Articulating Wall Lamp

Lamps are certainly a useful thing to have. Discover the variety of those depicted at the photos in this collection, and feel free to get inspired. They differ when it comes to different features so check all of them to have an overall idea and be able to pick the best one for your house.

Best Ideas

Articulating wall lamp 12

Articulating Wall Lamp by O.C. White

Antique cast iron wood pulley lamp

Antique Cast Iron Wood Pulley Lamp
Boasting of industrial accents and durable design, this articulating wall lamp is handmade using various types of metal. It comes with a bowl-like green shade, and a functional neck that can be adjusted according to your needs.

Articulating arm wall sconce

Very industrial lighting. A lamp that can be modulated to your needs - made of metal, in a gray color -articulating wall lamp, ideal for reading and night science meetings. Its lampshade is simply, but it resembles a cosmic orbit.

The mo no 4w industrial modern swing

The Mo No 4w Industrial Modern Swing
Thanks to this wall-mounted lamp, you are getting a functional and illuminating accessory for indoors. Made of powder-coated metal, the lamp comes with a bowl-like shade, an adjustable goose neck and a circular base.

Articulating wall lamp 7

O.C. White Style Adjustable Wall Mount Extension Boom Light Lamp - Industrial Pharmacy Articulating Parabolic Brass Scissor Sconce


Made of steel articulating wall lamp is an unusual and very effective way of lighting the interior. The beautiful lamp is a great night light, over the desk and not only. Black finish in industrial climate delight.

Articulating wall lamp 1

... Light vintage articulating adjustable RISE & FALL brass WALL lamp

Articulating wall lamp 8

WO AND WÉ COLLECTION: Paire de lampes murales vintage articulées patinées

Articulating wall lamp 1

The curious form of this stylish articulating wall lamp makes the décor gain style and wonderful lighting. Interesting lampshade, adjustable handle, and functionality make it a great night light or desk.

Articulating industrial wall lamp oc

Articulating Industrial Wall Lamp Oc
Wall lamp mounted on metal base. It is fitted with adjustable arm. Great as night lamp or additional source of light. It is very well appreciated by customers for neutral design and functionality.

Articulated wall lamp

A great mix of functionality and old-fashioned appearance; this articulating wall lamp comes with a wall-mount design, filling your room with warm light. Made of brass-finished metal, the lamp includes a bowl-like shade attached to the adjustable neck.

Articulating wall lamp by o c white 1

Articulating Wall Lamp by O.C. White

Industrial scissor articulating wall

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall
A lovely blend of functionality and vintage appearance, brought by this beautiful wall lamp. Designed of adjustable goose neck in antiqued patina finish and a bowl-like shade finished in dark gray, the lamp is wall-mounted and easy to use.

Articulating wall lamp 27

Stilnovo Articulating Wall Lamp, Italy, 1950

Articulating wall lamp 16

The Oui No. 6W Industrial Modern Swing wall by triple7recycled

Articulating wall lamp 28

Stilnovo articulating wall lamp Italy Milano 1950

Articulated wall lamp

Articulated Wall Lamp

Vintage Style Solid Brass Wall Lamp - Scissor Lamp - Steampunk Lamp Light

Square Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Square Swing Arm Wall Lamp
Contemporary, modern style and subtlety is the perfect combination mapped in this delicate lamp. Fixed to the wall, the handle is adjustable settings, making it easy to adjust as desired. Pleasant shade complements the whole.

Asa Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Asa Swing Arm Wall Lamp
This charmingly made it a stylish wall mounted light performance and high-quality materials. The adjustable handle allows you to easily adjust the lighting to suit individual needs. Beautifully made will make the interior will gain an unusual atmosphere.

Articulating wall lamp 23

Rare Burton Articulated Wall Lamps - Matching Pair

Articulating wall lamp

Industrial Wall Lampw/ Black Shade - Articulating Wall Sconce Lighting ...

Industrial scissor articulating wall 1

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall
The industrial scissor articulating wall lamp light is a something interesting for home office or teenage room. Reminds me of the steampunk style with mirrored dark gray finish.

Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Errol Swing Arm Wall Lamp
This practical and very tasteful wall lamp has a practical movable handle Someone can set it according to your needs. Well made and durable at the same time gives a warm and pleasant light.

Articulating wall lights leading designers contemporary lighting

articulating, Wall lights, Leading designers, Contemporary lighting ...

Articulating wall lamp light antiqued patina steampunk lamp 1

Articulating Wall Lamp Light - Antiqued Patina - Steampunk Lamp ...

Articulating wall lamp 5

Wall lamp in industrial style. It is mounted on metal frame and gives warm tone of light. Great as nightlamp or additional source of light in all kinds of interiors as needed.

Industrial Brass and Steel Lamp - Scissor Pharmacy Articulating Boom Stump Wall Light - Brass & Steel Lamp - Vintage Style Gas Station Parabolic Shade

Articulating wall lamp

Pinocchio - Wood Mannequin Hand Wall Lamp - Wall Sconce Light - Unique Wall Light

Articulating wall lamp 21

1stdibs | Carl Thore Articulate Wall Lamp Mid Century

Articulating light

An elegant classy wall-mounted lamp featuring a practical swing arm adjustable in 3 places due to 3 joints. Metal fixture with a wall switch has a weathered brass finish. A classic shade of black-finished parchment accommodates 1 up to 100W bulb.

Rustic wooden floor lamp home decor a walk through the

Rustic Wooden Floor Lamp | Home Decor | A Walk Through The Woods

Burton Wave Plus Magnifier Wall / Table Mount Light

Articulating wall lamp 18

Vintage Industrial Mid Century Brass Articulating Wall Lamp.

Articulating wall lamp

Bunny Turner Drawing Room - Living Room Design Ideas & Pictures (

Articulating wall lamp 3

Manhattan Wall Light and Contardi Modern Wall Lights | YLighting

Articulating wall lamp 19

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall Lamp Light - Fully Dimmable Light Socket - Steampunk Lamp - Mirrored Shop Light & Shade

Phila Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Phila Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Adjustable Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Adjustable Swing Arm Wall Lamp

Vintage industrial oc white articulating desk wall lamp porcelain

Vintage Industrial OC White Articulating Desk / Wall Lamp Porcelain ...

Articulating wall lamp 25

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall Lamp Light by LongMadeCo

Ledra Resort Gooseneck Wall Lamp

Ledra Resort Gooseneck Wall Lamp
If you're a fan of discreet and functional solutions, this amazing and modern wall lamp is gonna perfectly match your needs! Check it out and enjoy the perfect light and an intriguing design in your house.

Industrial scissor articulating wall lamp light with by longmadeco 1

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall Lamp Light With by LongMadeCo

Scissor wall lamp

It looks like a ordinary lamp? It's a swingarmed shuttle lamp that was inspired by medieval interiors, hence it has solid aged brass trim and mind-century black-brown finish.Articulating wall lamp bright you up as Enlightenment did with the Middle Ages.

Pair of french articulate wall lamps

Pair of French Articulate Wall Lamps

Scissor arm wall light

Nice, retro wall lamp. It’s easy to set-up and comes with a durable cable that won’t easily tear, unlike the modern, plastic cables. Perfect for people who like the retro vibe!

Aidan Swing Arm Wall Sconce

Aidan Swing Arm Wall Sconce
This beautiful lamp with a collapsible handle is an interesting detail that will give the interior fun climate. It is very practical and works well when reading or relaxing. Stylish gold-plated finish fits in perfectly with any décor.

Anvia hoogervorst articulating wall lamp 1960 from a unique collection

Anvia Hoogervorst articulating wall lamp 1960 | From a unique collection of antique and modern wall lights and sconces at

Industrial scissor articulating wall lamp light antiqued patina steampunk lamp

Industrial Scissor Articulating Wall Lamp Light - Antiqued Patina - Steampunk Lamp - Mirrored Dark Gray Shop Light & Shade

Vintage mid century brass articulating wall lamp

Vintage Mid Century Brass Articulating Wall Lamp