Wrought Iron Corner Shelf

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With their intricate motifs and dark colors, a wrought-iron corner shelf lends an attractive component to lonely areas in your interior. Aside from a display shelf, they are also made of durable materials and can serve as plant stands. While most metal corner shelves have a classic appeal, some also exude modernity and crispness. These iron corner shelves, gathered by our design experts, will prompt you to imagine what you can do to that small nook in your living room.

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Our Picks

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Triangular Shelf

Union Rustic

Gain extra display room with this metal corner shelf. It's crafted with an iron frame and rustic wood shelves giving it an industrial vintage look. Designed with five tiers, it will hold your books, knickknacks, photo frames, and other daily items.

Designer Advice:

With clean contemporary lines and rustic finishes, this corner shelf provides a great spot for displaying your home décor. We recommend using its form as a guide when it comes to styling it. Place a small item on the top part. As you go to the lower shelves, add more visual weight by displaying several items or choosing thicker and bigger pieces.


Fleur de Lis Shelf

Fleur De Lis Living

Open, with a beautiful scrollwork design, this tall wrought iron corner shelf is a lovely addition to your nooks. Featuring four tiered shelves, it is constructed with a footed base for added stability. The matte black finish allows for easy decorating options in traditional- or farmhouse-style settings.


Designer Advice:

A romantic piece that can be used as a plant stand. Opt for lighter pieces on the upper part as this corner shelf tends to be top-heavy, due to its rather small legs. We also recommend anchoring it to the wall, especially if you are using it for heavy pots. This will help ensure its stability and prevent it from tipping over.

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Steel and Wood Shelf

17 Stories

Made of sturdy metal and manufactured wood, this rustic metal corner stand with five tiers can be used in any room as a bookshelf or plant stand. It has a contemporary silhouette with fan-shaped shelves.

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Skinny Iron Shelf

Ebern Designs

A minimalist stand with metal corner shelves. The powder-coated finish gives it a clean and modern look, while five tiers provide substantial room for small to medium home décor. It has an open-slatted shelf design, giving it an open and airy feel.

Designer Advice:

Available in two neutral colors and three bright hues. The black and white options are ideal for farmhouse and transitional style interiors. Meanwhile, the cobalt, seafoam, and lime green units are perfect for adding a pop of color to modern homes. Best to use bigger items when styling as smaller ones tend to be unsteady due to the open slats. 

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Wall Mounted Shelf

These wall-mounted wrought iron corner shelves will add a charming touch to small nooks in your home. The stylized foliage and scrollwork designs lend a classical touch. Three shelves in varying depths give it an eye-catching waterfall effect.

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Iron Baker’s Shelf

Bring a classical vibe to your kitchen with this wrought iron corner stand that can also work as a baker’s rack. Featuring scrollwork and unique motifs, this piece exudes elegance, further elevated by its handcrafted appeal.

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Latticed Shelf

Zipcode Design™

An iron corner stand with a global vibe. This piece features latticework designs for the back panels, beautifully balancing solid and open forms. Four open shelves, made of engineered wood, provide a substantial display room.

Designer Advice:

This shelf comes in black and espresso colors, which are perfect for transitional, Asian, and contemporary interiors. Take note that the shelf doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes so it’s best to have a drill handy during assembly.

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Shelf with Floral Motif

Deco 79

Tall and visually stunning, these wrought iron shelves are expertly crafted to bring life to the drab little corners of your home. The combination of scrollwork, heart, and nature-inspired motifs is further elevated with the addition of four distressed wood shelves. For compact spaces needing a partition, these would actually look great as a multifunctional divider.

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Shelf with Scroll Motif

Monarch Specialties Inc.

An elegant and airy piece, this wrought iron corner shelf unit features S motifs accented with scrollwork ends. It features four shelves with open, slatted designs, making it ideal for plant display. Its copper finish also lends a chic vintage touch.

Designer Advice:

Perfect for interiors and in patios for your plants. These are also compact enough to use in small spaces such as powder rooms. This is a sturdy piece that you can make more stable by bracketing or anchoring it to your wall. 


Harp and Scroll Shelf

Fleur De Lis Living

Elegant with its scrollwork and linear details, this vintage metal corner shelf adds a touch of classical charm to the home. The four fan-shaped shelves also vary in depth, creating a waterfall effect. Comes in a chic copper finish.

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Buying Guide

Wrought iron corner shelves serve a dual purpose. You can use one as a storage place for books, DVDs, family portraits and other items, but it will also serve as a decorative element of a room. Since corner shelves have a corner design, they are meant to stand in a corner with the sides facing outwards. They are perfect for displaying delicate artwork and conserving space.

Choosing the right wrought iron shelf can be made simple and easy if you bear a few important facts in mind.

How to select the right size wrought iron corner shelf?

Size is also an important factor that you need to consider when you're shopping for a corner shelf. It has the ability to determine how your shelf will function and look within your space.

  • Width - Your shelf's width should be relative to its height. A tall, narrow unit will give you ample space to showcase trophies and family portraits. If you want a short unit, however, we suggest you choose something that's wide to ensure the piece feels substantial within your space.
  • Height - Corner shelves range from 3-8 ft. tall. When you're deciding on the height, consider both practical and aesthetic concerns. A tall shelf will fill up a corner and look more formal and expensive. A shorter unit, on the other hand, is close to invisible, which may be what you want if you wish to put more focus on the room's focal point instead of the shelf.
  • Depth - A corner shelf is at least 5 inches deep so there's ample room for the storage of decorative items. Consider what you will be showcasing before you make a purchase.
  • Space Between Shelves - Your shelves may be fixed. If so, then make sure the space between each shelf can fit accent pieces and books. As mentioned, adjustable-height shelving will offer more flexibility.

What extra features to look for in a wrought iron corner shelf?

Depending on how you'll be using the unit, you may want the following options for your wrought iron corner shelf:

  • Adjustable-Height Shelves - If you seek versatility out of a shelving system, choose a unit that has movable shelves. Each shelf is typically suspended on a peg that you can insert into holes to adjust its position.
  • Wheels - You may wish to redecorate your home regularly. If so, then consider a corner shelf with wheels. The wheels will allow for easy movement from one corner to another.

Where to place a wrought iron corner shelf?

Even though you are looking for a wrought iron corner shelf, you don't need to place it in a corner of a room. If you place it against a wall instead of a corner, you'll easily find how stunning it looks within your space. You can also place a unit against a wardrobe, so you get a cheap, instant extension to your armoire. Just make sure the design and color of your new corner shelf match with your wardrobe.

Are wrought iron corner shelves expensive?

You may find numerous wrought iron corner shelves in different price ranges. Deal start at about $70. The units that belong to the lower price range, however, aren't usually long-lasting. If you'll be using the shelves daily and you require a product that will last for years, be prepared to spend a bit more.

Best Ideas

Corner Wrought Iron Bakers Rack Metal Wood Kitchen Cabinet Shelf Storage New

Spare a free room corner? This wood and metal kitchen cabinet awaits to provide some storage and display space there. Wrought iron frame with fancy curls, together with rounded dark wood cabinet and shelving above, create space and style.

These wrought iron corner wall shelves are an interesting decorative and functional element. They will perfectly work in the living room, kitchen or bedroom, adding a new dimension. Simple yet impressive decor delights.

Copper Metal Corner Shelf System

This beautiful corner cooper shelf is an excellent way to develop a free angle at home in a stylish and functional way. The shelves include flowers, decorations and books, and the shelf itself is exceptionally impressive.

Thanks to this corner shelf, you will be able to properly display your decorations, while also saving space in your small room. Made of durable metal, the unit is bathed in a black finish, has eye-catchy scrollwork and 4 open shelves.

2002 Longaberger Wrought Iron Corner Stand 4 Tier Shelf3 Baskets1 Wood Shelf

Created of durable wrought iron bathed in a black finish, this corner stand is functional and attractive, and doesn't need much space to shine. Features a wooden top, and 3 open shelves that accommodate 3 beautifully-woven baskets.

Grace collection 18 curved wrought iron corner bakers rack

A beautiful corner shelf that sports a 4-tiered design with glass shelves and the stunning, wrought iron structure of the frame, ensuring both ultimate style choice and a perfect piece to prove its durability and strength.

Folding iron patio corner shelf

Folding corner rack for garden, patio and others outdoor places. Construction is made of iron. It consists of 4 open shelves in various sizes. It folds flat for easy storage. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Wrought iron corner shelf inspired of vintage style. It has carved, fancy elements and it looks very elegant. It will play its role perfectly in bathroom (to storage cosmetics) or in bedroom (to inserted candles or storage frippery).

An elegant traditional 2-tier corner open shelving unit with frames of bronze finished metal adorned with scrolls on shorter sides. Size-varied L-shaped tops are made of wood with a beautiful finish in mid brown.

Corner shelf made of cast iron and finished with sophisticated ornamentation. Includes 5 shelves arranged vertically. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. Received many positive recommendations from clients.

This shelf allows you to fill the empty corner of a room, and it still will not look cluttered or heavy with furnishing. The open-aired design, with powder coated metal frame and glass shelves, adds elegant touch.

Rack mounted on wrought iron frame and finished with decorative curves. It consists of 3 wooden shelves arranged vertically. Great for storing books, display decorations and more.

NEW Phone Stand 3 Tier Corner Table, Wrought Iron Metal Side Plant ...

Tasteful corner rack made of wrought iron and finished with decorative curves. It consists of 2 open shelves arranged vertically. Great for display decorations or as plant stand.

Attractive corner standing rack. Its sleek, tapered towards the top, frame is made of iron with a black finish. It features decorative gentle scrolls and curves. A rack has quarter-round both 4 shelves and 1 drawer of pine wood finished in brown.

Romantic stylization with Provencal, a rustic note is possible thanks to corner wrought iron hanging shelves. Traditional flourishes of Provence will be great in the kitchen. For example, as a place for storing fresh fruit.

Apple Double Corner Shelves from HomeVisions - got this to match the sink shelf - very handy

Corner shelf with a durable wrought iron construction that includes some stylish floral accents. Durable shelves provide good support for different items. The upper part features two oval elements with painted flowers.

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Durable wrought iron rack that includes three shelves for flowers and other decorations. This construction is suitable for corner placement. Its wrought iron frame provides stability and includes some decorative accents.

Rustic Pine Corner Bakers Rack

An old-fashion barker's rack that you can easily place in the corner, saving the space in your vintage kitchen. Build of sturdy wood and beautified with gorgeous, metal srcollwork, the rack includes 3 open shelves and 1 capacious cabinet.

This slate wall shelf towel bar is a great idea for designing your bathroom without overwhelming it. The open style will make every bathroom seem larger and more spacious. Made from iron and richly finished, it's a real gem.