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Maybe you have come here in your search for nice looking decorative elements. If that is the case, there could have been a better site to visit since this compilation features an impressive range of wall art that has already inspired many people. And do you want to be next?

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Decorative bowl wall art

Original idea for wall decoration. These antique bowls feature stylish white and gold finish. These artistic elements of design decorate different rooms and they are also made of long lasting, wear resistant materials.

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Decorative Bowl Wall Art

Decorative Bowl Wall Art

Plates (or bowls?) on the wall art. Round plates of different diameter embellish a white brick accent wall. Some of the bowls have a concetric spiral pattern, which makes the final effect somewhat hypnotizing.

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Bowl wall art 14

Artistic wall decorations. These bowls are available in different sizes. They feature stylish blue and white patterns, so their role is to increase overall interior aesthetics. These decorative elements are also resistant to wear.

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Creative wall art arrangement ideas for awkward walls

Creative Wall Art Arrangement Ideas for Awkward walls

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Decorative ceramic wall plates

This Moroccan style ceramic plates constitute a beautiful example of bowl wall art. Fund yourself a bit of exoticism on daily basis and enhance uniquely your kitchen space. It is more than sure that you won't be able to draw your attention away from these breathtaking colors.

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Bowl wall art 4

DIY Room Decor: Lace Doily Bowl Tutorial - these would great for storage or up on the wall as art!

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Bowl wall art

A colorful set of wicker swazi bowls, creating a unique and vibrant wall art. The bowls are all painted in a different way with an arrangement of varying warm colors, some with floral designs and other with more avant-garde patterns.

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Decorative bowl wall art west elm 1

Decorative Bowl Wall Art | west elm

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Bowl wall art 13

12 Knockout "Room for Color" Entries: Week One — Room for Color Contest

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Bowl wall art 1

If you are looking for some unique forms of wall decoration - check out these South American weaved bowls. A real bargain for all Navajo lovers, which will add the characteristic charm to the space.

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