Big Decorative Wall Clocks

Thumbs up if you love big decorative wall clocks like me. Whether it is a vintage, modern, or totally funky kind of clock, it can suffice for the room’s entire decoration and be considered more as an art piece than just a practical accessory. I always melt when I look at the pics in this gallery.

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Numbra 32" Wall Clock

Numbra 32" Wall Clock
Numbra 32" Wall Clock
It is a decorative wall clock. It is the practical equipment and decoration at the same time. Each number is different from the others, which means that the clock is interesting and very decorative. The whole looks great in a modern interior.

Metal Case Table Clock

Metal Case Table Clock
It is a metal case table clock that has got a birds décor. It is perfect for your bedroom or your kids room. It looks great on classic end table or side table. You will be impressed how beautiful this clock is.

Ashton Sutton Large Wall Clock

Large open face wall clack, crafted by hand to showcase beautiful classic style. It has big Arabic numerals in black, exquisitely easy to read. Metal fittings embellishing the frame are applied by hand.

Big decorative wall clocks 13

Big wall clock that is very useful and it also decorates indoors thanks to its pocket clock stylization. Its black frame surrounds a round white face. Black hands show current time in a very exact way. This clock features large Arabic numbers.

Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized Wall Clock

Big decorative wall clocks 6

Außergewöhnliche Wanduhr. #impressionen #decoration

24 large chester pendulum wall clock decorative antiqued chester wall

24 large chester pendulum wall clock decorative antiqued chester wall ...

Mirrored Big Ring Decorative Wall Clock Modern Design Wall Decor Living Room Wall Watches (Silver)

Big wall clocks for sale

Bright shield big decorative wall clocks, whose center decorate the French inscriptions with the name of the Parisian hotel. Black Roman numerals, combined with scratches and other surface effects create an unforgettable visual effect that draws the eye.

Big wall clocks 12

big wall clocks 12

Big decorative wall clocks 8

Carol Hicks Bolton lamps | Paolo & Palo | Rustic Stuff Home

Cafe Des Marguerites French Parisian Extra Large Vintage Wall Clock (Black Face) - 23-in

Inspired by vintage French style, this beautiful wall clock provides a weathered vintage look. Features a very large, 23-in in diameter, round face with Arabic numerals, an internal pendulum, and "Cafe Des Marguerites" logo.

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Oversized decorative wall clocks 1

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Classice oversized and large wall clock

Classice Oversized and Large Wall Clock

Vintage Style Oval French Wall Clock Galerie du Gaston

Pulled out straight from the bag of vintage French wonders, this wall clock is inspired by an old pocket watch design, with distressed face covered by glass. The clock includes Roman numerals, and inscription that says "Galerie du Gaston", "798 Boulevard Raspail", "1885".

Decorative wall clocks 6

Very minimalistic, large decorative wall clock. Its decorative parts around the face of the clock are mae from light metal, decorated with cool cyrconies. White face of the clock with soft numbers printed looks super soft and delicate.

Big decorative wall clocks

Gpa Pete has a big windmill in his shed... maybe on the big tall wall over the staircase? Maybe make it into a big clock???

Or more decorative wall clocks for any and every room

... or more decorative wall clocks for any and every room of your home

Big decorative wall clocks

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Sharing My Wall Clock Makeover at Live Creatively Inspired - Town & Country Living

Decorative wall clocks

Decorative wall-mounted battery powered clocks featuring wide round rich ornamented frames in browns and greens. They have round whitish glazed analogue dials, big black Roman numerals, arrow-like black metal hands.

Pixnor@ 3D Big Digit Modern Contemporary Relief Decorative Round Wall Clock (Grey)

Wall clock in contemporary form. It is fitted with Arabic numeral and quartz movement. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior. Received a lot of top ratings from customers for original look and high quality.

Big decorative wall clocks

Very useful and decorative wall clock in round shape. It includes black hands and black Arabic numbers. This classic design is easy to read. Mechanism of this wall mounted clock is exact and reliable.

Decorative wall clocks 8

An interesting modern wall clock featuring a black frame spirally tapering towards the centre. Its round white analogue dial features circinate five times repeated black Arabic numerals smaller and smaller towards the centre. All 3 hands are black.

Large Analog Metal Wall Clock with Roman Numbers 36-inch Black & Gold/bronze ~ Wall Decor

This large 36-inch diameter wall clock is crafted from quality metal and covered in a 2-tone black and bronze finish. The clock is easy to mount, and features a round face with Roman numerals.

Big decorative wall clocks 5

Big wall clock that is decorative and practical. Its round surface includes large metal hands in gold finish. This clock also offers very large Roman numbers that are readable from distance. This clock also offers a reliable mechanism.

Vakind® Large DIY Wall Clock -3D Mirrors Sticker Aluminum Clock GIFT (DIY A6-Silver)

This trendy wall clock could be a great gift for a modern decor lover that wants to customize his or her ambiance. It has large, mirrored numerals with sticky back surface can be placed on a wall in many ways.

Multicolor Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring colorful design and face featuring Roman numerals. It's a great addition to all interiors which need additional originality. It's a long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality materials.

Yosemite Home Decor CLKB2A175 Circular Wooden Rooster Print Wall Clock

Large Wall Clock

Large wall clock, having 36 inch in diameter and black and bronze finish. Additionally, it has beautifully crafted hands and large Roman numerals, which are easy to read. It's a great addition to all interiors which require more originality.

Big decorative wall clocks 1

grab that old wheel laying around, attach clock mechanism, you got yourself a bike clock yo.

Big decorative wall clocks 3

No need to restrict your decoration creativity to indoor rooms. An outer house facade might also be accentuated decently - like with a display console table and a big rustic wall clock showing time and drawing glances.

Timekeeper Products LLC 11-Inch Round Brown and Silver Wall Clock

Wall clock having 11 inch in diameter featuring center disc made of brushed metal, espresso brown finish and wood frame. Additionally, it requires one battery for operation. It's original design adds freshness to interior.

Decorative wall clocks 5

A large wall clock in a vintage style. It features a round, metal structure with etched numerals and no background. The hands are also simple and black. The clock will be nicely displayed on a light wall.

Lulu Decor, Big Rustic Wood Wall Clock with Metal Corners, Frame Size 26.50", Perfect for Housewarming.

Decorative wall clocks 4

What a cool idea! Cat decorative wall clock made out of cat shape iron elements that mixed together look adorable. Dark paint of this iron clock looks best when hang on light or white wall. Ideal for kids room.

Large Antique Style Colorado Clock Co. Key Clock

One-of-a-kind key shaped wall clock, boldly vintage in looks, detailed with whimsical swirls and moldings. It looks just as an antique giant key. The clock is constructed of metal, with dark bronze finish.

Large Digital 8" Numbers Super-Optics LED Wall Clock With Remote Control

Ultra-large digital wall clock coming with infra red remote control - particularly recommended for large interiors. Big red digits measuring 8 inches each are clearly seen from a large distance, up to 200 feet.

Collections Etc - Laundry Time Nostalgia Clock Set Wall Decor

This charming wall clock is the unconventional nature and interesting styling. Theme laundry time is a lovely part of the decor. Nostalgic and very attractive, well-suited to any extraordinary decor.

Karlsson Table Clock, Colorful Faux Books

Colorful and current table clock that makes a perfect gift for every book lover! It is composed from blue, red and yellow faux books and has black hands, black and white numbers and letters. Measures 8 inches by 7 inches by 8 inches.

BestDealUSA DIY Modern Time Black Arab Numerals Clock Interior Decor Room Numbers Wall Clock

If you like unusual decorative solutions this stylish wall clock is an excellent idea. Self-adhesive numbers each hour and a a simple clock hands form an interesting whole.

LexMod Fork and Spoon Dining Wall Clock

Here is something for every housewife who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Such unique piece like this Fork and Spoon Dining Wall Clock will be a splendid and functional addition to the décor. Includes quartz analog, and requires one AA battery.

Decorative table top clocks 9

Distressed design for a decorative tabletop clock with a tiny structure and a vintage appearance to it. The clock is made out of old-fashioned wood with a worn-off coat of white paint and a little bird figurine on the top.

Decorative Wall Clock

Decorative Wall Clock
Elegant antique-stylized 3-face wall clock, thermometer and hygrometer. Frames are made of metal finished in grey. Round clocks' housings, hands and numerals are grey, faces are creamy. Decorative plants and birds are in a half-round upper part.

Ornamental wall clocks

Attractive wall clock with a kettle design. This practical and decorative element features a red body. Its round white face includes a shiny metal frame and black hands with black Arabic numbers that show current time.

Vandor LLC 80189 Star Trek 13.5-Inch Wood Wall Clock, Multicolored

Unique wall clock with interesting application on the shield. It has Arabic numeral and quartz movement. It includes screw hole for easy mounting. Sophisticated decoration for teenager's room and others interiors according to taste.

Lulu Decor, Flower Burst Big Wall Clock, Frame Size 27.50", Arabic Dial, Perfect for Housewarming Gift and Christmas Gift

Add beauty and style to your living room with this beautiful wall clock. It has got a flower design and arabic dial. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall.

Unity Siddal 30 cm 12-inch Silent Sweep Non-Ticking Modern Wall Clock, Colour Baton

Kikkerland Retro Kitchen Wall Clock, Black

Wall clock featuring retro style, black minute and hour hands and red second hand. It's a perfect addition to variety of interiors, but it especially fits kitchen. Additionally, the clock requires one AA battery for operation.