the strong and reliable construction.

National Hardware V1931 3" Rigid Door Stops - Solid Brass in Solid Brass

The solid brass finish that gives it an antique-like look and the strong, reliable construction is what makes this door stop a wonderful choice for your household, letting you get the maximum convenience.

Out some beautiful decorative wrought iron door stoppers pictures here

... out some beautiful decorative wrought iron door stoppers pictures here

Designer door stops 1

Door stop - Homemade doorstop - Craft -

Ives by Schlage SPS61MB-619 Base Door Stop

Satin nickel door stop that protects your wall and door from getting damaged. Stylish and versatile, it is made from solid brass that ensures a long-lasting durability of the piece. It is really quick and easy to install.

Designer door stops

Door stop in the shape of dog. It is covered with fabric and finished with checkered pattern. Handy accessory for each room as needed.

Prime-Line Products J 4647 Door Wall Stop with Rubber Bumper, 1-Inch, Brushed Chrome

Quite handy Door Wall Stop with Rubber Bumper follows its duty very well. Brushed chrome finish and brass construction give the wall stop all the sturdiness it needs to effectively hold the door.

Designer door stops 1

Chubby Owl (do some in crocodilestitch?) - would be fab as door stops with a stone inside or sand to weight them down.

Prime-Line Products U 9158 Spring Door Stop, 4-Inch, Brass Plated

A very functional and durable piece of equipment designed for use in different indoors. This door stop features a very convenient spring construction. It is made of brass plated metal, so it has also got a decorative character.

Animal door stops 1

Add fun factor around and provide functionality to some house spots: a door stop is a useful accessory, and when it takes the form of a cute multicolour animal, it might even have the power to brighten up your day.

Designer door stops

Old Wise Owl Made from a suit jacket???? Could fill with sand and make door stops.

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door stop - French design

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Decorative door stop with a very attractive spherical stylization. This element of home equipment is small, but very useful. It protects walls and doors from impact damage. Neutral color of this element makes it suitable for any home design.

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Ice Cream Door Stop

Designer door stops 7

bolsas de tela sujetapuertas

Door stop designs

Glücksbringer Hase "Mio" // Lucky charm bunny "Mio" by enFant design via

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9 Outdoor Lighting Schemes That Get Universal Design Right Boost safety and a feeling of welcome with exterior lighting that offers visual cues and clearly defines paths. Large landing zones, short risers, step lights and strategically placed benches for

Hedgehog door stop

Hedgehog Door Stop

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The pattern for this door stop is from Lotta Jansdotter's book Simple Sewing.  I needed some fast sewing therapy - this fit the bill, and it's useful! It was super-quick to make.  I reduced the pat...

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Autumn Door Stop / No matter what time of the year it is, it will always be autumn in your home.

Rockwood 508.15 Brass Door Stop, 4" Projection, #12-24 x 1" FH MS Fastener, 1" Base Diameter, Satin Nickel Plated Clear Coated Finish

Universal floor bumper, highly durable and sturdy. Easy to install, helps prevent damage to walls when opening a door. Its simple form is immensely versatile so it complements all decors. It is inch longer than traditional door stops.

Brass door stops 2

A functional door stop in a modern design. It features a flat, round base and a tapered stem. Made of brass, it's solid and durable while a black, matte finish gives it a universal and subtle look. You will easily mount it to the wall.

Spring door stop 1

Aesthetic practical small contemporary wall-mounted spring door stops. They're manufactured of zinc die cast with a brass finish. A door stop is built of a round backplate with a screw and a spring with a white plastic cap.

Ives by Schlage 60MB5 Base Door Stop

Doorstop with 3.75 inch long projection and base diameter of one inch. Additionally, it features rubber tip which is fully replaceable. The doorstep is made from solid brass, which ensures its durability.

Designer door stops 6

This desirable Hubley Bathing Beauties (#250) cast iron doorstop designed by Anne Fish brought in $1,300 at Morphy Auctions in April 2008.

Designer door stops 7

Black design france stop sign door stop

Black Design France "Stop Sign" door stop

Designer door stops 12

Pocket Dog/Kid Gate And i am thinking if you have a small/obediant dog you could put wheels on it and those door stop thingees so it will stand instead of a hole in the wall to slide it.

Designer door stops 8

25 Powerful Advertisements That Will Make You Stop And Think | From up North

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Coraline concept art by Jon Klassen Coraline is a 2009 American stop-motion 3D dark fantasy film based on Neil Gaiman's 2002 novel of the same name

SYMMETRY Rigid Door Stops 10-Pack (Oil-Rubbed Bronze)

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Burlap doorstop...I've been searching for a doorstop, and this is too cute to pass up! $10

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Stained glass window in a Turkish rest stop

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We got unfinished cabinets and painted them because she didn't want that baked-on factory finish. She wanted them to age the way they should age. The cabinets are about going back in time, but not stopping time. And we added the appropriate hardware--bin

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