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Children love to play and explore and use their imagination. But sometimes it is easier to do that in a place they can call their own outside of the home but still within the perimeter of your property. That's why giving your child a playhouse is never a bad idea. They can go there to expand their own intellectual horizons or just have a place to escape when things are getting a little too adult. See collection for details.

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Childrens playhouses for sale 2

A gypsy or antique car is a great idea for a children's play area; this sensational playhouse has charming details that allow the youngest to arouse imagination during the magical fun. The wood construction is durable and stable.

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Little tikes pirate ship playhouse for sale

Big playhouse for your children. It's full of interesting, fun rooms, in which they will be able to spend their days. It resembles a complete mansion, with garage and other facilities – I can't think of any kids that wouldn't love it!

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Childrens playhouses for sale 8

An adorable decoration for outdoor areas such as backyards and gardens. This children's playhouse is made in shape of a Gypsy caravan with 1 two-part door, 2 windows, beautiful steps and 4 cartwheels.

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Sale 2 Story Cape Cod Custom Built Playhouse Childrens Outdoor Backyard

Sale 2 Story Cape Cod Custom Built Playhouse Childrens Outdoor Backyard

Phenomenal playhouse for the garden, patio and others outdoor places. Construction is made of wood and fitted with railings for added safety. Includes kid sized furniture, themostatted space heater and entry door lock.

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Used little tikes playhouse

A charming unusual children's playhouse modelled on a gipsy waggon crafted of wooden materials with a finish in light browns. It has sturdy square legs and hinged split doors. Its cylindrical frame and arched roof (with finials) are longwise slatted.

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Childrens playhouses for sale

Wow! I am so delighted how amazing this wooden Hobbit style is! A cute little playhouse is every kid's dream. It has enough space for playing, reading books, sleeping and relaxing.

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Little tikes spaceship playhouse

Big playhouse, which feels almost like a small house. Complete with anything you’d expect from a real house – flower baskets, windows and highly detailed roof. Notice how stable it is, with the added wooden support on the bottom part.

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Backyard Cottage Playhouse

Backyard Cottage Playhouse

Backyard cottage playhouse. This playhouse will provide your kids' with hours of fun and entertainment. The structure can be built in any garden as it can be finished in the color of your choice. As the children grow it may be used as a garden building.

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Cottage Playhouse

Cottage Playhouse

The Dreaming Playhouse for children, is made from high quality materials. Beautiful representation of a real home allows for creative play. Your child will be delighted.

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4 Seasons Playhouse

4 Seasons Playhouse

Very nice and cheerful playhouse for children. It has a roof and various functions, also in the middle. It is decorated in pink tones, suggesting that it is designed to be fun for girls. But the boys also find in the job.

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Childrens Playhouses For Sale

Buying Guide

It’s not hard these days to find children’s playhouses for sale. This was not always true. While children, no doubt, imitated their parents and “played house” from time immemorial, the concept of making educational toys is relatively modern.

Maria Montessori is responsible for much of the early theory that leads to making realistic toys for children. Her theory was that children learn from their environment and that when provided with child-sized implements they would use them to learn to manage their world. Playhouses are part of the industry outgrowth from that theory. They can come in all sizes, from the backyard monster, complete with climbing walls, swings and slides down to tiny purse-sized doll houses that can be carried along to the doctor’s office or discretely brought out during times when the child needs to play quietly.

The Skyfort II Cedar Wood Swing set

Ms. Montessori would have loved the Skyfort II Cedar Wood Swing set - the playset that has it all. While more correctly a playset, rather than playhouse, it is topped with a charming fort that is complete with spyglass, perfect for being bold frontier settlers or pirates. There are plenty of options for active play. The playhouse is accessed by a climbing wall, a set of steps or an exercise bar. The set includes swings and a slide, as well as a picnic table and benches for snack time or to just read or relax with small toys.

Big Kids Tent Playhouse

It is not always appropriate or convenient to have a permanent playset in your backyard. Nor can you take it with you when visiting or traveling. The perfect solution is a big children play tent, with ball pit, crawl tunnel and even a small basketball net. It has the same attention to detail that is given to summer camping tents, with breathable mesh windows and top, a fly covering, and tent-peg tie-downs. It is perfect for birthday parties and teamed up with sandbags, can even be set up in a gym or garage for rainy day fun.

Victorian Playhouse

When only a miniature mansion will do, nothing compares to the Victorian mansion with two levels, upper windows and realistically sturdy stairways and doors that open and close. The bottom floor is large enough for one padded bench, one chair and one table – perfect for a retreat.

Doll-Sized Playhouse

Not all playhouses need to be large enough for a child to enter. Sometimes they can be sized for favorite dolls, doll-sized furniture, a pretty little loft bed, and a back door that opens and closes. The house can be accessed from the invisible “fourth wall” that exists only in the child’s imagination. Such playhouses are available, for instance, for Mattel’s Barbie and Ken dolls. Fisher Price puts out a line of houses for their chubby “little people”.

Best Ideas

Little Lodge Playhouse

Little Lodge Playhouse

This little lodge playhouse includes 2 fixed front windows, solid board floor, solid board roof and mineral roofing felt. Your kids will have so much fun in this playhouse. You will be impressed how amazing this playhouse is.

Childrens playhouses for sale 3

Surprise your children with this adorable playhouse for outdoors. Painted with lovely colors, the house comes with an arched front door, hollow windows with shutters, a high-pitched roof, and a spacious interior.

2 story playhouse for sale

Made in the style of an old gypsy or western car the children's playhouse is a beautiful element of the garden decor and a great play area for children. The whole is captivating with colors and beautiful finishes.

Thinking outside the cottage playhouse for sale

Somewhere in the playhouse, there is such a small safe-deposit box that will allow children to play carefree. It is a children's playhouse made of safe, natural wood and finished in ivory. There are a small bed and a lot of decorations in a raspberry-beige check.

Childrens playhouses for sale 1

childrens playhouses for sale

Playhouse made to look just like your real house note

playhouse made to look just like your real house (Note: Playhouse ...

Caravan playhouse

Phenomenal playhouse in the shape of a boat. Construction is made of wood. Includes swings, slide, climbing wall and more. Great addition to the garden and others outdoor places as needed.

Cedar playhouse kits kids outdoor playsets for sale

Cedar Playhouse Kits & Kids Outdoor Playsets for Sale

Childrens outdoor playhouse sale

What a wonderful kids’ playhouse! Who would even need to exit a house like that? The blue colour of the walls makes it cheerful and interesting, while the white paint used around the window area ensure elegance.

Childrens playhouses for sale 7

Kids Fun Mushroom Table and Toadstool Chair Set I would love to have this for my outdoor play space

Childs playhouse traditional outdoor playsets the well appointed house

Child's Playhouse - traditional - outdoor playsets - The Well Appointed House

Wooden crazy mansion playhouse with tower penthouse

Wooden Crazy Mansion Playhouse with Tower Penthouse

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Childrens playhouses for sale

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