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School lockers are designed to provide reliable storage without taking too much floor space. They explore the vertical space in your home and are available in a wide variety of designs and colors. Whether you are looking for a multi tire storage locker or one single unit, you can get something that best meets your needs. Getting creative about storage can save you a lot of stress at home. School lockers are perfectly suited for this. They bring that extra bit of storage space without cluttering your home. They would be an ideal choice for the kid’s room but you can use them anywhere.

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Our Picks

1 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

1 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

A fantastic option for any garage, playroom, or child’s bedroom for storing toys, shoes, uniforms, sports equipment, uniforms, and more! This sturdy locker is wide enough to hold a variety of items without having to overstuff and damage your gear.

The continuous piano hinge prevents the door from becoming bent and warped, ensuring functionality lasting for years to come. With two compartments, the main locker, and an upper shelf, there is space for whatever your child needs to store.

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Premium 1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

Premium 1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

This multi-purpose locker is excellent for storing items in your classroom or recreational facility. Featuring three units, items can be organized and stored securely minimizing clutter in your space.

The recessed lock mechanism prevents catch points and also is compatible with combination lock systems. Doors are constructed from 16-gauge steel, making them durable and long-lasting. Two single and one double hook are included for storing clothing and uniforms.

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1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

These 3-wide school locker units are available in both gray and tan colors for a traditional look, and the modular design allows you to add more units as necessary to accommodate your growing storage needs.

The single-tier locker design offers privacy and security for your valuable items. A conveniently located hat shelf is also available. Steel recessed handles make for a safer and more easily accessible locker. The finger lift control is recessed into the door face of the locker and is compatible with a variety of locking mechanisms.

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Premium 2 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

Premium 2 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

This two-tier single locker design is an effective method for storing multiple and separate items in a way that maximizes the available space. Available in dark grey, marine blue, or tan, there is a style suitable for every location.

The gauged-steel doors are louvered for airflow to prevent mold and mildew build-up. The continuous piano hinge allows for repeated heavy-duty use over long periods without seeing a decrease in functionality, and the rear legs are removable for a flexible storage option that can fit into most spaces.

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ValueMax 1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

ValueMax 1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

With tough 24-gauge steel for the body and 16-gauge steel for the doors, these lockers can last through years of constant use at a school, recreation center, or even a hotel or hospital staff changing room. The continuous piano hinge also helps the locker resist damage from slamming and battering.

The locker is available in 12” deep, 15” deep, and 18” deep varieties. Each unit has 3 lockers that measure in at 12” wide. Every locker contains 1 double hook, 2 single hooks, and a hat shelf for added convenience.

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5 Section Coat Locker

5 Section Coat Locker

This adorable coat locker is perfect for kindergarten and elementary school classrooms. Its cozy cubbies are perfect for helping young ones keep their hats, shoes, and coats organized. The hooks inside also work with backpacks and lunch boxes.

Each locker is available with up to 8 sections, so schools can combine multiple units to find the perfect number of spaces for each classroom. Even parents will find the locker to be a useful addition to their mudroom.

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3 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

3 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

This locker’s unique 3-wide, 3-tier design is ideal for small busy spaces. It works especially well for school pools, gym locker rooms, or other spaces that need to fit individual lockers in a tight space.

The nylon glides and rubber bumpers help reduce noise, which is helpful in a school setting. Both the doors and frames are 16-gauge steel, so they can handle heavy gym equipment, textbooks, and much more.

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1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

1 Tier 3 Wide School Locker

This single-tier coat locker includes a hanger rod, a hat shelf, and two hooks for easy clothing storage. It’s excellent for students with coats and multiple bags. The louvers allow ventilation to reduce mildew and odors.

The locker is available in a pre-assembled option, making it an excellent choice for schools that need new lockers quickly, and its 16-gauge steel construction and recessed handles make it a safe option that will last for generations.

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66"H 1 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

66"H 1 Tier 1 Wide School Locker

This 15” deep and 18” wide individual locker is generously sized. It has multiple hooks and a hat shelf to help store bags and jackets. It’s perfect for school hallways or sports locker rooms, especially for athletes with lots of equipment.

It’s available in eight shades so schools can coordinate to match their official colors. The powder-coated finish resists scratching and damage so that the locker can survive many years of student use.

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5 Section Coat Locker

5 Section Coat Locker

The beautiful stained birch finish on this locker makes it a stunning addition to schools or libraries. Each of the 5 doors locks, allowing users to store things securely. It’s a great starter locker set for older elementary school students.

Each locker unit can be stacked, providing a more space-efficient option for small classrooms. The included master key and lifetime limited warranty give schools and teachers peace of mind.

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Best School Lockers

Buying Guide

Notwithstanding their generic name, school lockers are omnipresent across the entire domain of academic institutions. Today, students' belongings and essentials have become valuable, and that's why these lockers are a must in schools, colleges, and affiliated facilities. Apart from study materials, they safely store laptops, gadgets, and even expensive sports merchandise.

Are you thinking of buying lockers for your educational instituion? This guide will help you get to know the types of lockers and choose the right one, with the right features.

There are four main types of school lockers:

Junior/mini lockers

Today, kindergarten and primary education sections of schools have extended timings. This has created a need for junior/mini lockers. Trendy and bright, these lockers create a playful bond with children who love to use them.Since personal storage and not security is the primary objective of these lockers, they are made from molded or extruded plastic or light metal such as aluminum. They often don't have locks, just latches, magnetic door-closer, or similar easy-to-operate device.

Single units

These individual lockers are meant for students' exclusive use. The design may have a single door, but the interior can have different vertical and horizontal compartments. Often, they are adjustable so that the student can customize them according to their needs. There are two types:

  • Wall-mounted lockers that can be operated in a standing position
  • Floor models that require a bending or sitting position

Single units offer the benefit of centralized storage and are good for facilities that mandate a safe storage space for students:

  • Schools with multiple extra-curricular activities
  • Schools with residential facilities
  • Day-schools


Typically, these are 'locker-room' lockersdesigned for community use and are banked together in rows. As such, they are ideal forthe storage of study materials and personal belongings, sports merchandise, and other essentials.

These lockers are sturdy steel-bodied units standing on stout legs. You will encounter dual, triple, or multiple lockers in a single unit. Individually, they have deep spaces with or without compartments.

If you are in charge of a school or college, or facilities such as sports, swimming, and outdoor activity centers, go for these towers. They are available in various designs and colors. If you are planning to place a large order, customization is also possible.

Activity lockers

Over 60 million Americans possess a health and fitness center's membership, and a significant number of them belong to the young demographic segment. Further, activities such as sports, gym, swimming etc. are common across educational institutes. An activity locker safely stores students' valuables and essentials while they are busy 'sweating out'.

Activity lockers have these features:

  • Sturdy metal construction
  • A deep and wide body that takes in various personal belongings, gym bag, laptop, and the like
  • Tough reinforced door
  • Combination lock or electronically operated lock

We advise that you pay attention to these features:

Locking systems. These are the reliable ones:

  • Deadbolts. They are concealed locks with just the keyhole frame on the outer side. You operate them by simply turning the key. The manufacturers usually supply spare keys with these locks.

  • Key barrel lock. This is the most common system for school lockers that has a barrel with an in-built latch. When you insert the key, this latch either slips in or comes out to open or lock the door, respectively. These locks have individual unique keys, but a master-key is available with the school authorities.

  • Cam locks. They have a cylindrical fastener with a metal plate that you can move up or down with the key to lock or open the door. The body is installed on the interior, so you just have the keyhole ring on the exterior of the door.

  • Keyless locks. These locks are operated by entering a series of numbers on a lock. There are manual or electronic models.


This is an important feature to stop bacteria formation inside the locker. Check if the locker has either of these:

  • Raised slits in its body that act as air vent or louvers
  • Perforations on its surfaces

Locker door hinges

A reliable locker will have one of these two types:

  • Knuckle hinges that have three and two screw slots and are made of strong 14-gauge steel. They are either welded or riveted to the locker body and the door.

  • Piano or continuous hinges that run on the entire length of the door. They are a better option than knuckle hinges and offer a smoother operation of the locker door.

Locker door reinforcement

Check if the locker has reinforcement bars on its interior body. These are meant to provide extra strength and prevent the door plate from sagging or deforming.

Banking or ganging facility

This is the process through which multiple locker units are joined together. It is an important feature if you are ordering lockers in bulk.

These are the two universal sizes:

  • 12" W x 20" H x 15" D
  • 15" W x 24" H x 18" D

Cold-rolled steel

It is the most standard material for school lockers. Lockers made from tough, 16-gauge steel, offer durability and reliability. Their other benefits:

  • Easy to fit accessories such as locks, handles, and hinges
  • Easily to paint. Anti-corrosion paint will increase their life.
  • They can withstand rough use

However, metal lockers can dent and scratch.

HDPE plastic lockers

Many modern sizes use this material because it is lighter than metal yet highly durable. Plus, it is:

  • Impact-resistant
  • Dent and scratch-resistant
  • Resistant to mold and other bacteria
  • Available in many attractive colors - no need to paint them

School lockers are one of the bare essentials for educational institutions. Keep in mind the information provided in this article to make the correct choice.