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In case you don’t often get the chance to grill outdoors, then the idea of using quality indoor grill griddle pans is highly recommended. Indoor grills and griddles allow you to cook your favorite recipes even when the weather conditions are not nearly as permitting. There are two types of grills and griddles to choose from - the contact grill and the open grill. Contact grills are often preferred especially for people who love to cook meat indoors. But they are relatively more expensive than open grills. Before buying grill griddle pans, always ensure they feature a nonstick, easy to clean surface and a large drip pan to capture the juices from the food as it cooks.

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Our Picks

Ayesha Curry Cast Iron Grill Pan

Ayesha Curry Cast Iron Grill Pan

When you want the smoky flavor of grilled food, but you can't head outdoors, use this square cast-iron grill pan. Available in two finishes - French vanilla and twilight teal - the piece is oven-safe and PFOA-free, searing meat, and grilling vegetables to perfection and is also ideal for salmon and chicken.

This 10" pan is suitable for all stovetops, including induction, and can transfer directly to an oven up to 500℉. It features double pouring spouts for managing juices and sauces, and the raised sides allow you to braise and stew dishes in addition to grilling.

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Epicurious Aluminum Non-Stick Griddle

Epicurious Aluminum Non-Stick Griddle

Sleek and functional, this slim nonstick griddle is crafted from heavy-gauge aluminum and is ideal for frying eggs and cooking pancakes. Budget-friendly, oven and dishwasher-safe, it's compatible with gas and electric stoves.

Its nonstick surface helps you ensure your food comes out easily, and the cleanup is simple. The handle features an ergonomic grip and an eye in case you want to hang it from a pot rack.

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Oster Non-Stick Griddle

Oster Non-Stick Griddle

Forged from solid steel, this griddle is non-toxic and nonstick and provides even heat distribution for perfectly cooked meals. It features a slim handle on either side, making it easy for you to take the pan from the stove to the table. It's also dishwasher safe and can function as a lid to cover large cooking pots.

Your journey to healthy, tasty cooking and an easy after-dinner cleanup starts with this affordable griddle. Make homemade tortillas, sauté vegetables, or give as a thoughtful housewarming gift.

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Fox Run Brands Cast iron Griddle

Fox Run Brands Cast iron Griddle

Built for pressing tortillas, this stunning kitchen essential features a heavy-duty, cast iron construction, which helps distribute pressure evenly to ensure your signature tortillas and wraps are perfect every time.

Ideal as a wedding or graduation gift for the culinary connoisseur in your life, this durable tortilla press is 8.25" in diameter and oven-safe, making it suitable for small kitchen spaces where storage is limited.

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Gotham Steel Aluminum Non-Stick Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan

Gotham Steel Aluminum Non-Stick Reversible Grill and Griddle Pan

An extreme nonstick surface eliminates the need for butter or oil, making for a healthier, cleaner cooking experience. One side is smooth, and the other is ridged, allowing you to save space in your kitchen and easily switch between the grill and griddle.

PFOA-free, dishwasher safe, and constructed from smooth aluminum, this 11.5'' x 2'' pan sports a copper finish and is compatible with electric coil and smooth electric stovetops.

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Mega Chef 17.5 in Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan

Mega Chef 17.5 in Cast Iron Non-Stick Grill Pan

Complete with a matching grill press, this solid cast-iron pan is oven-safe and induction-compatible. Available in two beautiful glazes--an electric sea-blue and a shining red--it's sure to catch eyes and win compliments.

The dual pouring spout allows you to serve delicious pan juices, sauces, and gravy to put the finishing touches on your delicious grilled meals. It is ideal for apartment dwellers who don't always have access to a grill but still want to enjoy the flavor of grilling out.

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Cook Pro Non-Stick Griddle

Cook Pro Non-Stick Griddle

This rectangular, lightweight, nonstick griddle boasts a generous surface area of 13" x 8.5". Two durable Bakelite handles--one on each side of the griddle--allow for easy turning and transfer of cooked foods.

With an induction base, it's compatible with all types of stovetops as well as outdoor grills. Sturdy aluminum construction provides years of use. It heats evenly and is very easy to clean.

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RockyMountainCookware Carbon Steel Griddle

RockyMountainCookware Carbon Steel Griddle

Take your culinary skills to the next level with this carbon steel griddle pan. Wire-wrapped, heat-resistant handles provide a stylish and secure grip when transporting this griddle, which is available in 20" and 23" wide sizes.

Suitable for any cooking environment--from induction stoves to camping--this griddle is perfect for pancakes, sandwiches, and eggs. When cooking bacon, use the pour spouts at each of the four corners to drain away excess fat for a lighter way to cook.

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All-Clad Ha1™ 21 in. Aluminum Non-Stick Griddle

All-Clad Ha1™ 21 in. Aluminum Non-Stick Griddle

Ideal for the home chef that wants a simpler, safer way to cook, this square griddle provides high-end quality at an affordable price. Sturdy and easy to clean, it will last through years of delicious meals.

Whether you want to grill up ribeye steak, make a quick egg breakfast, or fry up pancakes, this griddle has a PFOA-free coating. Dishwasher-safe and oven-safe, it is 11" across and features high, straight sides and a flat bottom for a stress-free cooking experience.

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Victoria Non-Stick Reversible Grill Pan & Griddle

Victoria Non-Stick Reversible Grill Pan & Griddle

Crafted from cast iron, this reversible pan features a smooth, pancake-friendly griddle on one side and a grill on the other.

The solid cast iron provides even heat distribution and excellent temperature retention. It is suitable for use on induction, electric and gas stoves, and can be placed in a 500℉ oven.

Pre-seasoned with flaxseed oil in the casting process, this pan arrives ready to use. The handles flip easily for use with both surfaces and can be removed.

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Best Grill & Griddle Pans

Buying Guide

Do you need a grill pan or a griddle pan? While their names are similar, you won't want to get them mixed up when choosing your cookware. Here are the main differences between grill and griddle pans, and how to choose the best one for your kitchen.

While griddles are typically used for breakfast items, and grills for meat and vegetables, there's plenty more to bear in mind when making your choice. Here's the lowdown.

Grill Pans

Generally rectangular or square-shaped, with deep sides, dedicated grill pans make an excellent choice for grilling in your home. Thanks to their built-in ridges, just like a home BBQ, your meat cooks in its own juices for a healthier, better tasting meal. You can also use grills for great tasting vegetables and fish steaks.

Why you need one - For tasty grilled meat, tuna and vegetables complete with sear marks, as well as a healthier, lower-fat meal with better all-round texture and taste.

Best types of grill pan:

  • Cast iron: one of the best options to go for, cast iron retains heat well and is highly durable. However, do not go for this type if you have a ceramic hob, as it could cause damage.

  • For easily damaged cooktops, such as glass or ceramic, opt for stainless steel, ceramic or heavy-weight aluminum grill pans. To improve performance clad versions contain internal layers of other materials that offer good heat retention capabilities.

  • Choose a square or rectangular grill pan for a larger usable cooking surface area than circular ones.

  • Raised ridges - the higher the ridges, the stronger your sear mark will be.

  • Grill pans with presses will give you even more dramatic sear marks.

  • Opting for a grill pan with a lid means you can cook with both direct and indirect heat, allowing you to finish larger cuts on the hob without having to put them in the oven. This also works in a similar way to outdoor grills.


Flat for full contact with your food, griddle pans are often made from cast iron. Some versions have a non-stick coating, but all are typically large with shallow sides.

Why you need one - The shallow sides of a griddle make flipping your food easier, while the open, flat cooking surface is great for crisping up or browning your hash browns, pancakes and French toast.

Griddles are also useful for cooking hot sandwiches and breakfast items, including bacon and eggs.

Best types of griddle:

  • Cast iron is a popular choice for its heat retention and durability. However, anodized aluminum and carbon steel are also good griddle materials to choose from that heat well and will last. Check your griddle material's compatibility with your stovetop and avoid using cast iron with glass tops.

  • Non-stick coatings make your griddle much easier to use, preventing eggs and pancakes from sticking. However, non-stick coatings can be fragile and not all are dishwasher safe.

  • As with grill pans, square or rectangular versions provide a greater usable surface area.

  • Larger griddles that spread over two burners allow you to create two different temperature zones. This is ideal for cooking multiple foods at the same time, or for keeping items warm while you cook the rest of breakfast.

Reversible grill pan & griddles

Purchasing a reversible grill pan and griddle can save you storage space and money. Simply flip over your cooking surface for a ridged grilling surface or use the flat side for your toast.

On the downside, you can't use both sides at the same time. Also, due to the reversibility, these types of models tend to be very shallow, so you won't have those deep sides to contain your meat juices, or extras such as presses or lids.

2-in-1 grill & griddle pans

2-in-1 models feature a split surface, one half a ridged grill, the other a flat griddle.

These are also space savers and mean you can use both your grill and griddle simultaneously. On the downside, they are less suitable for larger households. Also, their sides can be tooshallow for larger cuts of meat, yet too deep for easy pancake flipping.

Your grill pan handle is one of the most important elements, so you'll want to pay particular attention to it. Here are the most popular types and why you may or may not want to choose them.

Long handles

Long handles are a popular choice and can be found on many different models.


  • Easy to hold.
  • Stay cool. Long handles protrude away from the heat source, so they don't heat up, meaning you won't risk burning yourself.
  • More comfortable.
  • One-handed use.


  • Take up more storage space.
  • Not all are oven proof or will fit in your oven.
  • Less suitable for heavy/wide grills and griddles.

Good for: easy one-handed use with small/one burner grill pan and griddles.

Side handles

Built-in or riveted on, side handles are well worth considering on your griddle.


  • Suitable for heavy, large grills and griddles.
  • Ovenproof.
  • Save storage space.
  • Solid and sturdy.


  • Handles get very hot - remember to always have a cloth at the ready.
  • Need two hands free to move your grill or griddle.

Good for: Double burner and heavy cast iron grills and griddles, as well as oven use, and tucking away smaller models when not in use.

Removable handles

Removable handles feature various clip-on systems.


  • Easy to store.
  • Can remove for oven use.
  • Use one or two hands as required.


  • Can get lost.
  • Some can be tricky to attach securely.

Good for: organized cooks who need optimized storage, as well as oven use.

To summarize, here's how to choose your grill pan or griddle in a nutshell.

  • Decide on what type of foods you want to cook with it. Mainly meat and vegetables? Go for a grill pan. For pancakes, French toast and eggs, plus other breakfast items, you'll need a griddle.

  • Short on storage space? Opt for a reversible or 2-in-1 grill and griddle.

  • Stove compatibility: check your grill pan or griddle's compatibility with your stove type before you buy. Not all are induction and oven compatible. Bear this in mind if you like to keep your breakfast warm or finish off your meat in the oven.

  • Handle design is important!

    • Long handles can limit your storage options but are practical for cooking.

    • Side handles can get very hot but are great for sticking your grill in the oven and compact storage.

    • Removable handles offer the best of both worlds, just be sure they provide a good fit. They can be, however, easily misplaced.