Ceramic Storage Jars

To store items that you wouldn't traditionally use but still want to remain in a safe and attractive medium, ceramic storage jars or a lovely way to go. They are made very well and fired to perfection. They come in plenty of styles and colors, and sizes there will allow for a solid quantity of whatever you want to store within. Take a look at this collection and see what we mean.

Best Ideas

Kitchen utensil holder sand stoneware w

Kitchen utensil holder sand stoneware w
Do you see these subtle lines on these ceramic kitchen storage utensil holders canisters, for accessories such as ladles or spoons? These are streaks of hands, naturally made when ceramic making these simple minimalist gray-brownish containers.

Mano 44-Ounce Storage Jar

Mano 44-Ounce Storage Jar
Beautiful, modern minimalistic profile of this storage jar will adorn your space with its functionality. Made with high quality materials, it is solid and durable, great for display and storage, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.

Moonscape Canister

Moonscape Canister
Beautiful and captivating, this Canister in Gold Finish can be a great embellishment for kitchens and dining rooms. Characterized by a concave bubbled texture, the canister is highly decorative, designed of ceramic.

Montana Jar with Lid

Montana Jar with Lid
A huge jar with a lid that can be filled with any kind of liquid. Simply designed to offer practicality and functionality without any unnecessary details or decorations. It has a sturdy metal lid that fits snugly onto its wide mouth.

Ceramic storage jars

Gorgeous new ceramic canisters. Multicolored, having couple of them gonna look like a rainbow! In this storage jars you can keep simply anything. Best when used in kitchen or bathroom to save some space.

Ceramic spice jars with lids

Ceramic storage jars 21

Mayumi Yamashita | lidded jars.

Ceramic storage jars with wooden lids

Magickal Ritual Sacred Tools: Vintage potion or storage bottles. The Portmeirion Totem range was designed by Susan Williams-Ellis; the bottles were first produced in the 1960s

Ceramic storage jars 3


Ceramic storage jars 1

Who said you can't store things in a really fun and original way? With these amazing storage jars you finally can, since they sport the charming designs full of color and creative ideas, while still proving practical.

Ceramic storage jars

A set of four storage jars will be a rustic accent of a kitchen countertop. They are made of top quality ceramics in neutral grey shades that will blend in almost any decor. The wooden lids make it perfect for storing food.

Ceramic storage jars 8

White units, wooden counter top and flooring accessorised with : Orla Kiely kitchen storage (available at Avoca/ heals.co.uk)

Ceramic storage containers

This set of ceramic storage jars can provide a great storage spot for your kitchen or dining room. It not only gives space to store your stuff, but also embellishes the surrounding with its ornamental finishing.

Ceramic storage jars 6

Storage Stone Jar | Norm for Menu

Vincent van duysens ceramic bowls with wooden lids are hands

Vincent Van Duysen's ceramic bowls with wooden lids are hands-down one of my favorite table-top pieces.

Nightmare before christmas ceramic storage jars set of 3

Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Movie Ceramic Storage... | review | Kaboodle

Ceramic storage jars 7

Tableware, Helena Rohner

Ceramic storage jars 3

What’s your favorite room in your home? It’s sure to be the kitchen once you place this ceramic canister on your counter. Its breezy design, with both retro and Scandinavian elements, will add an air of open windows and natural light to your pantry.

Ceramic storage jars 13

One more item on my wish list are these handpainted spice jars from in fabulous colours will look great in any kitchen.

Ceramic jar

Such a gift in the hands - it's a rarity. Created by the artist triple-coil handle - is a combination of high quality stone with green ash glaze. We can see perfectionism in the execution of the surface and the perfect form of this storage jar.

Turquoise storage jars

Add these ceramic storage jars for your kitchen and enjoy both the convenient design with their cork tops and a nice way to always keep your spices beautifully organized and fresh thanks to the easy closing.

Home jars set 3 cream ceramic jars

Home › Jars › Set 3 Cream Ceramic Jars

Ceramic storage jars 2

Ancient Turquoise Jar, Stoneware.

Ceramic polka garlic storage jar with lid

Ceramic Polka Garlic Storage Jar with Lid

Chest cabinet furniture

It was used a very interesting solution to this chest cabinet furniture,because it is made of anthracite wood.It is characterized by gray color, which is also highlighted here with paint.Storage armoire in French style is hand-craved and has a lot of drawers.

Bloomingville aw2014

bloomingville aw2014 |

Ceramic storage jars 23

pottery! these with handles like the chilaquiles pots...

Ceramic storage jars 22

Large Contemporary Storage Jar

Kitchen idea mug shelf this is a very cool idea

Kitchen idea ? mug shelf! this is a very cool idea... put loyal/regular guests own mugs on the shelf so they can use their own personal mugs when they come in! Could do w wine glasses too!

Ceramic storage jar

lostintherenaissance: In mom’s studio (by Kate)

White ceramic animals

Ceramic Creature Canisters

Material body earthenware lid freijo wood

Material: Body - Earthenware; Lid - Freijo Wood

Ceramic jar with cork lid

I need something traditional to put my baking ingredients in.

My owl barn pepe and friends ceramics by camila prada

My Owl Barn: Pepe and Friends Ceramics by Camila Prada

Ceramic storage jars 14

Thomas Kral criou esta série inteligente de objetos inspirados pelo nariz de palhaço vermelho . A tampa de cortiça é ligado ao recipiente de cerâmica com elástico colorido.

Earthenware storage jars

Interesting stylization of 1960s in the house. These ceramic storage jars are available in different colors (black, white and green) and sizes. They are durable and they provide space for spices or other kitchen products.

Ceramic storage jars 18

Styling: Emma Fexeus. Photo: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Tibores aka ginger jars from emilia ceramics

Tibores (aka ginger jars) from Emilia Ceramics

Ceramic storage jars 4

scales, crocks, old bottles, mason jars, ceramics, wood

3-Piece Provincial Canister Vase Set

3-Piece Provincial Canister Vase Set

Ceramic storage jars 19

Pineapple love

Turquoise utensil holder

Ceramic trinkets are a great way to create a functional and very impressive interior design element. The jars in a beautiful finish with attractive decorative elements are original and very stylish for what they enchant.

Ceramic storage jars 12


Lighthouse faro nautical ceramic kitchen storage jar 3 pc canister

Lighthouse Faro Nautical Ceramic Kitchen Storage Jar 3 Pc Canister Set ...

Ceramic storage jar for tea cookies coffee or just to

Ceramic storage jar for tea, cookies, coffee.. or just to bring lively color and pattern to your day.

Ceramic storage jars 16

Ceramic Mason Jar Shot Glass on #shotglasses #masonjar

Williams ceramic canisters traditional food containers and storage

Williams Ceramic Canisters traditional-food-containers-and-storage

Ceramic storage jars 1


Signature Housewares Sorrento Collection Set of 3 Canisters

Capacious canisters for various storage purposes, with simple decorative detailing, finished with plain cream/ivory antiqued glaze (other colors available). May be used in microwave and cleaned in a dishwasher.

Twist Cannister

Twist Cannister