Wooden Bookcases With Glass Doors

Dust is one of the biggest dangers to books. Beyond heat, moisture and time, dust can muddy the clean look of your personal library, even possibly destroying older books. So to keep those dust particles at bay, might we suggest a wooden bookcase with glass doors for the protection of your favorite pastime. Your books will appreciate it.

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Buyers' Picks Marshall Bookcase

Crafted of sturdy Elm wood and covered in an oak finish; this gorgeous bookcase is functional and decorative. The front is equipped with 2 sliding doors with clear glass panels, while the inside features 2 adjustable, wood shelves.

Glass Door Bookcase

It is a standard bookcase that has got a glass door and four shelves. It is perfect for storing and display your books and favorite accent pieces. It is a fantastic addition to your living room.

Solid Birch Wood Doors Glass Display Cabinet Shelves Bookcase New Wooden

Suitable for displaying china, collectibles, books, and other knick-knacks; this bookcase is large and capacious, crafted of sturdy wood in oak finish. It has a pair of clear glass paneled doors with adjustable shelves concealed behind them.

Craft Storage Unit Floating Wall Cube Storage Display Cubes Wood Wooden Shelf

Bookcase consisting of 7 shelves in various sizes. It is completely made of wood. Perfect for display decorations, storing books and others needed stuff. Provides space saving in all kinds of interiors.

Make a grand impression in your home with this large bookcases. They are made of white wood and the glass. They are plenty of storage spaces for books and the accent pieces. Create your huge home library.

Bright laminate teakwood bookcase with glass doors makes a beautiful and secure place for your best books and fine collectibles. Three-section doors make it easy to access the contents to use or re-organized them as desired or needed.

Ameriwood Glass Door Bookcase

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Bookcases leave little protection from dust and dirt. Wooden bookcases with glass doors that were popular in the early 20th century are returning with a passion. Collectors of books, art and paraphernalia are finding that there was good purpose to this style.

Options of low cabinets with bottom knobs to grand wall length open and closed glass doors are finding their way into modern homes. Regardless of the decor, warm wood with protective glass gives a high-end presence to any room.

What are the best types of wood for bookcases with glass doors?

A wide selection of wood and quality glass make a distinct impact on libraries, living rooms and home offices. Here are a few ideas for finding the right bookcase model for your areas.

  • Oak - A hardwood, like oak, shows structural soundness for a bookcase. Stained to a golden brown and cast with burl inlays, a traditional Chippendale presence is achieved. Quality glass inserts protect contents while showing off prized possessions. Barrister styles are also popular in oak hardwood and are available in different wood shades.
  • Pine - Solid pine is a good wood for creating imperfections for adding character to bookcases. Very accepting to paint and stains, large stand alone units, made of pine, often feature 4-pane wood inserts against quality glass.
  • Reclaimed Wood - Reclaimed pine that is scarred and painted in distressed gray shows how transitional decor can make good use from recyclables and still have charm. A glass front with slim wood panels adds even more emphasis on a natural look.

What styles of wooden bookcases with glass doors are there?

  • Traditional - Stately cherry wood finish and strong silhouettes of the classic design always make these wooden bookcases with glass doors an eye-stopper. Supporting a tease as to what lies beyond the glass facade, it is a must in a library or den.
  • Contemporary - A straight design with no fuss is relative of contemporary form. A pair of plain 4-panel glass doors may rest against a base of white and outlined with a golden oak top. Natural wood with a light finish is also a nice touch to contemporary styling.
  • Modern - While glass-fronted bookcases are not thought of in the world of modern design, they can fit nicely when a modular unit that has long ridged glass panel doors is used. Usually standing tall at 5' or more, they blend well with home offices.
  • Rustic/Country - Reclaimed pine adds a touch of elegance to rustic or country decors with glass doors that offer a peak of collectibles. This look can be used for rustic industrial as well.

How to maintain wooden bookcases with glass doors?

Even though doors prevent dust from getting directly on books and items, the inside wood or glass shelving should be dusted on a monthly basis. Keep the exterior glass clean and shining with a vinegar and water solution or glass cleaner and lint-free cloth. Wood should be dry dusted with a microfiber cloth and lightly oiled monthly.


It is a box-shaped furniture equipped with glass fronts, drawers and shelfs mounted. Wooden bookcase will answer to all your needs in book storage with elegance. Made of dark mahogany wood, could be a strong, representative point of your living room.

Old-fashioned design for a tall bookcase made out of cherry wood with a smooth, high polish finish. The bookcase has a cupboard on the bottom and three glass shelves on top with a glass door and interior lights.

476: Large Wood 3-Glass Door Library Bookcase

A simple and functional bookcase, which is an ideal choice for a kid's room. It consists of several open shelves in different sizes which are perfect for storing toys. The sides of the piece feature a special spot for displaying books.

Extra-large wooden bookcase finished on a light neutral grey with a touch of black metal pulls for outstanding accents. The piece has up to six closed door cabinets, three of which feature a tinted glass door for incredible flair. It also offers adjustable cabinets for extra versatility.

Top quality floor to ceiling wooden bookcase designed to occupy an entire wall. The piece comes beaming with outstanding stylish appeal thanks to its beautiful crafted tempered glass doors, stunning white finished wooden frames, and state-of-the-art crown moldings that will transform any room.

Traditional Oak Bookcases with Full Doors - glass & wood 24" W, 17" D ...

This wooden bookcase with glass doors will bring in some classic elegance to your interiors. Glazed fronts create an option to proudly present your books collections. Comprising 4 tiers, the item offers impressive capacity.

This wooden bookcase with glass fronts conceals a considerable storage space, divided between several shelves. It will elegantly expose your books collection. Its dark wooden construction shall fit well into classic interiors.

French Restoration Brighton 86" Bookcase

Beautiful wooden bookcase with glass doors is a perfect combination of unique style and functionality. Stylish details and interesting decorative elements captivate and beautifully display the contents.

Solid Wood Bookcases Glass Doors

Then you have the limited space to store you brick-a-bracks, you should think over the rolling bookcase. 48 little rectangular shelves allows you to have a perfect order in your books and accessories.

Trendy wood bookcase – Sliding Door Bookcase

An elegant bookcase that will properly display your collectibles, books, and framed pictures. Crafted of sturdy wood and splashed in espresso finish, the bookcase rests on bun feet that support 4 wood shelves concealed behind a pair of clear glass paneled doors.

Solid wooden bookcase with glass doors and many shelves. It features simple lines and wear resistant construction. Shelves can be paired with baskets or cabinets for additional storage and protection.

Stylish and practical bookcase armoire that includes glass doors. Its wooden frame is solid and features simple lines, so this functional product looks very good in any interior design. Four legs provide good support and stability.

Code : TP.03.221 Description : Bookcase 2 door glass 3 selves Size ...


Doors with glass panels help to display the content of a bookcase, but without letting the dust and dirt intrude. Thanks to versatile style, this elegant bookcase is an accessory that suits almost all interiors.

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Black wooden coffin bookcase with glass door and purple velvet lining.

A simple DIY bookcase that is divided into six cubes. Made of light wood and with no back, it features timeless and universal design that will suit any decor. If you want the piece to be more unique, paint it in a vivid color.

wooden bookcases with glass doors

If you are not a fan of heavy furniture, especially bookcases. The good answer could be - made from a subtle birch wood, bookcase with double glazed doors. This bookstand reminisce 50s and 60s time, when wverything was light and casual.

Wooden Round Bookcase with Glass Door: W36"H76"D13" FOR SALE $750

A functional solution for living rooms, lofts, and dens; excellent for storing books, binders, pictures, and DVDs. Entirely made of hardwood in oak finish, the bookcase offers 2 large compartments concealed behind two pairs of sliding doors, and 3 open shelves.

A real wood and a bit of imagination - have allowed the self-made of dollhouse bookcase for childrens. Presented choldrens white and pink bookcase has six individual shelves in the form of dollhouse with all edges capped and very girhlish, sweet style.

Big and spacious China cabinet doubling as a bookcase with glass panel doors. It has four shelves inside, four doors, four closable cabinets and, in terms of style, oval door motifs and crown molding.


Bespoke modular system.

Bookcase consisting of sides and modular shelves in multiply, finish with oil and wax. Equipped with wooden or glass lacquered sliding doors. Drawers slide on metal rails with end of run stop and “bluemotion” soft closure. Var

Bespoke modular system.

Bookcase consisting of sides and modular shelves in multiply, finish with oil and wax. Equipped with wooden or glass lacquered sliding doors. Drawers slide on metal rails with end of run stop and “bluemotion” soft closure. Var

This wooden cube bookcase, available in two different positions, enchants with its cool and clean, minimalistic design, which will fit into modern interiors. A great example of contemporary design - stylish and very practical.

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design - living rooms - dark hardwood floors, hardwood floors, kilim rug, red kilim rug, sofa table, floor pillows, sofa table, wooden sofa table, blue velvet sofa, arc floor lamp, black arc floor lamp, black arc floor lamp with

Nice addition to your kids’ bedroom or a home library – a handy little wooden bookcase/magazine rack with three compartments and a nice, traditional design. Perfect to store your kids’ books and comics in!

Reclaimed wooden almirah Reclaimed wooden almirah four shelves with glass door intended to stand at the side of a dining room living room,bed room. Reclaimed wooden almirah has been used as a bookcase also. This highly functional Almirah is the perfect

Now that’s a wonderful DIY project for your kids’ bedroom. A sideways bookcase with a wooden trim, great for storing all the stuff your child might require on a daily basis and acts as a handy changing station.

A decent, four-level and contemporary bookcase that creates multiple storage solutions. Easy to assemble with required hardware included. It Can be used as a display shelf for pictures, books and mementos.

Wooden cube bookcase! Customized 16-by-17-by-10-foot wooden box that accommodates a bookcase on the outside, a bedroom on the inside, and a dressing-room mezzanine above. You can create your won library :)

Coastal Living Right 76.5" Bookcase

A huge shelving unit that measures from the floor to ceiling. The piece is divided into plenty of small cubes, which will let you keep all your things well-organized. It's a perfect solution for a basement.