Best Shoe Racks For Different Style Entryways

There's no doubt that shoe racks are a must-have storage solution for any entryway. They keep your shoes out of sight, help get rid of shoe clutter on the floor, and make searching for your favorite pair of shoes less of a hassle. Besides, even those with the smallest of entryways can benefit from these shoe organizers because of their space-saving design.

That said, settling on a design that suits your entryway's aesthetics can be quite daunting, especially since there are loads of narrow shoe rack options out there. You wouldn't want to invest in one, only to find out that it looks "wrong" and "out of place" once you set it up.

Not sure which shoe rack style will work best for your space? Don't fret because we're here to help!


Traditional Foyer Design
Wood Shoe Cabinet With Doors
Shoe Storage Bench

There's nothing quite like the warmth and character of traditional entryways. If your entryway happens to lean towards the more traditional side of interior design, a wooden shoe rack in a warm tone like walnut or mahogany could be just what your space needs. However, if dark shades aren't your thing, go for something a bit brighter, such as a white polished finish or a beech wood tone.

The timeless appeal of traditional-style shoe racks is what sets them apart from others. They usually feature antique elements, classic silhouettes, and decorative details like panels. Moreover, shoe racks in this style offer a classic charm that complements a variety of interiors, including contemporary, transitional, and rustic, to name a few.


Modern Foyer Design
White Shoe Storage Bench
Modern Shoe Storage Cabinet

Not a big fan of over-elaborate and cluttered designs? If yes, a modern shoe cabinet may be more up your alley!

Modern shoe racks are the polar opposite of traditional shoe racks. These types of shoe storage solutions are all about clean lines, smooth and glossy surfaces, neutral color schemes, and simple geometric forms. Unlike traditional design with its ornamental elements, this style emphasizes elegance through simplicity. Needless to say, simplicity means versatility so you can rest assured that your new modern shoe rack will fit right in with your decor style whether it be mid-century modern, contemporary, or anything in between.


Foyer Design
White Shoe Cabinet
Contemporary Shoe Storage Cabinet

If modern style is too stark and limiting for your taste, shoe racks that boast a contemporary flair are options worth considering! This style embraces the inviting look of traditional elements combined with the clean shapes of modern design. In other words, contemporary style takes on a refreshing twist of a range of styles, making it an extremely versatile choice for all kinds of settings. It doesn't matter whether your entryway has a rustic aesthetic, a traditional appearance, or a Scandinavian vibe because a contemporary shoe storage will look great anywhere you place it! That's how fluid this furniture style is!

These shoe racks typically feature straight edges or soft curves, sleek finishes in light or dark tones, and a few ornamental details, such as slats.

Mid-century modern

Storage Bench
Mid Century Shoe Storage Cabinet
Walnut Brown Shoe Storage Cabinet

Want a functional piece of furniture that doubles as a stunning focal point? Look no further than mid-century modern shoe racks! Think slanted legs, natural wood tones, pops of color here and there, minimal ornamentation, and uncomplicated shapes.

If having a reliable shoe organization system is important to you, you can count on mid-century modern designs! Why? Because this style highlights both function and refinement! Despite featuring an uncluttered and straightforward design, these shoe storage solutions effortlessly add visual interest to the space and make for an eye-catching addition to any contemporary, traditional, eclectic, and Boho-inspired entryway. After all, who wouldn't want to stash their shoes in style?


Industrial Foyer Design
Rustic Brown Shoe Storage Cabinet
Light Hickory Shoe Storage Cabinet

When untreated wood and metal accents are put together, the result is bound to be a cozy and charming furniture piece.

Perfect for farmhouse, vintage, and rustic homes, industrial shoe racks focus on raw materials, bold shapes, and all things natural. The wooden surfaces add warmth to the setting while the metal structural elements bring a modern touch that easily makes heads turn! So, if you're looking to jazz up your decor with something unique and full of character, an industrial-chic shoe organizer won't disappoint! Plus, its natural appeal will help liven up your entryway!

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