Blue Canvas Wall Art


Indigo, teal, azure, navy - experience the mesmerizing ocean of blue on your wall. Blue canvas wall art is what will add a calming effect to the interior. Tonal plays, abstract designs and intriguing brush strokes - add some art to your space. We've collected some inspiration below.

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Our Picks

Blue floral flower canvas wall art picture large any size

Blue floral flower canvas wall art picture large any size

A wide, beautiful flower that impresses with its delicate leaves. All its volume and the beautiful color of the blue sky have been immortalized on the blue canvas wall art creating a blue image, perfect for any interior.

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Blue beach starfish seascape canvas painting by artsolutely i could

Blue Beach Starfish Seascape Canvas Painting by Artsolutely. I could do this!

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Blue canvas wall art 4

Zen is a philosophy in which a harmoniously arranged and the ordered interior is essential so that it can promote relaxation.Create it by blue canvas wall art inspired by the Orient in strong colors of fuchsia, blue thanks to this colorful composition.

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Bluegold abstract on 16 x 20 stretched

Bluegold abstract on 16 x 20 stretched

Art has no borders,neither from the ancient times of Picasso or today's artists. A contemporary blue abstract wall art in pastel shades of sky and sand.Who knows, maybe it refers to the Arab world and the sands there with the hopes that come from the blue sky.

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Flower wall decor light turquoise rose

Flower wall decor light turquoise rose

Phenomenal 3D wall art with rose theme on polka dot background. Sophisticated decoration for all kinds of interiors. Received many positive recommendations from clients for good workmanship and charming look.

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'Quiet Morning' by Danita Delimont - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print

'Quiet Morning' by Danita Delimont - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print

Add a little tranquility to your entry, living room or workspace with this beautiful photographic print wrapped canvas. A wrapped canvas does not require a frame, although you could add one if you wish. The scene is a quiet lake with fog rising off it. Mountains are reflected in the lake. It is created in blue and brown tones, giving it an almost wistful quality.

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'Indigo Forest' Print

'Indigo Forest' Print

Done completely in shades of blue, there is a lonely, chill quality to this painting. Teamed with warm colors or placed on the mantle of a fireplace, it can easily hold its own. It is a good way to suggest that inside is a good place to be on a wintry day. There is an ethereal quality to this wood. You could easily imagine a mystical stag or lone warrior stepping out from among its trees.

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'Before People Wake' by Benny Pettersson - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print

'Before People Wake' by Benny Pettersson - Wrapped Canvas Photograph Print

Sunrise is a special time. There is a newness to the world no matter where the sun might be coming up. In this print on wrapped canvas, the sun is making an appearance over a wooded lake short. The colors of the sky, as well as the crisp silhouettes of the trees, are reflected in the water. There is a tranquil feel to the painting. It would be a lovely addition to a study or meditation corner.

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'City Views II' Multi-Piece Image on Wrapped Canvas

'City Views II' Multi-Piece Image on Wrapped Canvas

This multi-piece, wrapped on canvas, set gives the impression of a city street after a rainstorm. The original was probably painted using a palette knife as the bold slabs of color indicate the reflections of color, as well as the stark shapes of the tall buildings. This is a formal perspective study that has grown up to represents a neighborhood. Add a little imagination, and you can visualize the people inside the buildings who will soon be coming out.

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Blue Canvas Wall Art

Buying Guide

Plain walls are easy to bring to life with wall art, and canvas art has infinite possibilities to match any color scheme and theme. Small and large canvas art can be used everywhere, from entryways to master bedrooms. It adds depth and personality to any room, especially with beach and nature photographs that can bring the outdoors indoors.

The selection of canvas art can be overwhelming, especially if you're open to a wide range of sizes. Begin by choosing canvas art pieces that you love and make you feel happy, nostalgic, or relaxed. You can then refine your style using our helpful tips in this buyer's guide.

The right size of canvas art depends on the size of the room andthe furniture. Art that is too small can make the space seem incomplete or poorly styled, while oversized art can make a space appear small and crowded.

A good rule to follow is keeping the total wall space covered by canvas art at 60 - 75%.To find the amount of space available to you, measure the height and width of your wall then multiply the square footage by 0.65 to find the lower range and 0.75 to find the upper range. This can give you a good indication of the total area you can dedicate to canvas art.

However, you do not need to fill the entire space with a single canvas. You can divide the area into sections to hang a triptych or series of canvas prints. You can experiment with a mid-sized piece and 2-3 smaller pieces. Just keep in mind that the dimensions of the pieces you choose should not exceed 75% of your total wall space.

When you hang your canvas art above a bed, sofa, console table, or any other large piece of furniture, the canvas should be no more than ¾ as wide as the furniture. For example, if your sofa is 6 ft. long, your canvas print should be no longer than 4.5 ft.

The thickness of the canvas can also impact the way it looks in your room. Canvases that protrude too far from the wall can become an obstruction or overwhelm a narrow space.

Standard canvas prints are approximately 0.75" in depth and are perfectly suited to all spaces. Gallery wrapped canvas prints have a depth of 1.5" and are better suited for larger rooms as they are designed to be viewed from a distance. Finally, statement canvas prints can be up to 2" deep and are created to make a dramatic statement. Hang a statement canvas in an entryway, study, or stand-alone gallery wall to create a stunning focal point for your room.

Building your canvas art collection around a theme is a great way to create a room with a cohesive look. To coordinate the theme of your canvas art with a room, choose shapes and motifs that continually recur throughout the space.

A coastal home could use a canvas print of closeup coral or a serene beach landscape. A bohemian-themed home could incorporate ethnic patterns or canvases inspired by textiles. For a log cabin opt for scenic landscapes, for a cottage pick delicate floral designs, or for a farmhouse select animal or vintage kitchen prints. Curate art that speaks to you, whether it is by size, color, or style.

Canvas art can be very durable and last for years if it is printed on archival-quality canvas with archival-quality ink. Lesser inks and canvas may fade over time. Even archival-quality canvas should be kept out of direct sunlight, including walls directly opposite large windows.

Most canvas art can be damaged by moisture or heavy objects. Because of this, it's not a good choice for bathrooms or young children's bedrooms. Even one thrown object can put a small hole or dent in canvas art.

  • Canvas art adds character to your room and helps to set the mood and tone of the space.
  • Buy the correct size canvas art by keeping the piece in proportion to the wall and your furniture. Aim for 60-75% of the total wall area dedicated to canvas art.
  • Choose your canvas art based on the theme of the room. The artwork can feature shapes, characters, and motifs that can be found in your home.
  • Color matching can be a great way to add canvas art in a sophisticated and refined way. The background should be the same color as your walls with analogous shade throughout the piece.
  • Canvas art in contrasting colors makes a dramatic statement that emphasizes both the colors in the room and the colors in the canvas. Use a color wheel to find opposing colors that will make the biggest style impact.

Best Ideas

'Cafe Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh Painting Print on Canvas

'Cafe Terrace at Night' by Vincent Van Gogh Painting Print on Canvas

A magnificent painting print on canvas that represents the cafe terrace at night. This is a perfect decoration for all kinds of interiors, especially those darker ones. Be aware that the actual colors may vary from those shown on your screen.

With mockled abstract background 40 4 panel canvas wall art

... with Mockled Abstract Background 40" 4-Panel Canvas Wall Art Picture

Blue canvas wall art 1

Contemporary bedroom using monochrome layout - mostly white, off white and gray, plus some natural wood - with just one bold accent breaking up the apparent monotony, namely an oversized blue canvas wall art. Pretty!

Bird painting very large painting love birds wall art sky

Bird Painting Very Large Painting Love Birds Wall Art Sky Blue Cherry Tree Branch Custom Huge Artwork 68x72

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Blue geode canvas wall art 24 x 36 at home

Blue Geode Canvas Wall Art, 24" x 36" | At Home

Large abstract painting print navy blue print art large

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Blue gold waves canvas wall art 40 x 30 at

Blue/Gold Waves Canvas Wall Art, 40" x 30" | At Home

Elegant abstract canvas wall art blue modern abstract 1

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16 in x 16 in blue flower canvas wall art

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Surf blue canvas wall art

Surf Blue Canvas Wall Art

Dreamin in blue canvas wall art world market

Dreamin in Blue Canvas Wall Art | World Market

Blue and grey swirl living room canvas wall art

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