Country Canister Sets For Kitchen


If your kitchen you prefer a simpler taste of style and love the look of country furniture and decor, then you will definitely appreciate our collection of country canister sets for your kitchen. they are simple but very well made, and sturdy with labels so you do not accidentally mix up the sugar and the flour. Take a look at our collection of country canister sets for kitchens.

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Our Picks

Le rooster canister set

Being a lovely addition to one's kitchen or dining space, this set of rooster canisters embodies well the shabby chic or cottage spirit. Handpainted, it enchants with its detailed crafting.

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Apple kitchen canisters

Adding warmth and cosiness characteristic for the country set, this lovely handpainted set of canisters will accent any kitchen or dining room. Finished in deep red, with beautifully depicted roosters.

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Image detail for epier brand new hearts stars set of

Image detail for -ePier - BRAND NEW Hearts & Stars Set of 3 Canisters ~ GIFT

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Sunshine Rooster Collection Hand-Painted 4-Piece Kitchen Canister Set

Large yellow canisters set: four pieces overall, each canister with lid, a large knob on top of each lid :). Nice French country design, flowers and roosters - kinda folklore vibe. Pretty, and the lids have gaskets - perfect!

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Red apple canister set

Now that’s a quality wine rack. Made from reclaimed wood, it’s at the same time eco-friendly and practical. Strong, metal racks will never get damaged, while the wood has a strong rustic vibe to it.

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222 Fifth Adelaide Yellow French Toile Bird 16 Pc Dinnerware Set Service For 4

222 Fifth Adelaide Yellow French Toile Bird 16 Pc Dinnerware Set Service For 4

If you’re looking for a new dinnerware set for special occasions like family gatherings, reunions or more formal parties, take a look at this wonderful set of very traditional, vintage ceramic cutlery in a vibrant, yellow color.

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Canister set shabby french country chic tin tuscan kitchen decor


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Country rooster kitchen canister set

Country Rooster Kitchen Canister Set

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Shabby country chic rooster tin canister set home decor

Shabby Country Chic Rooster Tin Canister Set Home Decor

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Antique french kitchen canisters set

Antique french kitchen canisters set

Embodying a French antique style, this set of 6 tin kitchen canisters from around 1910 will add a cool, shabby chic accent to your decr, presenting lovely on a kitchen shelf, on a countertop or why not a windowsill.

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Country Canister Sets For Kitchen

Buying Guide

There are usually 3 to 4 canisters in a country set to keep your countertop staples like sugar, coffee, tea, and flour fresh.

That said, some country canisters come in a set of 6 or more for those who want to store more kitchen items. This way, your cookies, pasta, rice, and nuts will all have a stylish home.

The best materials for a country canister set for kitchen depend on what you’re going to store in them, but, in most cases, ceramic is the wisest choice.

This is because it’s practical, durable, but also nostalgic-looking, which is perfect for this cozy style.

Still, you can find country-inspired canister sets in other materials, too: stainless steel is a shatterproof option if you have unpredictable kids, glass makes it easier to keep track of their content, and plastic is a handy option for sticky ingredients like honey.

Country canister sets are not only functional but also provide great aesthetic pleasure in the kitchen when displayed on the counter. They’ll keep your countertop from getting cluttered while adding a dash of charm to the setting.

In addition, these kitchen essentials can also be shown off on an open shelf, windowsill, or any surface that needs a touch of timeless style. Nevertheless, they should be easy to reach when needed.

If your country-style canisters are used for storing daily staples such as sugar, tea, and honey, you may want to set them out on your breakfast table for convenience as well as decor. Besides, they can serve as a visually interesting centerpiece and spice up an empty table.

Best Ideas

Country canister sets for kitchen

A snazzy set of three kitchen canisters that can be a proud decoration for your dining room, as well. All have drum lids with white handles and are beautifully embellished with delicious apple pattern.

Wood canister set primitive folk art

Wood canister set primitive folk art

An enchanting set of 4 canisters - each embellished with different motto will create a positive ambiance. Handmade, handpainted, feature two sides - winter and summer with different pictures on each of the sides.

Burgundy kitchen canisters

Countryside-inspired canister set that will help you organize stuff in your kitchen. The canisters come in several bold colors and you’re also free to choose different sizes based on your needs. They are also pre-labeled to save you a lot of time.

Square dinnerware set for 4 6

Serving the dish is half its taste, they say. Investing in such a red, porcelain pledge - will be a bull's-eye. Square dinnerware set for 4 people has a beige elements - and is decorated by the masters of pottery, which added also a dark brown elements.

Are many different styles designs and shapes of kitchen canister

are many different styles, designs and shapes of kitchen canister sets ...

Again for my kitchen

Again for my kitchen

Rooster canisters

The beautiful combination of functionality and beautiful colors and patterns makes this country style container set for kitchen perfect for any home. Charming details and robust metal make the whole thing can be heard for years.

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set

Firenze 3 Piece Canister Set

This lovely set of ceramic jars / containers is a tasteful set for the living room, kitchen or any other room in your home. It can serve as a place for spices or other products or jewelry, etc.

Canisters set the country porch features the eastside market canisters

canisters set the country porch features the eastside market canisters ...

Rooster canister sets

Your kitchen needs some extra accents and storage spaces, just like this Tuscan rooster canister set. The pieces are in a warm Tuscan color palette of brick red, olive green, and off-white, with touches of dijon and black.

Livingware Classic Cafe 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

Livingware Classic Cafe 16 Piece Dinnerware Set

16-piece set of tableware made of glass and stoneware. It contains cups, bowls and plates in various sizes. Can be safely use in the microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in the USA. Pattern made in the summer atmosphere.

Western canister sets

Set of 4 kitchen canisters in various sizes. It is made of high quality ceramics and finished with apple theme. Suitable for food storage. Handy gadget in any kitchen.

Tuscany red apple with bamboo trim hand painted canister set

Tuscany Red Apple with Bamboo Trim Hand Painted, Canister Set of 4, 84301 by ACK

French kitchen canisters

If you like gorgeous kitchen decorations, then, you will love this one! Designed in country style, those different size, red apple-like canisters are beautifully glazed and can be used, for example, as tasteful cookie jars.