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There is no need to convince anyone about the importance and functionality of lamps. Those that you are about to see, differ as far their designs and other details are concerned, but all of them look well. What more can one want than elegance and usefulness? See which one appeals to you most.

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The old style lamp with hand painted picture on the base. It is finished with the pleated cream lampshade. It is definitely not my style, but when you have a oldschool decoration of your living room, it will fit great.

Bob timberlake lamps

Deriving from 1982, this Bob Timberlake table lamp is a typical American piece of furniture. Based on a solid, lacquered base, it features a beige lampshade. Whole constitutes a typical example of rustic design.

Bob timberlake lamps

Bring a dreamy accent of an American river right through your doors - take a peek at this rustic canoe table lamp. The wooden base features a sculpted canoe exposed proudly on a rack. The lamp shade is mustard yellow.

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Traditional African style isn't very popular in Europe, but this lamp is a proof, that this style is very interesting and unique. It has original lampshade made of blanched canvas and kickstand made of wooden, hand-painted vase.

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Original and durable wooden chest with small drawers. This piece of furniture is paired with an attractive and very useful lamp. The whole stylization is also resistant to different forms of excessive wear.

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An attractive rustic vintage table lamp featuring a cuboidal wooden base finished in browns and adorned with moulding both a top and a base as well as carved bunches of grapes. A bell lampshade is of quality patternless beige fabric.

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Beautiful table lamp with an antique design, made out of green porcelain with a traditional beige shade on top. This one is sure to make a beautiful night light on a table next to the bed, or even a classy desk lamp in a library.

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Based on a solid, lacquered base, it features a beige lampshade and an enchantingly painted corpus. Embellished with autumn depiction, this Bob Timberlake lamp will enlighten many long autumn or winter evenings.

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Granado Lamp Item # 3587 From the Bob Timberlake Collection. Infuse ...

Bob timberlake lighting

Table lamp mounted on pedestal base made of wood and metal. Empire lampshade is covered with fabric and gives warm tone of light. Ideal as night lamp or extra source of light in any interior as needed.

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Sedgefield by AdamsBob TimberlakeBob Timberlake Pinebrook Rectangle ...

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Pheasant Bird Table Lamp from Sedgefield by Adams by Bob Timberlake

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Ornate design for a decorative table lamp made to resemble an oriental vase. The frame of the lamp is made out of stained ceramic with a circular wooden stand and a cone-shaped, beige shade which gives it a vintage vibe.

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A pretty rustic style table lamp featuring a vase-type turned wooden base. It has brown both a round stepped foot and a top part, an ovalish body with bear and geometric motifs in browns against greens. A pyramid-style shade is of plain beige fabric.

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... TimberlakeWoodland Table Lamp in Hand Painted Finish Hand Painted

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The motif of the insects, proving the proximity of nature-hence the presented bob timberlake lamp with a massive wooden shaft, fits into the interior of a wooden house. Engraved images of dragonflies on it-add uniqueness.The lampshade is simply in linen trim.

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Table Lamps | Bob Timberlake

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Table lamp mounted on ceramic base and decorated with floral theme. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Ideal as bed side lamp or extra light source in any interior as needed.

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Slim legs like of a model, keep the small wooden part of the table with one large square drawer. The square protruding bob Timberlake table allows you to create a corner with a candle. The ash wood table is an interesting springboard.

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Bugs Take Over Table Lamp

Furniture world of bob timberlake 6 pc queen panel bedroom

... Furniture World of Bob Timberlake 6 Pc Queen Panel Bedroom Set/Suite

Down Rod Set

Down Rod Set
A very stylish and functional source of light that is good for use in bedrooms. It is a ceiling mounted product that includes solid rods and a durable frame. It assures appropriate level of light at night and it decorates indoors at day.

Bobcat Polyester KE Pillow (Set of 2)

Bobcat Polyester KE Pillow (Set of 2)
This lovely and very stylish pillow is the perfect variety for your interior. Bobcat pattern adds a remarkable climate, and at the same time it is very pleasant to the touch. Great emphasize the style of your bedroom and living room.

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Prairie House Mid-Size Wall Lantern

Prairie House Mid-Size Wall Lantern
Pretty country style wall-mounted lantern for 1 bulb. It has a frame of bronze-finished aluminium, rectangular vertically slatted sides, a hip roof top, a curved hanger and a decorative rectangular wall mount. Walls are of light brownish glass.

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American Bungalow Lamp | Bob Timberlake

Bob Timberlake Child's Rocking Chair

Bob Timberlake Child's Rocking Chair
Cool classic rocking chair for children. It's made of wood with a distressed black finish. It has a ladder-back with round posts, flat gently curved-out arms, round double-end pointed front supports and a contoured slatted seat.

Pierrette Round Wall Mirror

Pierrette Round Wall Mirror
This item is a wall mounted mirror that features an attractive and durable round surface. Its frame is made of solid materials and has got a decorative character. The product looks very interesting in any decor.

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bob timberlake sedgefield table lamp photo: Sedgefield Bob Timberlake ...

Bob Timberlake Cottage Side Table

Bob Timberlake Cottage Side Table
This side table despite its simple design is stylish and chic. This veautifully finished piece weigt is only 10lbs. It sizes are 18" H x 18" L x 14.5" W. Smooth ,classical piece of furniture will look great in any interior.

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Pinecones with Straw Table Lamp

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Designed by renowned North Carolina designer Bob Timberlake, the Salem Lamp (21711) is a graceful and simplified interpretation of turned wood pedestal from Timberlake collection of furniture. The subtly distressed French Blue finish adds warmth to the fa

Bob Timberlake Lodge Side Table

Bob Timberlake Lodge Side Table
This classic designed side table is just marvelouse. Beautifully finished in light bronze. Made from solid wood piece is memorablem and will be perfect addition to any interior. Sizes of this piece are 18.75" H x 18.25" L x 17.5" W and it wiegt is 18lbs.

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Swan Rig by Bob Timberlake Tapestry

Swan Rig by Bob Timberlake Tapestry
Image made of a hand-woven on looms Jacquard, presents a flock of swans feeding on swamp. Attention to detail and excellent finish ensure high quality. Made entirely of wool fibers. Perfect as a gift.

3 Piece Adult Rocking Chair & Table Set

3 Piece Adult Rocking Chair & Table Set
Compact yet charming set of garden furniture. Perfect for small porches, balconies or patios. Two rocking chairs provide a high level of relaxation. Compact and lightweight table can be easily moved to any place, and at the same time provides a place for snacks.

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... tiffany style lighting accent lamps wall sconces bob timberlake lamps

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bob timberlake s another world bob timberlake bob timberlake s another ...

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Vintage Verandah Bear Table Lamp

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Porcelain Pinecones Table Lamp

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Genie Bottle Lamp

Bob timberlake pictures

Bob Timberlake Lakota Table Lamp

By renowned north carolina designer bob timberlake the chetola lamp

by renowned North Carolina Designer Bob Timberlake, the Chetola Lamp ...

Covered flower vase lamp

Covered Flower Vase Lamp

Leonard swing arm lamp

Leonard Swing Arm Lamp

Sedgefield lamps bob timberlake f 8007c 9514 the bob timberlake

sedgefield lamps bob timberlake f 8007c 9514 the bob timberlake studio ...

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... bob timberlake furniture bob timberlake furniture bob timberlake

Quilted ginger jar lamp in green

Quilted Ginger Jar Lamp in Green

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Royal Court - Josephine Claret