Decorative Plates For Kitchen

Use them or showcase them, but it is always good to have them, these decorative plates for the kitchen are a wonderful way to show some class when having guests over. Maybe you take them out for a big, special, family meal, or maybe you put them on plate racks to show how gorgeous they are. Either way, they will complement your kitchen.

Best Ideas

Decorative Plate

Decorative Plate
A unique decorative bowl to add a touch of class and style to your table. It’s made of 100% glass with a botanical motif at the center and classic paisley accents all round. The decorative plate can also be used to hold fruits and even serve snacks.

Garden art decor glass plate art flower

Garden art decor glass plate art flower
When the climate is really hot, it is hard to grow the flowering plants, because it often need a lot of water. Using decorational plates as an imitation allows to have the flowers in garden all over the year independently to the weather.

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate

Casa Cortes Hand-Painted Artisan Glass Decorative Plate
Beautiful, hand-painted glass plate with geometrical leaves pattern in jade green and gold. Use it to accessorize your favorite display space, whether it is a table or a shelf. It is easy, as the plate comes with useful display stand.

Stained glass mosaic repurpose wooden

Stained glass mosaic repurpose wooden
Your window or front door look dull and rather gloomy? Brighten them up with stained glass window insert crafted skillfully from reporposed colorful plates and wooden frame. Beautiful rustic style decoration idea.

Glass fishing float driftwood float

Glass fishing float driftwood float
A delightful DIY decoration in a coastal design. The centre of it is characterized by a glass sphere in a magnetic color of the ocean. The rest of it is a combination of dritwood and sea shells. A perfect thing for a beach house.

Glass Fish Figurine

Glass Fish Figurine
Glass figurine in ultra modern form. It is carefully hand made from colored, thick glass. Resistant to water and harmful conditions. Received very high marks from satisfied customers.

Glass Fish Figurine

Glass Fish Figurine
Carefully made figurine in the shape of fish. It is richly decorated with colored glass. Positive and modern form. It enjoys good recommendations from customers.

Tuscan Old World Fleur De Lis 10" Decorative Plates Set of 4 New

Add a historical accent here and there in your eclectic kitchen and have a look at a quality set of 4 decorative round plates. Large Fleur de Lis motif makes them unique and eye-drawing. Each plate has different colour.

Rooster Wall Decor Plates

This charming set of decorative ceramic plates is a great way to design your kitchen or dining room. It has a beautifully painted roosters. The whole is based on a metal rack that perfectly harmonizes with the plates.

Bon appetit french food words kitchen art decor dinner plates

Bon Appétit French food words KITCHEN art decor Dinner Plates

Decorative plates 3

Decorative Plates

Decorative plates for kitchen 1

A lovely and majestic way to decorate your kitchen walls. The plate stands are quite beautiful and are shaped like leaf twines entangling the wall. The plates come in a set of fours and they have different beautiful drawings of roosters on their bases.

Decorative plates for kitchen

Simple and beautiful hand-carved decorative plates. These plates come in sets of two and their design has a French theme. The plates can either be hung or used for meals to even further give that sense of sophistication to your guests.

Decorative plates for kitchen 2

Attractive wall plates for kitchen indoors. These decorative items are round plates with interesting floral themes on their surfaces. This wall decoration is resistant to dirt and damage caused by many factors.

Decorative plates for kitchen 10

Porcelain plates on the wall are again fashionable. For the decoration of the walls, we use decanter plates that can be found in every home. White decorative plates for kitchen - hanging on red ribbons will create a fantastic cozy atmosphere.

Decorative plates for kitchen

Decorative plates make a beautiful kitchen decoration. They can be displayed on open shelves, wall-mounted in wire racks. Special plates can be handmade, or they can be a commemorative factory run. They can be the central item for a decorating theme.

Decorative plates 4

Decorative Plates

Decorative plates for kitchen 3

In the picture I can see a very attractive and practical kitchen design with solid, simple and spacious cabinets. Attractive flowers make this interior design more aesthetic. This kitchen is also decorated with beautiful plates.

Large decorative plates display

The beautiful old decorative plates on the wall are a sensational way of antique style in the decor. Large and smaller plates allow you to create an exceptionally pleasing composition in the interior.

Decorative plates for kitchen

Bet I could paint this myself at one of those paint your own pottery places... But would it be cheaper than anthro? or just more fun?

Kitchen decorative plates

Gorgeous dinner plates #anthrofave

Decorative plates for kitchen 15

May not be the best idea as I will be baking non stop to ensure that it is always on display.

Square decorative plates

I love this bathroom stylization with a practical and decorative sink. Metal wall rack includes three plates with some stylish accents. These plates not only decorate indoors, but they can also be used as shelves for towels or other bathroom accessories.

Glass plate garden art

A set of extraordinary glass decorations that will be a pretty accent of your garden. The plates with a flower-like shape inside feature a magnetic blue color supported on a black, steel base. They will beautifully catch the sunlight.

Unique Industries PKPLT7-37454 7-Inch Round Plate, Midnight Black Decorative Dots, 8-Pack

Manual Woodworkers Wine Cellar Decorative Dinner Plates, 8 Inch, Set of 4

Set of four finely detailed grapevine wine country themed hand painted plates, each measures 8" in diameter. Either to be used to serve special dinners or as a gift for friends and family. Dishwasher, Microwave and Food Safe.

Decorative plates for kitchen 22

cute cabinets...I love red in the kitchen, and Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan in Emperors Silk would give this look, with maybe Old White or Old Ochre for the top cabinets

Decorative plates for kitchen 18

plate racks in kitchens | ... plate racks great for cutlery plates tweet add plate racks to your

Decorative plates for kitchen 5

Plates and Bowls Interesting idea to combine plates and flatware in one drawer. handy!

Decorative plates for kitchen 13

5 KITCHEN TRENDS FOR 2015 THAT YOU'LL LOVE. From Black cabinets make an elegant kitchen.

King of the barnyard plate set multi jewel set of

King of the Barnyard Plate Set Multi Jewel Set of Four

Decorative plates for kitchen 16

Perfect style and stain kitchen cabinets for a Northern CA home on the coast. Buy Bathroom Cabinets & Bathroom Vanity Cabinets Online | Kitchen Cabinet Kings

Decorative glass fish 1

Made of decorative glass ball-shaped vases, this is an excellent way to create a unique interior design. Especially useful as candlesticks, vases for flower arrangements and much more. The entirety of the details looks great.

Large glass fish

When you love the sea and the ocean and everything connected with it - you can invite this atmosphere to your home, thanks to the decorative driftwood bowl filled with glass fishing floats coupled with a glass of float fishing.

Bless Our Kitchen - Decorative Oval Plate, Wooden Platter ~ Country

A pretty traditional decorative kitchen plate of wood. It has an oval frame in light browns and an oval dark red central part with pious sentences in stylised white letters and adorned with gold stars. A green wire stand is adorned with stars.

Decorative plates for kitchen 1

Decorated with charm in mind, this plate rack and shelf sport not only the white finish of the overall design but come accented with delicate pink items and will look immensely charming in your household.

Decorative plates for kitchen 6

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Decorative plates for kitchen 12

pull out tabletop drawer under stove for setting plates # Pin++ for Pinterest #

Hanging plates in kitchen

Thanksgiving quote for November on the chalkboard in my French Farmhouse kitchen

Lantern style table lamps

Beautiful traditional table lanterns which can also be used as hanging lamps. A lantern has a sleek hexagonal openwork frame of blue coated metal, a decorative base, glazed walls and an onion dome-style top with a finial and a hook.

Decorative glass plates 1

Richly decorated plate with floral theme. It is made of glass. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is resistant to rust and harmful weather conditions. Sophisticated decoration for each place.

Decorative plates for kitchen 1

Design shopping at Liberty London - Interiorator

Diy glass garden flowers

Gorgeous, handmade glassware. Upcycling at its finest. Truly a work of art, these refurbished glass flowers are going to look amazingly well in any garden. It could even substitute an outdoors lamp with a little effort!

Decorative glass fish 5

Glass blue decorative fish bowl is perfect for collecting beach finds or simply wine corcs. It could be also used as key holder or important notes. Best for hall-ways and living rooms. Would also fit kid's room.

Decorative glass fish 2

This handmade DIY project features a gorgeous Christmas decoration. This ornamental glass fish brings an exquisite brightness and warmth to the interior. Enchanting experience for the whole family.

Decorative glass fish

A gorgeous set of indoor decorations that will improve your home decor with nautical accents. The set is consisted of glass jars - each wrapped with a strong fishnet tied on top using stron string, and filled with beach sand and seashells.

Great tutorial for adding letters to old china endless possibilities

Great tutorial for adding letters to old china. Endless possibilities.

Unique Industries PKPLT7-37484 7-Inch Round Plate, Hot Pink Decorative Dots, 8-Pack

Home Source 500-21913-B Decorative Wall Art, 21.7-Inch by 20.1-Inch by 2.7-Inch