Arched Window Mirror

A decorative option, a testament to European architecture, these arched window mirrors are gorgeous. They resemble a Spanish arched window, and at first glance, anyone might think that is what it is, but no, they look closer and the distressed wood fixture is full of square mirrors. Such a lovely addition, you might add a couple of these. See collection for more.

Best Products

Arched door mirror

Arched door mirror
This piece of equipment is responsible for improving the indoor decoration. It is 38" wide x 47.25" high x 4" thick and its decorations and details are hand-made. It is made of fir with a distressed paint finish.

Shaw Floor Mirror

Shaw Floor Mirror
Amazing floor mirror designed utilizing finest materials - quality wood and durable mirrored glass. Beautifully finished in antique gold and brown, this fantastic item offers sturdy construction and elegant style.

Bromley Mirror

Bromley Mirror
Elegant mirror in the shape of a window. Designed to hang on the wall. The frame is made from polyurethane. It should be cleaned with a dry cloth.

Faux Window Wall Mirror

Faux Window Wall Mirror
It imitating the antique mirror in the window frame is a beautiful decorative motif for your home. It is very stylish and rewelcyjnie brightens the entire interior, giving it a remarkable character.

Large arched window mirror

This beautiful, large window-shaped mirror is an excellent way to enhance the interior. The lovely frame admires with the mirror plate, creating an optically larger space in the room. Ideal solution for the bedroom or living room.

Arched window mirror 1

An old arched wooden window. Perfectyly suits the entrance or the vestibule, is such a great decoration for inside and outside spaces. Is the symbol od idylle and calm. Surrounded by white candles and green shades perfectly brightens up the place.

Arched window mirror 2

Everyone that has come into my apartment has commented on this arched window mirror. It's a wonderful original piece to hang on my wall. The distressed finish makes it more interesting.

Our advice Buying Guide

Arched window mirrors are professionally styled to look like traditional windows that you can see inside old churches. Their unusual shape and style make these magnificent mirrors the best choices for people who love unorthodox designs and styles.

Charming and elegant, these mirrors look amazing regardless of the setting or themes of homes and apartments. They even work in office spaces, commercial properties, and restaurants. Inside a residence, an arched window mirror would make an incredible feature piece which can transform a corridor or hallway's appearance.

To help you pick the right arched window mirror, our design team put together all the things you need to be aware of when shopping for this decorative piece that can enhance your home's interior.

How to select the right size arched window mirror?

Scale is crucial when you're choosing an arched window mirror. Determine where you'll be hanging your new wall décor and take the exact measurements of the wall. If you'll be hanging the mirror above a sectional sofa, you can pick the biggest arched window mirror you can get your hands on. It can even be as big as the sofa as the mirror will make a bold statement. You can also select one that's ¾ of the length of your sofa to give just the appropriate amount of presence. It'd be a good idea if you don't want the mirror to be the room's center of attraction.

If you'll group several mirrors, the rule or formula still applies. You can expand your installation so the mirrors cover your sofa's length. The larger or longer your installation is, the more impact your mirror/s will have within the space. By the way, leave at least a foot of clearance below or above your new mirror installation.

For an installation above a fireplace, get the mirror that has the size which can fill the space between your ceiling and the mantel's topmost part adequately. You can position it at the center of the bare space or let the mirror rest on your mantel.

What are window mirror frames typically made of?

The next consideration that's important when choosing an arched window mirror is the frame as it has an impact on the piece's overall style. The choice of frame material is typically between:

  • Gilt - A gilded frame adds a bit of elegance, sophistication, and drama to any room. It works well with a luxurious style. A metallic finish like gold, bronze, champagne, grey, and silver will make a great modern and ornate frame. It'll act as a room's focal point.
  • Wood - A wooden frame gives an earthy, natural finish. It works well with understated, chic styles. From a weathered finish to a rustic stain, you can select a frame that will highlight the rives, grooves, and wood grain. You can also choose one that is designed to fade subtly into the background.

A frame can transform a simple, understated mirror to a room's dramatic focal point; therefore, you must take your time when you're considering the right material for your space.

Mirrors can be great additions to modern and traditional homes. Take your time when making a selection and you'll be able to find the piece that you'll love for years.


Mirror that looks like window

This sleekly designed living room is a combination of classics and contemporary designs. Interesting details like a window-styled mirror, simple armchairs with original pillows and sleek lamps in contrasting shades creates a unique whole.

Arched window mirror

Oversized candle sconces flanking this arched window mirror draw the attention to this entryway nook, making it a focal point. A shabby chic window mirror is worth considering if your interior lacks windows (it makes the space look larger).

Window mirror with shutters

This fabulous arched window mirror constitutes a magnificent proposition for traditional interiors to add a refined character, known from the Mediterrenean villas. Features a high quality metal frame, painted black.

Large window mirror

Arched mirrors have this luxurious, rich vibe to them, we just can’t resist. Look at this sectional one – it’s minimalistic and can appear a bit cold, but with the addition of a flower it no longer is that way. Used the proper way, it’s actually quite cheerful!

Antique window mirror

Opt for this sublime arched window mirror that will provide you with the practical use for your space and the ample possibilities when it comes to complementing and upgrading the decor of your interior.

Church style mirrors

Arch top mirror that looks like an arched window. This solid wooden element finished in white color features an old-styled design. It is not only practical, but it also looks very attracive in almost any house.

Arched church windows

This arched window mirror constitutes a perfect complement to a rustic, vintage interior. Its distressed character adds a mysterious, thrilling character, ideal for lofts or some industrial chambers.

Arched window mirror 3

Arched Window Mirror

Arched window frame

Propped against the wall, this set of salvaged windows adds so much style and climate to the space. Backed with mirror panels, these arched rustic masterpieces will fit into rustic or industrial decors.

Large arched mirror

Complement your bedroom with this astonishing mirror in shape of an arched window. The slender wood frame divides the whole mirror into smaller panels, creating an illusion of having another room on the other side.

Antique arched window

Need a little style in your contemporary home? These fancy mirrors will, definitely, help you with that. Each mirror is designed in shape of a beautiful window - with a finished-black wood frame that holds 8 mirrored panels.

Original_large arched window mirror jpg


Window mirrow

Jardin Mirror from Soft Surroundings - I love this mirror! Imagine how much it would open up a room!

Mirror looks like window

Having the big arched window mirror is a kind of idea to bring more light to the dark antechamber. This optical illusion could be useful mostly in the bachelor's apartments with the very limited space.

Old arched windows for sale

Looking out the window - this time you look inside yourself because this black wooden stylized into a medium-sized window has turned into a mirror panel creating an extraordinary arched window mirror in black.

Window arch mirror

With the distressed frame and the stunning, arched shape of the structure this window-like mirror will allow you to gain immense amounts of functional appeal in your interior, while it adds to the visual side with the vintage look it offers.

Tall arch factory cast iron window mirror this hand polished

Tall Arch Factory Cast Iron Window Mirror, this hand polished piece ...

Fake window mirror

lovely way to display beautiful old windows

Ex midlands stable holding arch cast iron window frame mirror

Ex Midlands Stable Holding Arch Cast Iron Window Frame Mirror

Molen arched window pane mirror

Molen Arched Window Pane Mirror

Jessica McClintock Floor Mirror

Jessica McClintock Floor Mirror

Arched mirror window

I really like big mirrors like this that can sit on a floor.

Arched window frames

Heligan Arched Window Wall MIrror

For less than half the price you can get world

For less than half the price you can get World Markets' version for ...

Haven Cage Mirror

Haven Cage Mirror

Double arch outdoor mirrors large

Double Arch outdoor mirrors large

Arched window mirror with shutters

"Garden Gate" Mirror - Horchow The charming scrolls of one of our favorite garden gates now forms an overlay for this mirrored wall decor. Iron overlay is hand painted with an antiqued gold finish. 23.5"W x 1"D x 49.5"T. Call 1.877.944.9888 "Garden Ga

Vintage window mirror

gorgeous texture and I love the tiny swing hanging off the branch. Gorgeous party ideas from Dear Lillie Blog in this post.

Mirrored window frame

Old Windows: Bonus points if you score an arched pair. The more patina the better! Source: Kara Rosenlund

White arch mirror

Living room decorating ideas

Decorative mirrors each window mirror has 10 panes of mirror

... decorative mirrors, each window mirror has 10 panes of mirror

Faux window mirror

The beautiful arch construction in this delightful window mirror is a perfect combination of astonishing looks and a nice decorative detail. Stylish finish imitating the old style delights and adds total charm.

Old window made into a mirror i have one in

Old Window made into a Mirror ~I have one in my bathroom for over the sink...It's wicked cool! Made it over 8 years ago!

Small garden wall ideas

An amazing set of outdoor mirrors that can be a lovely improvement for your garden. Each of those old-fashion beauties is characterized by gorgeous stonework, transforming your lawn into a vintage piece of stone art.

Mirror with shutters

Enhcant your master bedroom with a touch of magical ambiance with this exquiste wall mirror. It's beautifully arched and designed in shape of an old-fashioned window, with a weathered wood frame and small mirrored panels.

Window mirrors

Charming arched mirrors made of tall old window frames still having hinges and handles! They're finished in distressed cream. Mirror glass is covered with lattice woodwork in a square design. Mirrors matches well interiors in beiges and whites.

Church window style mirrors

This window mirror sports a lovely look with its distressed finish and will surely allow you to compliment your interior and add a touch of refined beauty and elegance to it almost instantly thanks to its looks.

Mirror that looks like a window

The unique and nicely finished old arched window, that is a wonderful wall decor. Add it on your fireplace or hang on the wall. It features the large size and distressed finish with vintage look.

Window mirrors decorative

Arch Mirror

Arch window frame

Mirrors in the Garden-great for a small space!!!!

Details about french country distressed arched wood window wall mirror

Details about French Country Distressed Arched Wood Window Wall Mirror

Could do old windows with krylons looking glass spray paint

Could do old windows with Krylon's Looking Glass spray paint to give it this feel....

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