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Spend some quality time with your kids bouncing away in excitement thanks to the selection of top trampolines in the market. Trampolines are the perfect kids’ entertainment for summer and they also offer incredible exercise for the little ones and adults as well. From mini trampolines to full-size whole family designs, there should be a product out there to cater to your needs. There are also some trampolines designed with extra safety features for kids. They are available in many different shapes and colors too. You just need to pick something that works with your budget and see your kids melt with joy this summer.

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Our Picks

38" Round Trampoline

38" Round Trampoline

Transform your fitness routine with this 38” diameter trampoline. Ideal for adults and teens over the age of 13, it can help you bounce into a fitter, happier you.

Sturdy steel legs and no-slip foot caps provide a safe, reliable jumping experience on the polypropylene surface. A pink cover offers protection from the trampoline’s coils while also adding extra personality to your fitness space.

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Ladybug Plush Jumper Kids 36" Round Trampoline

Ladybug Plush Jumper Kids 36" Round Trampoline

Plush and perfect for kids ages 3 to 6, this ladybug trampoline helps little ones bounce away their excess energy and enjoy an active, healthy lifestyle.

Galvanized steel springs provide exciting bounce action, and the soft surface and extensive cushioning are paired with a sturdy, padded, 31”-tall handrail to keep children safe.

As a bonus, this trampoline is simple to set up and folds away for easy storage.

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36" Square Trampoline

36" Square Trampoline

Put on some music and watch your toddler jump and dance to their favorite song on this happy, brightly-colored 36” square trampoline.

It’s lightweight and built for both indoor and outdoor use. Move it out to the yard or deck during sunny weather or keep it indoors when it is raining.

Foam lines the steel frame, and a rubberized grip covers the handlebar. It also features a spring-free bungee jumping surface to help your child bounce safely.

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Mini Dancing 40' Round Trampoline

Mini Dancing 40' Round Trampoline

Help your kids explore the joy of movement with this smart, Bluetooth-equipped trampoline.

To help make the trampoline more interactive, it arrives with a light-up, Bluetooth-enabled radio that guides your child through different jumps, hops, and spins.

The 40” trampoline doubles as a touch-sensitive playmat that communicates with the radio. It features protective end caps on the feet for non-slip stability, and it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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4.5' Round Kid / Toddler Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

4.5' Round Kid / Toddler Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

If you are looking for a small trampoline that offers a safe introduction to bouncy outdoor fun, then this is the right choice for your family.

Weather-resistant, UV-resistant, and equipped with safety pads and a net enclosure, this trampoline combines safety with durability.

Its frame is crafted from galvanized steel for additional strength and longevity. Small springs deliver a safe, measured bounce. It is perfect for helping kids ages 3-6 jump for joy and build strong legs.

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15' Round Backyard Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

15' Round Backyard Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

With its unique bowl shape and tall safety net, this 15’ diameter trampoline helps your young adventure-lover experience a new style of movement while remaining protected.

Freestyle play reaches new heights as spins and tricks are encouraged by the trampoline’s curved shape. Suitable for one jumper, it includes a safety pad, zippered entry, and weather cover to help enhance the user experience and protect the trampoline’s design integrity.

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Climb 'n Slide 7' Hexagon Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Climb 'n Slide 7' Hexagon Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Built for kids ages 3-10, this trampoline boasts nylon safety pads, colorful foam-covered poles, and a 7’ diameter bounce surface that sits at just 1’ 6” from the ground. An orange slide and a miniature blue climber help make the trampoline even more exciting for children.

Both the jumping surface and safety pads are UV-resistant, making it an excellent option for exciting backyard play. The safety net enclosure features two entryways for easy access.

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Sensory 48" Oval Trampoline

Sensory 48" Oval Trampoline

Parents of children with sensory needs and occupational therapists agree that this trampoline provides safe, integrated sensory input that toddlers and preschoolers can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

This trampoline features a dual welded frame, two cushioned handlebars, and soft, protective padding on all sides. It’s made for helping kids with developmental disorders enjoy the therapeutic benefits of physical activity, such as improved hand-eye coordination and finely tuned balance.

The trampoline’s springless design enhances safety by providing a more predictable, gentle bounce.

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JumpSmart Jr. 2" Triangle Trampoline with Handlebar

JumpSmart Jr. 2" Triangle Trampoline with Handlebar

Help your toddler build leg strength and core stability with this interactive trampoline. Suitable for ages 12 months and up, the weight limit is 44 lbs.

The trampoline features a handle with a built-in speaker to help your toddler sing songs and play games as they bounce. The music and games are easy to control, even for a toddler. Safety pads encircle the trampoline surface for added protection.

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Fun and Fitness Kids 3' Trampoline

Fun and Fitness Kids 3' Trampoline

Inspire your kids to enjoy an active, safe, and healthy lifestyle while they’re still young. At 3’ in diameter, this strong, mesh trampoline provides a sturdy, easy-to-assemble play surface for your kids. Its compact design makes it ideal for indoor use.

With five steel legs and safe no-tip design, you can feel confident as your child jumps, bounces, and dances on this compact play space.

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Best Trampolines

Buying Guide

Trampolines serve the triple purposes of fun, thrill, and exercise. With their growing popularity, many varieties and types of trampolines are available in the market today. If you own one, you will not need to venture out to trampoline parks.

Contrary to the common belief, the bounce of trampolines does not occur due to the jumping mesh. It comes from Newton's third law, which says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.


Trampolines have heavy-duty springs fixed to their circular frame. These springs are connected with the jumping mesh at their other ends. When you tramp your feet on this mesh for the first time, the springs get stretched and you are propelled in the air with twice the force. Then, you land on the trampoline bed with twice the force that you flew and are again thrown back in the air with twice that force… this is how you become a jumping Jack!

However, the question may perturb you, which trampoline is right for you? This article will address all your concerns and queries. Read on and get yourself the right trampoline for your type of fun.

Round trampolines

Opt for the round shape if you are buying the trampoline for amateur use. In this design, all the springs work in unison, at the same time. This produces a softer, gentler, and evenly regulated bounce. Hence, the jumper lands on the mesh without a "thud," preventing orthopedic or other injuries such as bruises and cuts.

Round trampolines are popular because they suit all types and age-groups of jumpers. Choose one if you are looking for family fun or party game.

Rectangular trampolines

On the other hand, this shape gives a more power-packed, rapid jump and fall. This is because the springs being placed on a rectangular plane, work at varying rates of coil and recoil. Hence, rectangular trampolines will be your choice if you are buying one for more professional and intense uses in gyms and sports.

Rectangular trampolines can be used only by one jumper at a time. Being made for professional use, they are more expensive than round ones.

Square trampolines

They are much like the rectangular trampolines in function. However, a square shape offers the benefit of even jumping area, so the jumper often lands at the center rather than off-center. This is a more balanced fall and adds to the confidence of the jumper.

Choose square shape if you are a beginner or enthusiast who wants to take up trampoline jumping for serious workouts and fitness regimes.

Spring-less trampolines

This design innovation is aimed at reducing the injury rate among inexperienced jumpers and children using framed structures. Since such injuries are mostly caused by the exposed springs, this design does away with springs altogether. Instead, they use long composite rods placed below the landing mesh, with adequate padding and cover.

Spring-less trampolines will appeal to you if you are buying it for children and safety is your foremost concern.

Mini Trampolines

As the name suggests, these are the miniature versions meant more for standing jumps rather than high-fly jumps. As such, they can be visualized as trampolines that facilitate bouncy skipping! Their landing pad is restricted to a small area. They offer several utilities such as kids jumping, indoor workouts, and training for runners.

Research has shown that static jogging or jumping on mini trampolines gives better results than a treadmill or jogging/running on hard surfaces. This is because the effect of the padded workout offers benefits to the whole body. Also, the soft-landing pad absorbs the impact which would otherwise be borne by the knee and ankle joints. This may cause major internal injuries over time.

Mini trampolines are ideal for children and fitness enthusiasts who for varying reasons can't make it to the gym.

Inflated trampolines

These are the polyester or laminated PVC trampolinesmeant for water activities. While not in use, you can collapse them in a lay-flat position and store them safely. And when venturing out for picnics or lake-side outings, you can carry them with you, inflate them and have fun on the water.

Some designs of inflatable trampolines are also meant for toddlers. They are small, portable versions that you can use for infants either indoor or outdoor. Some popular uses are mini pools, bathtubs, and ponds. Main benefit? Your toddler can have the extra thrill of tramping and jumping combined with splashing and playing with water. Be mindful though, to always use inflated trampolines for toddlers under your supervision.

When checking out trampolines, be fussy about these points:

The jumping mesh or trampoline bed

It should be Grade-A Polymesh. Go into the details and ask the manufacturer if the threading is UV-treated since trampolines are often installed in the outdoors. Also, make sure that quality V-rings are used as attachments with the springs on the frame.

The trampoline frames

This is the most critical element of the trampoline body. The circular frame should be made from high-quality steel pipe of the correct gauge and the welding should be thorough. Take the below specifications as benchmarks:

  • Frame pipe thickness: 1.8mm to 2.5mm or 12-13-gauge thickness

  • Frame pipe surfaces: Both-side galvanized, to protect against corrosion and other climatic effects

  • Frame pipe assembly: Easy and simple, in case you want to dismantle the trampoline and move it somewhere else.

The trampoline springs

Ideal are the helical springs of high-quality steel. Helical springs are known for their tight and very close coiling; so close that you can't see through them unless placed against a light source. These springs give high bounce and are very long-lasting. They can take intense wear-and-tear and do not deform easily. In particular, check if these springs are fully galvanized to protect them against rusting and corrosion.

The trampoline pads

This is the padding placed over the frame and springs to protect you against accidental injury due to impact or other kinetic forces. Look for these padding specifications in the trampoline you are checking out:

  • ½" to 1" thickness
  • 30mm impact resistant PVC foam material
  • Closed-cell structure of the foam, which makes it rigid and stable
  • Waterproof

Additionally, the trampoline pad should be covered with UV resistant reinforced PVC for added safety of jumpers.

The safety nets

Open trampolines sometimes cause accidents, as the jumper may fall off the trampoline area. For added safety, make sure that a safety net surrounding the trampoline is provided by the manufactures either as part of the set or as an add-on.

Trampolines are tramping fun. Choose your type based on the information provided in this article and add some bounce in life.