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There is nothing as convenient as coordinating your bar with a bar set. The bar, of course, will have places for bottles to be stored. Modern bars might have space for a minifridge where modern mixed drinks can be chilled or it might even have an ice maker. A display of matched crystal creates the perfect “feel” to go with that romantic evening where you are serving that special wine. Or, if you are more of a stumble into your retreat and grab something relaxing kind of person, a brandy snifter or even a set of mugs might be the perfect “bar set”.

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Our Picks

Bowles Bar Cabinet

Bowles Bar Cabinet

Perfect for industrial or urban homes, this bar cabinet features a modern, mixed-material finish of wood and metal mesh. The cabinet offers more than enough storage with a stemware rack, countertop, and two interior shelves at various heights to accommodate even the tallest of bottles.

Despite all its storage space, this cart is quite compact – measuring only 38’’ from the bottom of the wheels to the very top of the cart so that it can be placed anywhere in the home!

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Corene Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Mini Bar

Corene Sixteenth Century Italian Replica Mini Bar

This whimsical mini-bar is designed for people looking for a historically meaningful and unique design. The unit comes with the replica of the 16th-century nautical globe map for that vintage look. The bar also features four durable hardwood legs, each with a wheel at the bottom for excellent mobility. The globe atop the bar is designed to open up and reveal some storage space for all your glassware. There are also two extra shelves at the bottom to stash your vintage collection.

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Whitmore Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Whitmore Bar Cabinet with Wine Storage

Available in a pine or oak finish, this bar cabinet is a stylish storage option for the modern household. Although this cabinet appears compact, it offers ample storage space for stemware, liquor, and wine bottles.

The mirrored doors with a geometric overlay open to display a hanging stemware rack to protect your glasses from dust and damage while the lattice wine storage keeps up to 12 bottles protected.

This cart’s countertop is made from tempered glass to provide a streamlined appearance while providing superior stain resistance for easy clean up after mixing drinks.

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Ashfield Bar with Wine Storage

Ashfield Bar with Wine Storage

This corner bar and wine storage cabinet is available in six different hues, so you are sure to find a perfect style match. The mirrored walls give any room in your home the feel of an authentic bar.

This cabinet can house up to four wine glasses and numerous bottles due to its countertop alongside the middle and bottom shelves. The interior wooden shelves can support up to 25 lbs. each, while the middle shelf supports 45 lbs. and the top glass shelf up to 20 lbs. allowing you to store a wide variety of your favorite drinks.

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Bueno Bar Cabinet

Bueno Bar Cabinet

A modern storage solution for every wine enthusiast, this lattice-style wine cabinet can store over 20 bottles in addition to your favorite stemware.

The black and walnut finishes are perfectly complemented by the smoked glass doors, which open to find three adjustable shelves to accommodate your glassware and additional accessories.

This wine cabinet has tip restraint hardware, so you can be sure your favorite bottles and glasses are safe – no matter what!

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Isabell Bar with Wine Storage

Isabell Bar with Wine Storage

This 35” bar cabinet with built-in wine storage is a simple and elegant storage solution for your den or dining room.

The cabinet is composed of two side doors, as well as open wine and glassware storage. Both cabinet doors are equipped with built-in shelves, and magnetic latch catches for better control and easy opening. The central storage space keeps the essentials within reach, storing up to 7 bottles of your favorite wines and 20 stemmed glasses (not exceeding 7’’ tall x 4.5’’ wide).

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Felicita Bar with Wine Storage

Felicita Bar with Wine Storage

Looking to accommodate guests comfortably at your next get-together? This open-faced industrial bar cabinet with an integrated footrest is the right choice for you!

One side of the cabinet has three interior shelves and four stemware racks for traditional bar storage. The other features an extended countertop with a footrest, so you can entertain guests easily. Not expecting any guests. You can remove the footrest, so the cabinet can be placed flush against the wall.

The sturdy wooden and metal accents ensure this cabinet can be used anywhere – even outside!

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Bethlehem Bar with Wine Storage

Bethlehem Bar with Wine Storage

Give your man cave or den a touch of modern excellence with this home bar. Featuring sophisticated styling and an eye-catching design, this bar adds an incredible transitional influence into any space, especially if placed against a white finished wall. The unit should also be matched with complimenting bar stools. It features a rich black finish with an open shelf design. If you want to add a little bit of flair into your living room, it is a nice option.

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Coppedge Brew Bar

Coppedge Brew Bar

With breathtaking rustic design and excellent appeal, this home bar will be the perfect place to entertain and socialize with your guests. It features beautiful thick wood edges and uniquely constructed hickory veneers that bring out its beautiful look. The unit also has a forged powder-coated metal footrest. It is perfect for people looking to bring an aged and weathered looking piece of accent furniture into their spaces. There is a lot of storage space in there too.

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Wes Bar with Wine Storage

Wes Bar with Wine Storage

Contemporary and cool, this bar cabinet features a black or espresso body topped with a black or white faux-marble countertop.

The cabinet features 4 tiers of open shelving to store your favorite glasses and accessories in addition to your 9 favorite bottles of wine. Leave off the stemware racks to transform this cabinet into a great coffee bar or additional kitchen storage for tight living quarters.

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Best Bars & Bar Sets

Buying Guide

Bars & bar sets create excellent entertainment areas and they add to a home’s comfortable atmosphere. Here are the steps on how to choose the best piece based on your needs and requirements.

Before you take a close look at various bar sets available and making a choice on what to purchase, you first need to think about the space or ‘footprint’ that your bar furniture will take up. That includes the table and chairs.

  • Measure carefully the outdoor space, then use tape to mark the size of the bar furniture that is ideal for your space.

  • Make similar templates for your chairs, so you’ll see how the furniture set will interact with your space.

  • You would want space between and around the chairs that will allow people to move around easily.

  • For outdoor bars, make sure you have enough space for the storage of the bar set if you won’t be keeping it outdoors all year-round.

Bars and bar sets are currently available in various materials – hardwoods like teak and oak, softwoods like pine, HDPE lumber, aluminum, and wicker are all available.

Take into account the following factors if you want to choose the right material(s): maintenance, durability, appearance, comfort, surfaces (how well the surfaces can resist foods and drinks), weight, comfort, and price.

  • Softwood

Softwoods are inexpensive as they're abundant in supply, but they don't weather well. They also don't resist spills.

  • Hardwood

As for hardwood, it’s durable and resilient, but requires protection and varnishing to stay outside.

  • Wicker

Wicker is light and beautiful with its texture, but it is not durable for outdoor use.

  • Aluminum

Aluminum, on the other hand, is easy to maintain, resilient, and tough. Its only downside is its vulnerability to wind from its lightweight construction.

  • HDPE Lumber

Consider HDPE lumber if you want a material that only needs water and dish soap for its maintenance. It also comes in various colors.

HDPE lumber is a favorite among homeowners as it makes home bars comfortable, luxurious, and stylish with a strong, high quality, and sturdy construction. The material is also manufactured to last an entire lifetime.

The style of bar you choose for your home should blend naturally with the décor of the room. Whether you build a bar extension in your kitchen or create a full bar in your den, man cave, or basement, the bar should follow lines of the room and be kept to scale so as not to overwhelm the space. There are four broad styles of bar to choose from:

The Back Bar

The back bar is what typically comes to mind when you imagine a traditional style bar. It is basically divided into three sections. The first is the bar surface with refrigeration and storage underneath, the next is an open area, and the final section is typically a tall storage area for bottles.

Back style bars are best suited to homes with a dedicated area or room for entertainment. Opt for dark wood finishes for the bar surface and stained-glass storage doors for a traditional look. You can also keep the bar modern and sleek with a marble bar top and stainless-steel storage.

The Straight Bar

A straight bar consists of a bar surface with storage underneath for beverages, snacks, and a refrigerator. The bar top extends out for a wide drinking surface and to allow for adequate legroom for guests.

A straight bar is ideally suited to kitchen and outdoor entertainment areas, as it can be easily incorporated into the layout, and can provide a valuable food prep surface and dining area.

The L-Shape

The L-shape bar has a curved or angled bar top in the shape of the letter L. The shorter side is usually a wet area for washing, with the elongated side used for storage. The protruding bar top extends along the sides to accommodate a large number of guests.

An L-shape bar is a flexible option that can be incorporated into a wide variety of rooms. Despite the seemingly large footprint, L-shaped bars can be a compact option for a room corner that allows for maximum seating in minimal space.

The Corner Bar

When you have limited space, the corner bar is the perfect option for storing and serving your favorite drinks. The design often consists of a narrow cabinet down the bottom for a mini-fridge and open surface for drink preparation and a tall series of shelves for bottle storage.

Look for a corner bar that compliments the other storage units in the room or matches the accent pieces. If you have a mid-century modern living area, choose a corner bar with a rosewood finish and tapered legs. Country style entertainment areas benefit from bars made with distressed wood and with ornately turned wood legs.

The best storage for your bar depends on the size of the bar and a variety of beverages you plan to serve.

Closed cabinets offer protection for valuable, high-end spirits and liqueurs. However, some bottles and bar equipment are beautiful accent pieces and deserve to be displayed, in which case open shelving with mirror backing will show them in their best light.

For chilled beverages such as beers and mixers, you need a fridge. Mini fridges and under-counter fridges are a great option as they can be easily hidden from view to avoid spoiling the aesthetic of your bar.

For wine storage, consider a temperature-controlled display case that keeps red and white wines at the perfect temperature for serving. Remember that wine bottles should be stored sideways so that wine can touch the cork.

The real challenge when buying a bar set is deciding on one that comes with the right type and height of bar stools. In addition to form, function, and style, the main thing that you would want to explore is the height.

Here is how you can determine the correct one:

  • The height of bar stools is typically around 28 to 33” high. The chairs work best paired with a bar height table, which is between 40 to 42”.

  • A set of counter height stools has chairs that are 24 to 27 inches tall. The chairs work best with a counter height table – generally 34 to 36” high.

  • You're going to need at least 9 inches and a maximum of 13 inches from a stool’s seat to a table’s underside.

  • If you have chairs with arms, make sure that they fit with your table.

  • Choose bar stools with footrests, so the legs of the users don’t get tired.

  • Leave at least two feet in between the chairs for people to be able to move easily.

You probably do not want your counter chairs combined with bar tables. That won’t just look a bit odd, but the disparity in terms of size also means that the furniture won’t be comfortable to use. That is why most homeowners choose bar sets compared to buying the bar and chairs separately.