Custom Dart Board Cabinet

You've seen dartboard cabinets at any dart and billiard store, but they all look the same. And yeah, standard dartboard cabinet is fine for most but for you, you want something that speaks to your uniqueness and personality. That is why we think you need to take a trip down the aisles of our collection of custom dartboard cabinets. We can have any type you want tailor made even up to monogramming.

Best Products

Dart board cabinet limited time only one

Dart board cabinet limited time only one
This practical dartboard cabinet is a beautiful performance in rough country style. The whole is phenomenal, introducing an exciting atmosphere into the interior, and after opening it becomes a great place for entertainment.

Lighted red black trim dart board

Lighted red black trim dart board
Dart set for game's room. Keep your darts locked safely in a stylish wall mounted black wooden cabinet, which has royal style dark red felt covered foam backing and battery operated LED lighting. Easy to install!

Dart Board Cabinet

Dart Board Cabinet
A customised standing dartboard cabinet of wood finished in browns but black legs. Its doors have gently arched both top and bottom edges. It features engraved both a stylised letter 'N' in the centre and a frame along edges. They're light brown.

Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set

Deluxe Dartboard Cabinet Set
This is made in light oak wood dartboard cabinet set is a great solution for home or pub. Easy to install excels at every event. Practical door is useful when the blade is not in use. Beautiful performance.

Custom made reclaimed barn wood dart

Custom made reclaimed barn wood dart
This recreated dart board in reclaimed barn wood is an excellent way to have fun with your décor and a great place to have a good time. The whole area is a great place to check out in the playroom or the bar, where you will enjoy the atmosphere.


If don't have a dartboard in you game room, then it's about time you find one that suit your needs. This dartboard is a professionally made beauty that lies cozy in a 2-door cabinet. The doors have chalkboards for keeping scores and 2 racks to keep your darts organized.

Dart Board Cabinet Set

Dart Board Cabinet Set
This Dart Board Cabinet Set is a must-have in every game room, bar, or bachelor pad. The set features a solid wood front, 6 weighted steel-tipped darts, pre-mounted back z-brackets, and 2 functional black chalkboards.

Our advice Buying Guide

In order to prevent having walls the look like they were attacked by a mini machine gun, you need to get yourself a custom dart board cabinet. This type of furniture will also ensure your darts room looks presentable. Because the cabinet is custom-made, you can expect your new home addition to look great within your space but only if you know what to look for in a custom dart board cabinet. To help you with this endeavor, check out our buying guide below.

What materials are custom dart board cabinets manufactured from?

Custom dart board cabinets come in all kinds of styles, materials, and colors. However, they’re manufactured typically using wood with quality finishes, so they look incredible on any wall when the boards are hidden away.

If a cabinet’s visual appeal matters to you, go for the cabinet that you think will get lots of compliments as one enters your game room. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with buying a product based purely on its aesthetics or beauty so long as you’re satisfied with what you bought.

Who is going to use the dart board cabinet?

Dart boards are created and designed with various users in mind. Some of them are for children while others are to be used by professionals. There are also custom dart board cabinets that serve both amateur and professional players.

How much space do you need for a dart board?

The minimum required playing space is an area 5-feet wide and 11-feet long is. The height of a dart board is normally 5 ft 8 in from the floor to the center of the bullseye.

How to make sure the custom dart board cabinet is safe?

Poorly made custom dart board cabinets are not safe and you don’t want something that’s going to harm anyone inside your game room. For this reason, make sure that you pick the cabinet that’s with a sturdy construction and darts that don’t bounce easily off the board.

If you think the darts don’t stick, return your purchase or purchase another dart board that meets your safety criteria. To avoid the hassle and frustration, read reviews of those who’ve purchased the product that you’re eyeing to know how well it performs.

How much is a custom dart board cabinet?

The average prices range from around $40 for simple designs to $150 for sturdy, better quality cabinets. Set a budget for your purchase and don’t overspend. What we love about custom furniture pieces is that they allow you to stick to the amount you intend to spend. Check out your options today. You're lucky as no matter what your budget is, there’s a product that’s capable of matching all your expectations due to the abundance of options you have.


Sierra Dart Board

Sierra Dart Board
Classy traditional wall-mounted dart cabinet of solid wood with a warm brown finish. It features a dashy moulding top. Its doors have dark metal hinges. It includes a professional bristle board, 2 dart sets, 2 black chalk scoreboards.

Outlaw Free Standing Dartboard and Cabinet Set

Outlaw Free Standing Dartboard and Cabinet Set
Traditional style dart cabinet set lending classic elegance to a game room. As sometimes combining modernity with tradition is highly commendable, the set is equipped with electronic dart board (please note that it requires batteries!).

Cavalier Dart Board Set

Cavalier Dart Board Set
This Entertaining Dart Board Set is designed in slightest details, and offers long and quality time while hanging out with your friends. The frame is crafted from solid wood, and includes two doors to properly secure the dart board, darts, and scoreboards.

Led lighted sandstone felt brown trim

Led lighted sandstone felt brown trim
This dart board was enhanced by the addition of LED lights. The cabinet itself is pretty impressive, with added top illumination and place for keeping your darts. If you’re looking for a modern dart cabinet, that’s the way to go.

Lighted red black trim custom dart board

Lighted red black trim custom dart board
Wooden casing in black color with a scoreboard, a colored bristle disc, arranged in a circular circle with punctuated fields, on a red background. That is how presented here custom dar board cabinet looks like. Darts surprises with American flags.

Diy dartboard backboard

This custom dart board cabinet is made from solid wood with a wire brush finish, adding a cool rustic vibe, known from the western saloons. There are dozens of various personalization options, including the size, colour, finish, shelving etc.

Dartboard cabinet plans

An elegant dart board cabinet, constructed of solid wood and covered in a cherry finish. The cabinet is quite narrow, and features 1 two-door cabinet with decorative pull-knobs, which properly secures the whole dart equipment, inside.

Custom dart board cabinet 3

Dart board designed for mounting on the wall. It is mounted on wooden frame. Includes 2 drawers for storing accessories. Suitable for residential and commercial use.

Custom dart board cabinet

We have wardrobes for the bedroom, cabinets for towels in the bathroom, shoe cabinets and kitchen pantries. This wooden ash wood cabinet - with double doors is something completely different. It is a custom dartboard cabinet, to have a dart fun.

Dart board cabinets

Sliding dart board dedicated for commercial use. Designed for mounting on the wall. It is fitted with table for points. Traditional form and modern design.

Cabinet is constructed of hardwood and harwood veneers with antique

Cabinet is constructed of hardwood and harwood veneers with antique ...


Personalized enclosed to play darts - it's an interesting gift idea for the lover of this game. Made of pine wood custom dart board cabinet, it has a double front door with an engraving of the selected letter, e.g. letters from the surname.

Harley-Davidson™ Bar and Shield

Harley-Davidson™ Bar and Shield

Bull's Eye II HIGH QUALITY MUSEUM WRAP CANVAS Print Jennifer Goldberger 24x20

If you are party animal and love parlor game, this dartboard will be perfect for you! Due to special background made of wine's stoppers. It looks very stylish and doesn't stake a lot of place, so it can be inserted both in your home, and pub.

Details about dart cabinet personalized dartboard 2 sets of darts


Dartboard backboard ideas

Dart board is indispensable in a game room or in a man's cave. Get a darts board incorporated into a personalized wooden cabinet, coming with all the equipment that you'll need to play. Coming with a functional lockable drawer.

Free dart board cabinet plans

This custom made maple dartboard cabinet constitutes a great proposition for all fans of darts. Finished with natural, bright maple, it will bring a warm, soft touch one's living room or bedroom space.

Vintage dart board made in england

My custom Baylor dartboard...thinking of staining the wood to make it match my pub table. Not sure though. This will also move from the garage to the game room once it's complete.

499 00 espresso finish

499.00 - Espresso Finish

Dart board cabinet design from historical record dbc316

Dart Board Cabinet - Design From Historical Record - DBC316

Custom made maple dart board cabinets 6

Custom Made Maple Dart Board Cabinets

Custom dart board

A splendid choice for game rooms with vintage accents. This dartboard is hidden in a wooden case with 2 artistically-carved doors that display a Civil War battlefield with a canon and bunch of soldiers.

Finished dart board cabinet

Finished dart board cabinet

Custom made walnut dart board cabinet

Custom Made Walnut Dart Board Cabinet

Customised dart board

Custom Made Walnut Dart Board Cabinet

Large dart board cabinet

The game of darts is fantastic and the falcon eye trains. Antique carved wooden doors made this custom dar board cabinet, and ideally adapted for darts, metal supports. A strong finish, comfort, and a natural rustic style.

Diy dartboard surround

A cleverly designed Murphy bed, which when folded up offers a dart board behind the cupboard doors. A funny project for all fans of intricate design. All carved in stylish, deep brown wood.

Dart board cabinet with wine corks

Dart Board Cabinet with Wine Corks

Superman darts

This custom-made, dart-board cabinet constitutes a proposition for all darts lovers. Made from stylish, oak wood, it enchants with its dense graining, emphasizing the traditional appeal.

Craftsman style lighting hardware mission furniture and mirrors 4

Craftsman Style Lighting & Hardware. Mission Furniture and Mirrors ...

Custom dart board cabinet 1

Custom made, this dartboard cabinet will be a perfect proposition for all fans of the game. Handmade, from high-quality bright wood, it would provide long-lasting entertainment and correspond well to the surrounding decor.

499 00 chestnut finish

499.00 - Chestnut finish

1st dart board cabinet

1st dart board cabinet

Image image image image image 14

image image image image image

Custom SureShot RS Foosball Table with Standard Rod Finish: Custom Pewter Brush

Diams sale custom dart board cabinet slinger for sale in

diams; SALE!!! - Custom Dart Board Cabinet ♦ - (Slinger for sale in ...

Athos Dart Board

Athos Dart Board

Customized dart board

This dart board cabinet is just the perfect option for when you need to store some of your belongings or simply keep parts of the darts game in place, safely and neatly tucked away. It sports the strong and light finish of the durable wooden structure and is an easy fit for any traditionally styled space.

Custom game room cabinets and furniture finished on all sides

Custom game room cabinets and furniture finished on all sides

Dart 20board 20cabinet jpg


Custom made dart board cabinet 1

Custom Made Dart Board Cabinet

Dart club box custom dart boards cabinet and backboards man

dart club box custom dart boards cabinet and backboards man cave dart ...

Create your own dart board

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