Biedermeier Chair

Do you like such chairs? Then make sure to browse through these photos so as to find the most suitable option for you. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of people have become inspired by these models and you can be next. What do you think about all this?

Biedermeier chair 4

A collection of extraordinary chairs in a vintage style. All of them feature unusual backrests in different shapes and cushioned seats in a variety of warm colors. The chairs can be used as dining chairs or can be decorative accents of a living room.

Biedermeier chair 6

In the picture I can see nine examples of decorative chairs with different backrests. These chairs are based on wooden legs. Their multi-color seat cushions are very soft, so they provide good comfort of sitting.

Biedermeier chair 37

At the same time many styles of Biedermeier chairs are delicate.

Biedermeier chair 7

Modern upholstery in a dark graphite shade, simple form - highlights the features of a wonderful wooden backrest of unconventional biedermeier chair. Piece of art - in a form of backrest resembles the tail of an exotic bird. Made of walnut and beech wood.

Biedermeier chair 4

Biedermeier chair

Biedermeier chair 19

Stylish Biedermeier side chair with low-profile cushioned seat, wrapped in black fabric, and slightly tapered legs. Elaborate backrest steals all the attention. Its original shape amplifies the overall look.

Biedermeier chair

Furniture / Seating /Biedermeier Penwork-Decorated Side Chair

Upholstered biedermeier chair

Upholstered Biedermeier Chair
Traditional chair mounted on wooden base. Seat and back are covered with pleasant to the touch linen. Ideal as additional place to sit in all kinds of interior according to taste and need.

Biedermeier chair 9

The Biedermeier cupboard with hidden desk made of the mix of elm and fruitwood. This XIX century piece of furniture presents very well mixed with the original pattern on the chair. The marriage of old style and leopard pattern modernity look great.

Biedermeier chair 12

The set of two biedermeier chairs - comes to us from the heart of Sweeden. Unique frame made of walnut wood, balancing with refined upholstery. Upholstery in the shades of honey and brick color, and interspersed diamonds.

Biedermeier chair 1


Biedermeier chairs


Biedermeier chair 36

1820-1830 Austrian Side chair at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Biedermeier chair 17

Beautiful Biedermeier Chair / c. 1800's

Biedermeier chair 26

Exemplo de cadeira (achei linda)

Biedermeier chairs pair on

Biedermeier Chairs, Pair on

Suite biedermeier chairs

Suite Biedermeier Chairs
This stunning chair sports the exquisite and intricate carved detailing, as well as the black fabric upholstery, ensuring a fine boost of elegance and class to your household and letting you dine like a king.

Biedermeier chair 25

The birchwood construction, ebony finish, comfy seat: this is how I can describe the Biedermeier Sofa and Banquette by Danhauser. Everyone tell you how amazing this product is.

Biedermeier chair 9

Biedermeier Chair.

Biedermeier chair 11

Swedish Biedermeier Chairs, Pair on

For the office love the shade the animal print blue

For the office. Love the shade, the animal print/blue combo. and I have the walls. 8- 20140501-KIPSBAY-slide-X7NK-superJumbo

Biedermeier chair 31

Elegant chair upholstered with fabric and finished with solid seams. Wooden frame is decorated with openwork pattern on the back. Application in the dining room, living room and others interiors according to taste.

Ch11 biedermeier dining chairs

CH11 Biedermeier Dining Chairs

Biedermeier chair 38

WOW! Biedermeier colors - light walls, black on wood trim, I'd put the brown wood trim along the baseboard too.

Elegant early biedermeier sofa

Elegant Early Biedermeier Sofa
Add a stylish yet simple-looking piece to your interior and make sure that it simply oozes class and sophistication, while accentuating the rest of your modern-styled design perfectly and to the highest standards.

Hollywood regency bamboo chairs

Astonishing design! Two beautiful, classical chairs in a very unique and unusual shape. Very elegant! Perfect for any classy living room, these chairs are bound to spice up your home with a one-of-a-kind detail!

Biedermeier chair 15

Austrian Biedermeier style

Hollywood regency chairs 3

Vanity chair with a Chanel sign on its backrest. The whole set includes plenty of space for mirrors, cosmetics and other make-up products. Attractive colors and solid materials make this kit functional and decorative.

Biedermeier armchair

AUSTRIAN BIEDERMEIER STYLE ARMCHAIR with a dark walnut stain and white leather upholstery, how perfect would that be?

Regency style dining chairs

So much going on around here: patterned floor carpet, printed walls, monochrome color scheme... The opulent feel that permeates this home office is even boosted by white Hollywood Regency winged chairs.

Hollywood regency chairs 1

This set of Hollywood Regency chairs delights with its design. Modern, with high-quality leather upholstering, but aspiring to be as classy and comfortable ones as those from the previous centuries.

Home products set of four biedermeier palmette side chairs

Home / Products / Set of Four Biedermeier Palmette Side Chairs

Hollywood regency chairs 12

Round glass, the table gives a sense of closeness and facilitates communication during conversation. Fancy look and comfotable time add hollywood regency chairs with mint upholstery and plastic transparent base.

Fantasia Modern Hollywood Regency Club Arm Chair

Add comfort, style, elegance and beauty to your living room with this amazing regency club arm chair. It has got a very comfortable seat and solid wood construction. You need to have it.

Viennese biedermeier settee finest quality

Viennese Biedermeier Settee Finest Quality
Smart and finely detailed, this barrel back settee sports the cherry wood finish on a pine structure and comes with the seat-back as well as the radial pierced fan motif to elevate the look of your household instantly.

Old hollywood style furniture

A Hollywood themed chair with a director's chair stylization. This folding item is resistant to wear, damage or overweight. Its canvas sitting and backrest areas are comfortable, solid and attractive.

Hollywood chairs

An attractive stylish vintage chair having a wooden frame with a natural finish. It has ornate tapered turned front legs, bowed back ones, S-curved backrest posts. A squarish seat and a tall rolled out backrest are covered in plain white fabric.

Biedermeier chair 1

... about Art Deco Walnut Club Chair Biedermeier Sofa Seat 1920s Furniture

24 director chair black w black canvas

24 Director Chair Black W Black Canvas
This kind of chair is a simple and stylish solution for people who are looking for comfortable and convenient seats. It has got a solid frame and a folding construction that allows for enhanced storage and transportation. The seat and backrest areas are made of durable, comfortable fabric.

Hollywood chairs 1

Stylish chair made of metal and finished with openwork pattern on the back. Great as dining chair or additional seating in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Hollywood chairs 2

Create that perfect environement for your family gatherings or the wedding reception with some help from these immensely comfortable and truly stylish hollywood chairs that offer the original shape of the back and the light tone of the wood finish.

Old hollywood furniture styles

Monochrome colour layout in a vanity corner shows that you are a style expert. Many elements here allude to Hollywood: a black wall decal, lighted mirror and a directors chair that was used instead of a standard vanity stool!

Hollywood chairs 3

Old-fashioned setup for a vintage home office with a tiled, black and white floor. The home office is fitted with a black, wooden desk with a glass top surface and a matching armchair with a microfiber cushion on top.

Hollywood chairs 4

A luxurious design of a conference room or dining room. Its wall includes a large attractive and functional mirror. A large rectangular table is available with comfortable chairs with button-tufted backrests.

Hollywood chairs 7

OMG! So sophisticated, luxury and unique interior design by Kelly Wearstler! Pink colors ranging from light pink to fuchsia create a uniquely color palette. Extraordinary office space.

Totally Bamboo Square Inlay Salad Bowl, 12-Inch

A beautiful piece for decorating any room in your home. This stylish 12-inch salad bowl is crafted from Moso bamboo and embellished with a Caribbean Inlay design. Easy to clean - wash it by hand with warm water.

Biedermeier chair 30

This sofa has an interesting darker pattern design balanced by the claw feet

Minnelli Hollywood Regency Ivory Leather Dining Chair

Constructed from solid wood and finished in natural oak, this elegant dining chair is inspired by traditional Regency time designs. Upholstered with cowhide grain leather, standing on gently curved legs, it adds timeless old-world charm to your space.

Custom made myrtle burl and ash chair with arms by

Custom Made Myrtle Burl and Ash Chair with Arms by Culin & Collella, Inc. [Biedermeier inspired]

Noel Lounge Chair

Noel Lounge Chair
Everyone knows that one of the best ways of relaxing is by sitting in a lounge chair, while enjoying nice, warm weather. This piece will help you achieve your goal by providing a perfect place to lie down and rest.