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If you are a cat lover, then there is a good chance you have lots of cat related items in your home. Cats on throw pillows, perhaps a cat as a lamp, and of course the finishing piece, a cat doorstop. But wait, you don't have a cat doorstep? Well, then allow us to fix that. Take a look at this extensive collection of cat doorstops and pick out the furry friend you want to see anytime you wish to prop your door open.

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Blomus Entra Door Stop

Blomus Entra Door Stop
This kind of door stop is a product created for use on walls. It protects walls and doors from damage, so it has got a functional character. This stylish, contemporary product has got the size of 1.5" H x 1" W x 1.5" D.

Starfish Iron Floor Door Stop

Starfish Iron Floor Door Stop
This floor stop has a rustic vintage look and was crafted from a durable cast iron, shaped on a starfish on waves shape. This door stop is decorative, functional and heavy, suitable even for large doors.

Cat door stop 14

The unique design and impressive black cat motif in this vintage cast door stop make the whole look unique and very functional. Robust construction is durable and well supports the door giving the interior an impressive style.

Koolekoo Cat Scratching Door Stopper - Cast Iron Doorstop

This cute door stopper is as functional as it is lovely. The scratching cat design really adds to the whole. And with its cast iron construction, the piece will firmly hold your door for a very long time.

Door stop cat

A cat door stop.

Cat & Mice Door Stop

Absolutely lovable sculptural door stop with a cute design that reveals unparalleled attention to detail. Add some attitude to your decor with this playful figurine of cat and mice - the item is not only decorous, but functional as well!

Cat door stop sitting check pattern cartoon


Iwgac Home Decorative Cast Iron Black Cat Door Stop

This black cat bows its back gracefully; with such a door stop the whole room gets a vibe of uniqueness and a drop of mystery maybe! The accessory is made of cast iron, it's finished all black. The cat stands on a rectangular pedestal base.

Cat door stop 9

Cat door-stop

Fiddler's Elbow Siamese Kitten Cat Mini Door Stop Paperweight

This cute Siamese kitten doorstopper will efficiently keep your door open in spite of its rather compact size. Beautifully finished, it lends a bedecking accent to your room, and it is functional of course.

Doorstop cat

kitchen home homeware furniture home accessories doorstops

Door stop for tiled floor

Although we already know how lush forms take on door stops, from plush to metal figures - there are also classic, still fashionable elements like these functional white and black simple solids - door stoppers, in their original form and various sizes.

Home Decor - Siamese Cat Doorstop - Siamese Cat Door Stop

A fabulous door stop for indoors, that can also be used as a gorgeous decoration. Shaped like a cute cat, the door stop is made of quality materials, quite heavy, very stabile, and able to firmly hold your door in place.

Cat Doorstop

This beautiful door stop features a pawing cat design, offering you not only a durable but also decorative piece. The brass kitty in a bronzed finish sits on a sturdy black wood base that easily slides under doors.

Cat doorstops

27cm Cat Door Stop

Kitty Cat Door Stop - Cold Creek Gifts

This type of product is a very functional element that has also got a decorative character. It is a door stop that has got an attractive cat figurine. It is made of durable material, so it protects walls and furniture.

Black Cat Home Decor 6 x 8 inch Door Stop Fabric Weighted

Cute door stop in the shape of cat. It is covered with thick fabric and finished with solid seams. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Handy gadget for each home. It is very well appreciated by customers.

Cat door stop in wonderful playful pose cats catdoorstop

Cat door stop in wonderful playful pose. #cats #CatDoorStop

Fill with sand for doorstop i usually dont like things

Fill with sand for doorstop. I usually don't like things like this, but these are pretty cute. Love the ball fringe around their necks.

Esschert Design Door Wedge Cat

Beautiful, artistic door wedge, perfect for cat lovers! Made from solid durable black cast iron, it can be placed inside and outside. It is heavy enough to keep doors propped open anywhere in your home.

Cats - Stretching Cat Wood Carving - Wooden Cat Figurine - Cat Sculpture - Cat Door Stop - Cat Doorstop

Adorable wooden cat figurine hand carved of acacia wood, hand painted and finished. It can serve as a decorative sculpture but also is heavy enough to be a door stop. Being an artistans' work, each will vary slightly.

Cat door stoppers

fat cat door stop

Decorative Cast Iron Sitting Kitten Doorstop in Kitty Cat Figurines Home Decor and Gifts for Pet Lovers

If you seek for a gift for a pet lover, this heavy duty cast iron door wedge with kitty sitting atop is right up your alley. It's cute and compact sized but heavy, so it efficiently does the job when you want to hold the door open.

Ebay listing vintage funky cast iron black cat door stop

eBay listing: vintage FuNkY cast iron BLACK CAT Door Stop / Bookends FRENCH industrial ANTIQUE

"Here Kitty" Cat Paw Shaped Novelty Door Stopper

Humorous, double-sided door stopper made of resilient silocone rubber, shaped as a cat paw. Cute and funny, it will for sure by approved by your cat, as - every cat lover knows that - cats just hate closed doors.

Cat door stop 15

24cm Cat Door Stop

Fiddler's Elbow Calico Kitten Cat Mini Door Stop Paperweight

Detailed Calico kitten door stop, eight inches tall. It is stuffed with poly fill, weighted with plastic pellets and the print is silkscreened on pure cotton. This adorable accessory is a nice gift for cat lovers.

Fiddler's Elbow Grey & White Cat Doorstop (new design)

Fat cat door stop ebay

Fat Cat Door Stop | eBay

Cat door stop 8

Cat Door Stop

Cute cat door stop 1

Cute cat door stop

Brown Cast Iron Sleeping Cat Door Stop

Cute sculptural door stop with sleeping cat that is not aware of three birds sitting on its back. This adorable piece is crafted soundly of cast iron and it sports solid brown finish. Highly detailed, it is both functional and decorative.

Cast Iron Kitty Cat Door Stop 11 In.

Cat door stop 20

cat door stop for our basement

Fiddler's Elbow Black Cat Doorstop

This Black Cat door stop is so lovely it can be used with any decor. The cute kitty is filled with polyfil and weighted with plastic pellets, enhancing homes with a beautiful appearance and good functionality.

Esschert Design Cat Door Stop

A very functional and stylish piece of equipment. This is a small door stop that has got a very funny and attractive cat stylization. It is made of durable materials, so it will serve without any problems for many years.

Cast iron black cat door stop 5

Cast Iron Black Cat Door Stop

Cast iron cat doorstop 1

27cm Cat Door Stop

Tartan cat door stop from

Tartan Cat Door Stop from

Cat door stop 3

Cat Door Stop

Cat door stopper

union jack cat door stop

5" WHITE Door stop Knob handle Wall Shield Plate Protector - self adhesive

An aesthetic and practical though simple protector intended for protection walls or furniture against door knobs. It's round, manufactured of durable and dense white foam, easy to install due to a self-adhesive back part.


Wedge shaped door stopper with a figurine of a scratching kitten on top. Bronze finish lends a rustic look to the piece. Heavy weight makes it do all the job with no struggle. Besides, it bedecks an interior decor.

Ulster Weavers Cat Door Stop

Adorable doorstop in the shape of cat and featuring very colorful finish. The doorstep measures 13 inch by 8.7 inch. The item is filled with cotton, sand and polyester and is not suitable for machine washing.

Cat door stops cute

Cat door stops - cute

Cat door stop 16

original and intact c. 1930s american art deco walter von nessen abstract

Rosy cat door stop 70cm long

Rosy Cat door stop 70cm long

Cat door stop by nerina roberts

Cat Door Stop by Nerina Roberts

Crochet free pattern cat doorstop amigurumi haken gratis patroon engels

#crochet, free pattern, cat doorstop, amigurumi, #haken, gratis patroon (Engels), deurstop, kat

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