Apartment Size Recliners

Apartments are in confined and having a full-size recliner can be tricky if you don't want to use up all that space. Instead, we offer apartment size recliners that will give you the same comfort of a full-size recliner without the issue of poor space management. These are top quality recliners and yours is in this collection.

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This small, yet incredibly colorful and comfortable recliner is a great variety of interiors. The upholstered upholstery colors and sturdy design create a neat piece of furniture that adds an interior of a joyful climate.

Southern Motion Cranston Solarium Hi Leg Recliner

Southern Motion Cranston Solarium Hi Leg Recliner
If you are looking for the original detail in the interior, this recliner will be perfect. Beautiful upholstery in striking designs and colors, solid construction and elegant shape create a perfect living room or bedroom furniture.


Kick back in comfort no matter how small your apartment is - this small sized recliner should be just fine in terms of size. Its style includes grayish brown leather upholstery, nailheads trim accentuating most edges, tall back and tapered dark legs.

Caro High Leg Recliner

Caro High Leg Recliner
It is a high leg recliner that has got a faux leather upholstery and solid wood construction. This recliner is very comfortable and has got a traditional design. IT is a great addition to any home.

Tufted Recliner

Tufted Recliner
It is a very elegant, sober and extremely comfortable armchair and Breakfast. It has a bright color. It is upholstered and its back is lightly quilted. Perfect for the stylish French interior, to the livingroom.


A very nice recliner chair that supports different, comfortable postures. Its mechanism works in a very reliable way. The seat assures softness and it is supported by a comfortable, relaxing backrest and solid arms.


This small size recliner catches the attention with its vibrant, dark red finish. Softly-cushioned, it will encourage to spend long afternoon hours, relaxing after the whole day.

Our advice Buying Guide

Are you searching for a way to relax in your apartment? If so, then you've come to the right place as what we have below is a quick buying guide on apartment size recliners. Recliners that fit apartments and condos today are more versatile, functional, and tailored than ever, which means you'll definitely find our tips handy.

What are the best materials for recliner upholstery?

Different apartment size recliners come in different upholstery materials from genuine leather to stain-resistant, waterproof fabrics.

  • Anti-Fungal - If your home gets cold and damp during the winter season, then you know exactly how furniture can get moldy and frustrating when they do. A good way to avoid dealing with mold and mildew on your furnishings is by getting a recliner that is made of anti-fungal fabric. Such type of fabric allows you to do nothing in fighting against mold and mildew as it will do the task for you.
  • Full Grain Leather - An apartment size recliner with full grain leather upholstery defines luxury. It's a product that screams opulence and relaxation at the same time. Full grain leather-upholstered recliners may be expensive, but they're the ones that can withstand the test of time. If you don't have the budget for one, you can buy a chair that's "gently used."
  • Waterproof Fabric - You may want the most relaxing seating solution that can be used outdoors. If so, then you'd love a recliner with waterproof fabric upholstery. Most manufacturers of waterproof chairs coat fabrics with waterproofing materials like polyvinyl chloride, wax or rubber.
  • Soft Chenille Fabric - This type of upholstery material is the best for compact recliners as it's stylish and it offers maximum comfort at the same time. Soft chenille is popular for its sturdiness. It's also used for carpets, small rugs, and bedspreads. If you select this upholstery material, you need to know that chenille fabrics require dry cleaning. This means your recliner should be protected from water and moisture.

What extra features to look for in apartment size recliners?

For extra comfort, you'd want memory foam footrests, gel seating, and head cushions. More luxurious features include massage ability and heat pads.

Regarding your chair's appearance, you may want matching scatter cushions or arm covers which can help the chair look in tune with your home décor. You may also want extra pockets for newspapers and magazines and removable arms, which are essential for people who require a side transfer from wheelchairs.

What different operating mechanisms do recliners come with?

  • Manual - Manual compact recliners are your affordable options. Any adjustment is carried out using your hands. In that case, you can get a manual recliner if you are not experiencing mobility issues.
  • Powered or Electric - Electric recliners have motors with adjustments controlled via the pressing of buttons. They're recommended for people with mobility issues and those who have a large budget set.
  • Anti-Gravity - Anti-gravity compact recliners are specialized models that allow a user's legs and feet to elevate beyond the torso. It's a position that’s been proven to offer tons of benefits health-wise. Most anti-gravity recliners are used in relieving back pain.


Standard Size Recliner

Standard Size Recliner
It is a very elegant recliner, which is made of brown leather. The seat is perfectly matched to the shape of the body and thus gives you a perfect rest. It is additionally equipped with a divan, which allows for complete relaxation for the legs.


Space saving recliner chair with comfortable cushioned backrest and seat. It is covered with green leather and supported by simple wooden legs. It includes a reclining mechanism that supports comfortable and relaxing postures without problems.

Best Davis Recliner Club Chair, Grey

This simple and elegant recliner would be the perfect solution for every stylish living room, no matter if you prefer modernity or tradition. Check it out and fall in love with its amazing design and comfort!

Apartment size recliners 6

This recliner will be a perfect addition to a contemporary apartment. Its small size shall fit smoothly into tiny living room or bedroom spaces. Features a regulated footrest and backrest.

Recliner size

This small recliner will add a charming and elegant character into any living room or bedroom. Its regulated seating and backrest allows to adapt the item fully to your current needs or preferences.

Apartment recliner

In such an apartment size recliner the nap must be much nicer and there is a risk that you will not wake up in time. The recliner has a simple gray cotton upholstery, three-part quilting on the backrest and wooden armrests.

Small recliners for apartments

With the unique upholstery and the charming design packed with utmost comfort this recliner is a sure choice for your household, letting you actually rest after a long week at work and ensuring a boost of simple, classy style for your home.

Apartment size recliners 8

Go for this sublime swivel recliner chair that comes with the rocker function as well and will make for the perfect option of adding some nice, relaxing spot to complete your decor. It sports the leather upholstery in the cream finish.

Archdale Recliner

Add comfort, style and beauty to your living room with this fantastic recliner. It has got a microfiber upholstery, print pattern and comfortable seat. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Apartment size recliners 7

Being under 40" tall, this petite sized recliner will be a perfect proposition for a tiny, contemporary living room. Finished with dark purple, with a button-tufted upholstery, it features various regulations options.

Apartment size recliners 9

This petite recliner is perfect for petite people who do not need an oversized, name-brand leather or imitation leather seat. Modest fabric upholstery can blend well with nearly any décor, providing comfort with minimal use of your floor space.

Petite sized recliners


Petite sized recliners 4


Human touch pc086 serenity recliner in red

Human Touch PC086 Serenity Recliner in Red

Chloe Fabric Recliner

This functional recliner represents a beautiful silhouette that effectively improves contemporary homes. The chair is covered in a fashionable fabric, and includes turned style legs, cut-a-way arms, and a generously padded seat.

Dylan Club Recliner

If you looking for a casual and comfortable club recliner you need to choose this one. It fits to any style and décor, and is perfect for your living room, family room and for your everyday relax.

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TMS Addin Recliner, Chocolate

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary comfort and a perfect design in your living room, check out this amazing and stylish recliner! It's gonna bring you not only a unique look, but also an unusual functionality.

Apartment size recliners 2

apartment size recliners

Apartment size recliners 5

Until you sit with the impression! This ordinary, seemingly gray apartment size recliner,will give you a unique relaxation by sliding a gray footstool on a metal mech.Time spent with a book on a simple chair with non-invasive lines - will take on a new meaning.

Spectra ll

It is a very comfortable and elegant recliner that has got a chrome frame and black leather upholstery. It is a fantastic addition to your living room, office space, family room and other.

Small size recliners 3

A pretty comfy compact electric-powered and wire remote controlled recliner. It has a thick seat, low-profiled rounded panel arms with outer pockets, a wide across-split backrest. Upholstery is of durable textured plain mid blue fabric.

Home loft concept gilleslee kd tufted recliner

Home Loft Concept Gilleslee KD Tufted Recliner

Cosmopolitan Leather Club Recliner

Kick back and relax with this elegant club recliner! The chair rests on a solid wood frame that is reinforced by glued joints and corner blocks, and features tapered legs. The upholstery is made of 100% top grain mocha leather.

Recliners 56


Hooker Furniture Windward Upholstered Recliner in Dark Honey

A snazzy piece for living rooms, this chic recliner is crafted from hardwood solids and cherry veneers, and upholstered in a durable leather and floral-patterned fabric. The whole is decorated with gorgeous curves and raffia accents.

Bobkona Hungtinton Microfiber/Faux Leather 3-Piece Sectional Sofa Set, Chocolate

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary comfort and a unique design in your house, this intriguing and stylish set might perfectly match your needs. Check it out now and enjoy an amazing look and functionality!

Opulence Home Mocha Bonded Leather Recliner

Dynamic, updated design with tall back and convenient footrest is not the only asset of this recliner. It's wrapped in luxurious bonded leather (mocha brown) and accented with double stitches. It looks great and reclines with a mere button push.

Isle Upholstered Hi-Leg Recliner Chair in Tobacco

This reclining chair in a tobacco finish stands on a sturdy wood frame equipped with fluted front legs and slightly curved rear legs. Upholstered in stylish fabric and padded for extra comfort, the chair also offers a tufted back, rolled arms, and a soft seat cushion.


Hancock moore leather recliners

Hancock Moore Leather Recliners

Carmel Push Back Recliner

This well developed ergonomic recliner, just slightly tipped to get the optimum position for relaxation. It is astonishing in many ways, for guests to relax, and this lovely prentuje in many interiors.

BarcaLounger Presidential II Recliner (POWER) - Stetson Coffee

This breathtaking power electric recliner is upholstered in 100% top grain leather, with classy button-tufting, lovely nailhead trim, and a high resilience foam seat. Only 2.5 lbs of pressure is required to activate the reclining mechanism.

Small size recliners 16

This simple, old-fashioned armchair is must-have in every classic living room, but you can use it too, if you want to arrange your own home theatre. It is covered with light brown leather and has comfortable take-down footstool.

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Leatherette Swivel Recliner Chair and Ottoman

This comfortable recliner with matching ottoman rests on a solid wood frame with an espresso finish, with the seat and back upholstered in brown leatherette. The chair conveniently swivels, and provides multiple reclining positions.

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Reclining chair products on houzz

Reclining Chair Products on Houzz

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Single Sand Leather/Walnut Set Mac Motion Oslo 58 Series Sand Leather Recliner and Ottoman Set

This beautiful set of modern recliner witch matching ottoman can be a nice way to kick back and relax after a hard day of work. Each piece features a walnut-finished wood frame that holds white leather upholstery.

Recliners 42


Lyndon reclina rocker la z boy collection lazboy

Lyndon Reclina-Rocker | La-Z-Boy Collection Lazboy