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Shower heads are important bathroom accessories. They deliver that warming and cleansing shower. Showerheads are available in many different designs. Whether you are looking for the stylish dual shower heads, rain showerheads, or the water-saving low flow heads, there is a great selection of products out there to cater to your needs. The pricing also varies a lot from one product to the other. Even if you are on a tight budget, you can always get a reasonably good quality head that won’t cost too much money.

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Our Picks

Giant Rain Adjustable Shower Head

Giant Rain Adjustable Shower Head

Create a maritime sanctuary in your bathroom with this gigantic square shower head. Highly fashionable and ergonomic, the slimline design adds elegance to any shower in your home. The adjustable plastic shower head is finished in chrome and has a swivel mechanism for customized usage. The adjustable water flow function allows you to experience the "rain" like sensation while having a shower.

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Standard Dual Shower Head

Standard Dual Shower Head

If you're looking for a unique shower system, then look no further. This shower system contains a clean and streamlined design, which is modern and will complement any bathroom in a fashionable way. Made from low-lead copper material, it's not just safe but solid and robust as well. The shower handle is also anti-scalding making it safer than others. Thanks to the combination of an overhead shower and a hand-held shower, you'll enjoy full water coverage and have a luxury showering experience. The state-of-the-art showerhead system brings an instant facelift to your present-day bathroom.

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7-Color LED Combo Multi Function Dual Shower Head

7-Color LED Combo Multi Function Dual Shower Head

If you're shopping for something exclusive in the shower system department, then look no further than this multifunctional dual shower head. Each shower head has the same functions, including Hydro supercharged turbine LED, Air jet design, which maximizes your water pressure output performance by injecting oxygen into water flow through 48 elastic rub-clean nozzles that are designed to prevent clogging. Feel free to use each shower head separately or together to enjoy a myriad of functionality.

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Moen® 2 GPM Shower Head

Moen® 2 GPM Shower Head

Give your shower an instant pick me up with this innovative, reliable, and highly fashionable stainless steel showerhead. The highly reflective mirror finish will complement any bathroom decor while the eco-performance on this device conserves water without sacrificing performance. The one-function full rain shower comes equipped with shower arm and head and is an EPA WaterSense certified product. It is also ADA compliant, making it suitable for disabled individuals.

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Shower Head

Shower Head

Looking to create a mini spa in your bathroom? Well, this heavy-duty chrome-plated steel shower system is sure to do the trick. It contains a multifunctional shower massager to get rid of pain and tension after a long day at work. Thanks to the three water patterns and types, you will be able to enjoy a unique shower experience each and every time. The chrome finish gives it a snazzy appearance that will add taste to a traditional or contemporary shower room.

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Maryann Massage Handheld Shower Head

Maryann Massage Handheld Shower Head

This multifunctional shower head is finished in chrome to seamlessly blend in with your existing bathroom decor. It contains a selection of six spray patterns so you can enjoy plenty of different shower experiences. The jet function on the shower system will make you feel like you've just stepped out of a spa while the flexible hose is easy to maneuver and customize.

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Spectrum Multi Function Handheld Shower Head with Temperature-based LED

Spectrum Multi Function Handheld Shower Head with Temperature-based LED

Possibly the world's most advanced shower head, this overhead or hand-held shower comes with a range of features and functionality to enhance your bathtime experience. The device is completely powered by running water and does not require batteries. The fun thing about this shower head is that it contains LED lights that change color automatically every few seconds and softly blend into each other. The overhead is angle adjustable, and the hose is quite flexible with a dual conical brass hose, which makes hand tightening easier. The chrome-finished shower head with 7 spray patterns will bring an instant boost of glam to any bathroom.

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Lorin 5 Function Sleek Massager Rain Shower Head

Lorin 5 Function Sleek Massager Rain Shower Head

Transform an ordinary shower into a relaxing retreat with this elegant shower head in a rose gold finish. It adds a touch of elegance while the minimalist silhouette allows it to fit in with most bathroom decor. Thanks to the five different shower patterns, you can enjoy a custom bathing experience each and every time. Feel like you've just stepped out of a luxury spa every time you have a shower with this powerful and rejuvenating pulsing shower head.

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Rainfall Massage/Jet Dual Shower Head

Rainfall Massage/Jet Dual Shower Head

Relax and unwind every time you step into the shower with this rainfall massage jet shower head shower head. Each of the shower heads can be used separately or together for a powerful experience. The stainless steel hose is also removable, allowing you to hold it in your hand and concentrate on the parts of your body that need more relaxation. With three display patterns, the rust-resistant dual shower head will make you feel like a brand new person each and every time you step out of the shower.

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Best Shower Heads

Buying Guide

Shower heads are meant to make your bathing experience refreshing and rejuvenating, and of course, appeasing to your senses. However, "showering glory" is marred by leaky shower heads, clogged ones throwing uneven water jets at inconsistent pressure, or malfunctioning six-months-old pieces. If this is the condition of your shower head, it is time to replace it.

In the cluttered shower-heads' market, which factors and features distinguish the average, the good, the better, and the best? We ask for your ten minutes to find out from this article. We assure you it will be time well-invested.

You can check out these types on the internet or in physical stores.

Fixed Type

This is the most common shower head that is usually threaded or screw-fitted with the water outlet. They could also be recessed into the wall. Either way, they are fixed wall-mounted pieces. In this design, you can rotate its pivoted neck to change the angle of the water stream up or down, or sideways. This feature makes the fixed shower head user-friendly for tall or short people.

Choose this shower head for its efficient affordability - they offer value for money. Contemporary designs offer a wide range of shower head shapes and streams, so you will not miss out on variety while opting for affordability. If you have naughty brats at home, you will also benefit from the fixed shower head being out of their reach. This helps to avoid wastage of water, and also possible water-related incidents.


The "showering glory" is in your hands, literally, with the hand-held shower head. It is fixed to one end of a long, flexible hose, whose other hand is fitted to the faucet. In many designs, the shower head also rests in a cradle, so you can use it as a fixed shower head, or detach it from the cradle and use it as a hand-held piece.

Apart from this dual-use feature, there are other benefits of hand-held shower heads:

  • Control over water-flow. You can direct the jets wherever you want on your body - on your stiff back as a warm water massage, or your fatigued face for a deeply calming effect.

  • Good for low-pressure water-flow. When the jets are weak, you can bring the shower head closer to your body for a strong and more guided water-flow.

  • Better hair-wash. By bringing the shower head very close to your hair and moving it all around, you can wash the shampoo more thoroughly, easily and quickly, and with a lesser amount of water.

  • Bathe toddlers

  • Shower your pets

  • Clean the bathtub

You will also come across dual or integrated fixed and hand-held shower heads. They look like one shower head but have a concealed or inlaid wand and shower head which you can pull out or slide, and it becomes a hand-held shower head.

Hand-held shower heads are good for persons who:

  • Love the close feel of the water jet
  • Want a multi-purpose shower head
  • Are water-conscious

If you choose a hand-held shower head, don't let the hose be too long, or it will come in the way and might even make you fall. About 60"to 72" is ideal hose length.


This is the advanced variant of the hand-held shower heads. It consists of a wall-mounted panel or tubular structure with clamps of hooks to hold the hand-held shower head. Many design options are available to suit your individual preferences and type and style of your bathroom.

The main advantage of slide-bars is the height adjustment of the shower head. Hence, it will be ideal for you if you are a family of multiple-aged members with varying heights.


These shower heads offer therapeutic benefits combined with personalized, luxury bathing experiences. They could be wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted, or hand-held, with each type offering many design innovations. However, their basic principle remains unchanged:

Water entering from the faucet into the shower head creates a small reservoir before it comes out of the head. This builds pressure in the reservoir, which throws out water with force. The small openings of the shower jet compound the force of water. It can be regulated or calibrated with multiple controls.

The different types of massage shower heads are:

  • Aeration massage. This shower head mixes air with water. Because of this, an illusion of a high-flow stream is created even though it is actually low-flow. Since part of the stream is air, aeration shower heads use lesser water and have been categorized as eco-friendly, andtermed as water-saving or low-flow massage shower heads.

  • Pulse massage: This shower head releases a gently pulsating stream that tingles the skin and offers stress relief and soothes tired muscles.

  • Rain massage. A square-shaped overhead shower head, it releases a gentle, intermittent flow that feels like raindrops.

The main advantages of massage shower heads are:

  • Calms the nervous system, improves blood circulation, and relieves stress
  • Luxury, misty spray
  • Acupressure benefits

Are you a hard-working, time-pressed individual who needs a massage but don't have the time for it? Also, do you want personalized and focused massage hydrotherapy? Then choose the massage shower head.


This is a unit of multiple shower heads installed in the walls of the bathroom. It is a high-end, composite system that offers shower heads at different levels and of different sprays. These heads can target different body muscles and rejuvenate them with hydrotherapeutic benefits. Body sprayers require planned professional installation.

Are you buying a new home or remodeling your existing bathroom, and have a dedicated budget for the luxury of body-sprayers? Then go ahead and indulge.

Although the purchase of a shower head is highly personalized, there are some common points you should consider before you zero in on your choice.

  • Water conservation

Today, 785 million people don't have access to clean water and 2 billion lack basic sanitation facilities. Against this water crisis, shower head manufacturers have developed efficient solutions that save water without compromising on the shower quality.

From a consumer standpoint, the simplest and the best way to developing responsible showering habits is to purchase a shower head with a Watersense" label. It is a holistic water conservation initiative by the United States Environment Protection Agency (EPA). Shower heads with this label ensure water usage of 2 gallons per minute (GPM), against the household average of 2.5 GPM. If every US home switched to such shower heads, the annual monetary value of water saved will be $2.6 billion.

  • Energy Conservation

You could save energy by replacing your old shower head with a new WaterSense certified product. Apart from significant individual energy saving - almost half,this simple measure will save $2.2 billion annually in the national energy bill.

Alternatively, you can also install a thermostatic device behind the shower head. It first flushes out the cold water from the shower head and then stops the water flow until it is 95^0^F hot. Hence, when the water flow stops, you know hot water is available in the shower head. Only then do you turn on the shower head valve, saving much energy and water too.

The low-flow aeration shower heads are a major advance in water and energy conservation. We recommend you place them at the top of your wish-list.

  • Water Pressure Enhancement

As mentioned earlier, a concern with aeration shower heads is weak streams due to relatively low water pressure. The above mentioned thermostatic valve also addresses this concern by aligning the water-flow with water pressure. It calibrates both, which results an optimized flow relative to pressure.

The combination of low-flow shower heads and a thermostatic valve behind them is the best solution for water pressure enhancement, particularly if you live in a low water pressure area. Look for a shower head with these features if you live in such an area.

  • Water Filtration

There are two primary issues that water filtration can address:

  • Chlorine content

The chlorine content in your tap water is something that you cannot control. While it cleans water, excess chlorine is harmful to hair and skin. A study surprisingly reveals that our skin absorbs more chlorine during a shower than we do by drinking two quarts of tap water.

Check if the shower head you are considering has a chlorine filter at the back.

  • Hard water

It is caused by excess calcium and magnesium ions in water. Hard water dries your hair and skin and ages it faster. It also clogs the shower head outlets very fast, requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance, or replacement.

The best way out is reverse osmosis (RO) filter attached to your shower head or the faucet. This is an external attachment and will add to your budget, but it is worth its cost.

Caution: Shower heads cannot incorporate RO systems in their structure for technical reasons. Beware of false claims made by some manufacturers in this regard.

The shower head market offers an array of choices. Rather than getting confused by the excess of information, read this filtered information and make the right choice.