Cotton Knit Blanket


A cotton knit blanket is a soft and wonderful thing to have when you need a nap or an accent piece to throw across your bed or couch. they are comfy and very well made and plenty of styles to accent your space or even throw it off if you're trying to make a statement. Many of them are handmade and you can feel the love in every stitch. Take a look at our collection and pick your cotton knit blanket.

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Our Picks

Coastal Cotton Throw Blanket

Coastal Cotton Throw Blanket

Bring the country charm to your home interior with this cotton knit cozy blanket. It’s warm and soft enough to wrap yourself in. The blanket is made of carefully knitted cotton and available in attractive red color. Great for snuggling with a loved one on cold evenings.

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Herringbone woven blanket orange and

Herringbone woven blanket orange and

Add this woven blanket to your household collection to ensure that you are always kept warm during those long, winter months and at the same time have a nice accent piece for your sofa or loveseat.

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Cotton knit blanket

Cute cotton knit blanket is a perfect combination of style and coziness. Practical and very versatile coloring and beautiful beads captivate and bring to the decor a unique character. The whole is phenomenal.

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Lancaster Cotton Blanket

Lancaster Cotton Blanket

Aesthetic large rectangular contemporary blanket crafted of natural woven cotton. It is reversible and has a zigzag striped pattern. It can be machine-washed and tumble-dryed but it cannot be ironed.

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Jewel Cotton Throw Blanket

Jewel Cotton Throw Blanket

Looking for something to make your home décor more vibrant and colorful? This stylish Throw Blanket is going to quickly help you with that. Designed of premium cotton, the blanket is nice in touch, very cozy, and offers durable usage. Machine-washable.

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Bliss Cotton Throw

Bliss Cotton Throw

It is very nice and extremely cozy bedspread. Its design is a delicate flowers on a cream background. All very nice looks, and it's very nice to the touch and more cozy. It is perfect for long cold nights.

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Veneto Egyptian Cotton Blanket

Veneto Egyptian Cotton Blanket

Fantastic blanket made of machine washable, 100-percent Egyptian cotton offering ultimate comfort and softness. Features easy to the touch texture, durable construction that will provide you warmth during sleep.

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Cotton knit blanket 7

This is a hand-made knitted blanket. It’s made of a soft cotton material. It has an appealing light turquoise color. The knitting has a dominant diagonal orientation, and is edged by horizontally arranged knitting lines.

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Knitted cotton blanket

The soft cotton fabric of this knit blanket makes the bedroom or living room more comfortable. Juicy green is an energetic and calming color accent at the same time. The whole is phenomenal and impresses with details.

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Cotton knit blanket

Beautiful cotton knit blanket is perfect for summer evenings or to drape over the back of a floral or plaid couch. The simple stockinette stitch emphasizes the texture of the cotton yarn and lends texture to the monochrome color.

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Cotton Knit Blanket

Buying Guide

Cotton knit blankets are known to be incredibly easy to care for, affordable, and available in a wide variety of colors. This popular blanket is light enough to sleep with during summer months.

If you are thinking of getting one, then you’re in for a treat as we have tips below that will lead you to the best cotton knit blanket available for purchase online! Check them out!

The type of cotton yarn that's used in the production of a cotton knit blanket has a significant impact on the qualities of the product. The most common types are the following:

  • Combed Yarn - This yarn is made from a longer, finer fiber and it's incredible at making soft cotton knit blankets. Also, it is strong compared to most types of cotton yarn. The only downside to the material is its price. As it makes high-quality blankets, the products made of combed yarn can be more expensive.
  • Carded Yarn - Carded yarn makes lower-quality blankets. Its strength is low, but the impurities of cotton are removed during the carding refinement process.
  • Organic Cotton - This type of material is sourced using methods that have less to no impact on the planet. Organic cotton yarn's production makes use of fewer chemicals so blankets made of this type of cotton are the best options for those who have allergies, sensitive skin and/or irritations. Organic cotton yarn makes soft, pure, and durable blankets.

In the US, the standard blanket sizes are the following:

  • King size: 108 x 90 to 100"
  • Queen size: 90 x 90 to 100"
  • Double size: 80 x 90"
  • Twin size: 66 x 90"
  • Crib size: 45 x 60"

If you plan on tucking your new cotton knit blanket on the sides of your mattress, then the right size for you will be significantly bigger compared to your mattress's size. The right size for your cotton knit blanket will also depend on the amount of coverage that you want, if it hangs to your floors, the depth of your mattress, or if you want it to cover your pillows.

It is crucial that you follow the care and maintenance instructions on the cotton knit blanket that you have chosen if you want the product to last. Lots of cotton knit blankets will instruct you to tumble dry the products with low heat. However, there are those that need to be tumble dried without any heat or air-dried. It is essential that you follow care instructions in order to minimize shrinkage. Remember that intense heat will damage cotton fibers over time.

Cotton knit blankets snag easily, which means you need to be aware of rough skin, long nails, buttons, or sharp jewelry. An accidental brushing can pull a thread from the blanket. Also, be careful when you move the blanket as it can get snag on edges or door latches.

Best Ideas

Cotton knit blanket 2

Characterized by a free knitting pattern and cozy striped design, this stylish throw blanket can be used in many different ways. Made of quality cotton, the blanket is warm, nice-to-touch, and large enough to snuggle you when it's cold.

Cotton knit blanket 6

A colorfully striped blanket, which will add much warmth and liveliness to your children bedroom. Cotton knit finishing stands for quality. It has the size of 73.5 x 73.5 cm.

Cotton knit blanket 11

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