Bedside Wall Lamps For Reading

Lamps are surely useful. Now you will have a chance to see how nice they can be, too. On this site you will find a very wide range of choice of bedside wall lamps for reading, all of which have their own charm and high functionality. Discover this collection yourself if you still have doubts.

Bedside wall lamps for reading 2

This would be convenient for Jason's night time potty breaks. LEDtube, a wall-mounted flip-out mini light

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An amazing set of very industrial outdoor lights made to look like security cameras. Very unique, one-of-a-kind design, bound to spice up your backyard or patio its unusual look. I really love those lamps!

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Make sure you can read your favorite book now while taking excellent care of your eyes with this amazing wall lamp that comes with a lacquered stem and the aluminum, tempered glass base to match it with durability.

Bedside wall lamps for reading 1

This charming bedside wall lamp will enhance your bedroom with style and new functionality. Designed to brighten your moments with favorite book. Its swing-arm offers wide variety of regulations, adjusting perfectly to your needs.

Bedside wall lamps for reading

Bedside wall lamp for reading. It includes a double swing arm for regulation according to requirements of its user. Solid metal construction of this lamp is not only resistant to wear, but it also looks attractive and decorates indoors.

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$45 for bedroom. spray paint color we want--allen + roth 18-1/2-in H Bronze Swing Arm Wall-Mounted Lamp with Metal Shade

Bedside wall lamps for reading

Wall mounted swinging lamp, self-made, with 180 degrees swivel option. The style was probably not the point of making it, it's meant for purposefulness I think, but it might be stylish in some decors... Like, industrial, maybe?

Bedside wall lamps for reading

presented a roundup of warm industrial wall mounted lighting ...

Bedside wall lamps for reading 1

Bedside Essentials: Warm industrial Wall Lamps

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I love the whole industrial thing but I'm not too sure how well it will age

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This would work perfectly in my cramped, short on space bedroom.

Wall mounted bedside lights

These are amazing and so functional. They move up/down, side to side and the lamp shades are adjustable, too. Perfect for reading in bed.

Wall pendant light

A wide choice of bedroom lamps for contemporary interior design. Available in various shapes, colors, and designs, those lamps are made of quality materials, providing durability, functionality, and stylish appearance.

Led tube light for bedside reading

LED tube light for bedside reading

Bedside sconces

If you just love to read before going to sleep and would still like to take care of your eyesight then these wall lamps are just the way to go, allowing you to get the best angle of illumination in your interior and still being extremely convenient.

Affordable barn lights bend into any angle you want

Affordable barn lights bend into any angle you want!

Walnut cabinets 16

Who needs a bedside table when they can use a cabinet for extra storage - love the sconce for reading

Green bedside lamp

lamp crush yet again - and at $150 finally an affordable crush! (well it’s all relative) …wohoooo! by designer Brendan Ravenhill find them / buy them here via svpply

Choosing a good bedside reading lamp with perfect style

Choosing a Good Bedside Reading Lamp with perfect style

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Swing arm lamps, but up and down instead of side to side...for the master bedroom.

Access Lighting 62088-BRZ  Odyssey Wall Mounted Task Lamp with On/Off Switch, Bronze Finish

Cerno cubo bedside hybrid reading light swing arm wall sconce

Cerno Cubo Bedside Hybrid Reading Light Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Farleigh Hungerford 1 Light Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Farleigh Hungerford 1 Light Swing Arm Wall Lamp

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Design Sleuth: A Simple Bedside Light Fix for $15: Remodelista

Angler sconce 1

Angler Sconce
A high quality, solid angler sconce made of durable mango wood. This is a light fixture designed for use in any space. It is a hand-made product that looks very attractive and features high level of solidity.

Bedside wall lamps for reading 8

Hudson Valley Lighting GARDEN CITY WALL SCONCE Product ID: 8323-PN PERFECT for above the two bathroom vanities!

Adair bedside lamp

Adair Bedside Lamp
A set of charming bedside lamps in a vintage style. All of them feature simple, white shades in a standard shape and posts that look like old-fashioned street lamps. The posts are white, black, and glossy metal.

Bedside wall lamps for reading 7

Iseelite modern lamp by DNA+ provides two lamps in one – flashlight and reading lamp. The light snaps onto its base and rotates 360 degrees for positioning as you need it. Turn the lamp on and off with the simple swipe of your hand, and the optional di

Candlestick bedside lamps

The great bookshelf with build-in side lamp. If you decide to mounted it next to the bed, you gain a great reading place with the book already delivered, so you can just sit and read without any troubles.

Bedside table lamps for reading 2

Add this beautiful rustic lamp to your interior and enjoy the stunning boost of practical appeal and a nice decor choice. It comes with a 75 watt lightbulb and offers a wood finish of the base with an easy switch.

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Shelf-Nightstand For White Bedroom Decorative Bedroom

Whitney fluted glass art nouveau task table lamp

Whitney Fluted Glass Art Nouveau Task Table Lamp
Table lamp suitable for bedside table applications. Its cast glass shade is silvered inside, so it provides a vintage glow. Durable iron construction is long-lasting, so this reading lamp will serve its users for many years.

Bedside wall lamps for reading 3

Wall Mounted bedside Lamp | ... Space-Saving Swing-Arm Wall-Mounted Reading Lamp - Plow & Hearth

Bedside table lamps for reading 1

Reading in bed is one of the greatest pleasures ,so an attractive bedside lamp is needed. This minmalistic lamp has a bent metal, high construction that is a thin metal stripe that bends and upwards and downwards. Topped with a simple white shade.

Elegant Designs Modern Genuine Leather Table Lamp

It is a high quality, very interesting and attractive modern lamp on the desk. Its concept is based on pure geometrical forms. Both leg and lampshade are rectangles. The lamp is ideal for the bedroom and the office.

Wall mounted bedside lights

The wall-mounted handle for the wall and a very original and unique night lamp reminiscent of a great bulb captivates. This is a perfect solution as a bedside wall lamp for reading or corner wall sconce.

Stilo 17.3" H Table Lamp

Stilo 17.3" H Table Lamp
A perfect addition for modern homes and offices, this table lamp in a silver finish is crafted from quality metal and plastic. The lamp is eco-friendly, equipped with an on/off switch, and can be adjusted in terms of its height.

Growth chart for wall

Create a nice place to actually document your children growing and developing with this growth chart wall. It ensures a look of serene beauty and peace and will make for a nice display place for your family photos.

Growth chart for wall

Funny growth chair in the form of ruler. It is suitable for children and their parents who want to control their growth. This practical, wall mounted element also plays decorative role in different rooms.

Wall point decor sticker for kid

Wall Point Decor Sticker For Kid
A lovely way of observing your child's growth, this elephant wall sticker may be smoothly hanged in any children's bedroom. It is designed to measure kids up to the 1.50 metre.

Growth chart for wall 11

Wall measure for your children. This element is not only measure, is above all wall decoration. This adornment looks like tree in fancy shape with blue leaves. It will be fit especially to children's bedroom.

Growth chart for wall 24

Attractive and very original element of kids' room decor. This growth chart allows for controlling the growth of children. Its green grass stylization looks very original and attractive in any interior design.

Wall Play Dino Growth Chart

Wall Play Dino Growth Chart
This is the perfect decoration for the children's room. Funny and friendly dinosaur in its natural surroundings decorate the room, but will also control the growth of your child. The dinosaur is equipped with a measure that this helps.

Ocean Boy Growth Chart

Ocean Boy Growth Chart
Cool contemporary chart for measuring boys' height. It's rectangular, crafted of durable hypoallergenic poly-cotton blend with a funny colourful sea-life design. It can be stuck (12" from floor) and easily removed lots of times with no wall damage.

Adjustable Reading Over the Bed Gooseneck Wall Lamp

Adjustable Reading Over the Bed Gooseneck Wall Lamp
These adjustable reading lamp is the perfect solution to bed. Goose neck design facilitates optimal lighting, and you can relax reading a bedtime. Beautiful design in a modern style to suit every decor.

Growth Chart

Growth Chart
This growth chart will be a wonderful solution for a little one who always asks you to measure him because he wants to be a big boy. The picture has been printed in the United States with soy-based inks on a natural sheet of paper.

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Futura Bedside Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Futura Bedside Reading Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Modern type of wall lamp which has a possibility to move thanks to folding arm. It contains dimmer switch on the base. This product includes cord and plug but can also be converted to hardwire. Halogen bulb was applied to this lamp.

Sports Boy Growth Chart

Sports Boy Growth Chart
Hip latterday rectangular personalised chart for measuring boys' height. It's made of durable hypoallergenic poly-cotton blend with a cool multi-coloured sports design. It's wall-safe and can be easily stuck (12" from floor) and unstuck many times.

The Kids Room Growth Chart

The Kids Room Growth Chart
Beautiful contemporary rectangular chart for measuring girls' height. It features a pretty colourful flower and butterfly design printed on plastic and mounted to fibreboard. It has a hanger at the back.