Wood Bookcase With Glass Doors

Keep those first editions clean and dust free with wood bookcases with glass doors. The concept is simple, but these bookcases aren't. Confused? Let us elaborate. These are well made, constructed of good, sturdy wood, built to last, and can handle anything you wish to put within its shelves. And the glass doors are also top-quality, with reinforced hinges.

Best Products

Bristol Court 68" Bookcase

Stunning 68-inch tall bookcase with superb crown moldings at the top, beautiful rounded legs at the bottom, and a pair of modern glass doors. The bookcase also comes with a unique light brown finish, neatly glossed for outstanding flair.

Glass Door Bookcase

It is a standard bookcase that has got a glass door and four shelves. It is perfect for storing and display your books and favorite accent pieces. It is a fantastic addition to your living room.

Vintage Bookcase Metal Lawyers Barrister

Characterized by premium metal craftsmanship, this vintage bookcase is capacious, durable, and stylish. Includes 4 storage compartments - each placed behind a pull-up door with a clear glass front and a tiny white pull-knob.

Oak Ridge Lawyer Bookcase

If you love classical and vintage style solutions, you definitely need to check out this perfect stylish bookcase. You will totally enjoy its functionality and brand new design brought straightly to your flat.

Science 84" Door/Shelf Bookcase

Practical bookcase made of solid wood in durable finish that features maple storage space with six adjustable shelves, stable base and sturdy doors. Provides a comfortable and easy way to organize your books.

Billy Bookcase With Glass Door Modern Bookcases

Equipped with glass doors, this large white bookcase constitutes a proposition for all bookworms or simply those, who like to have everything organized. Its white finish provides the item a contemporary character.

Hooker wroxall bookcase

A classy two-door bookcase with glass doors. It features a bottom drawer and open top shelves. It has a beautiful dark wood frame that was made with precision to details. It will suit traditional interiors.

Our advice Buying Guide

Should you choose clear or frosted glass for a wood bookcase?

You should choose a clear type of glass for a wood bookcase with glass doors. Think about the way that you’ll use your wood bookcase in years to come: you want to be able to glance at the bookcase and find the book that you want to read or reference with relative ease. This will be a much simpler process if you don’t have to open the frosted doors of your bookcase in order to see the titles in your personal library.

The exception to this general rule is simple: if you’re pursuing a very streamlined, modern aesthetic. Books can look very busy, as each is typically designed with unique style in mind for marketing purposes. If you’d rather cover up that busyness, frosted glass for your wood bookcase will look better.

Ultimately: clear glass for practical purposes, frosted glass for aesthetic purposes. It’s your pick!

How to arrange books in a wood bookcase with glass doors?

When styling a wood bookcase with glass doors, there are two general schools of thought: Styling for practicality and aesthetics. If the glass doors on your wood bookcase are frosted, you can style completely for utilitarian purposes; place the books alphabetically, by genre, or any way that makes sense to you. If the doors on your wood bookcase are clear and you can see the books, style them to reduce visual clutter. Alternate books laid horizontally and vertically; make sure that each shelf has 2-3 non-book knick-knacks laid on top of stacks of horizontal books; and allow dead space to visually let the shelf breathe.

You can also consider strategies to reduce the busyness of the books themselves, which will always be a little more on the graphics-heavy side. You can remove book sleeves for a more neutral set of colors; you can group the books by color to make them easier on the eyes; or you can even turn the books around so the pages are facing out, which will turn your book collection into a delightfully neutral range of aesthetic colors.

Is a wooden bookcase with glass doors more expensive than a wooden bookcase with wooden doors?

In some cases, a wooden bookcase with glass doors may be more expensive simply because it takes extra time, care, and attention to fit glass in the doors properly—and there are additional steps such as glazing that need to happen.

Nevertheless, if you’re able to purchase a used bookcase, it may not make much of a difference.


Goulding 51" Bookcase

Add some life to the room with this amazing bookcase in the vibrant, red finish of the sturdy wood. It boasts plenty of style and storage, while featuring four shelves, three of which are adjustable for your utmost convenience.

Functional furniture marshall bookcase in oak

Crafted of sturdy Elm wood and bathed in an Oak finish, this contemporary bookcase stands firmly on the ground, thanks to its flat base. The inside is secured with a pair of clear glass panel sliding doors and equipped with 2 adjustable wood shelves.

Reclaimed wood bookcase with glass doors

The reclaimed dark wood bookcase with the glass doors. The glass should probably be exchanged, because the view is blear and it doesn't shine through enough. The wooden part looks better, but should be reprinted to restore their old glow.

Traditional look for a tall stackable bookcase, comprised of a few pieces of the same size. The bookcase is made out of manufactured wood with oak veneers in a black color and has glass doors in every compartment.

Beautiful brown wood bookshelf unit with casement windows and ball feet is the perfect housing for your best book collection. It can also be a secure housing for delicate art objects, or even important file selections, protecting them from curious fingers.

At some point, the man gets into elegance in the interiors - then his books decide to store in a solid, dark mahogany wood bookcase with glass doors. Perfect for decorative items. It is finished in bold espresso.

Tall bookcase with glass doors. Frame is made of wood. Suitable for storing books or display decorations. It provides space saving in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Oxford 72"H Bookcase with Glass Doors $370

An aesthetic traditional wooden bookcase with a nice dark blue finish. It has a rectilinear frame and an open base with low angular legs. Two glazed hinged doors have small metal knobs. It's equipped with 4 wooden shelves.

A vintage bookcase having a wooden frame with a worn greenish finish. It has a rectangular moulding top and low angular legs. Doors (with black knobs) and side walls are glazed and have simple lattice inlays. Its back has a natural brownish finish.

Elegant bookcase made of wood and fitted with glass doors. It is equipped with 6 shelves arranged vertically. Application in all kinds of interior according to taste and need. Received positive recommendations from satisfied customers.

Being an ideal choice for all traditional, wooden interiors, this beautiful vintage bookcase with glazed doors constitutes a 4-tiered storage space for your collections. Features 3 doors, each key-opened.

Cabinet-style bookcase in woodstone with two doors. Product: BookcaseConstruction Material: Oak solids and veneersColor: WoodstoneFeatures: Two large glass doorsDimensions: 73 H x 54 W x 20.75 D

Bookcases with glass doors. <3

Real Wood Bookcase With Glass Doors Design

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Wood Bookcase with Sliding Glass Doors at Hunt & Gather:

Exceptional and beautifully crafted wood bookcase with glass doors is an exciting way to have a phenomenal library in your home or office. The whole is made of wood in a warm shade that delights the details and beautifully presents itself in the decor.

Solid Pine Rustic Bookcase with Glass and Shutter Doors in Multi-Colored Finish

Eco-friendly white bookcase with two sliding glass doors. Product: BookcaseConstruction Material: Wood and glass

This is a very interesting and very elegant cabinet that fits perfectly with the theme of furniture decorative and useful. Styling is a little antique. However, it is not only to view, but also to use. French doors allow the display of the contents of the cabinet.

#ParkHillCollection Pine #Bookcase with Glass Panel Doors

photographer Dana Gallagher (via desire to inspire) (Found via Elissa’s Pinterest boards.)


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Mid-Century Inpsired Reclaimed Wood Bookcase Cabinet Credenza with Glass Doors

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Pallet bookcase with glass doors

Gorgeous HALLWAY BOOKSHELVES with cross paned glass doors -- See my New Home Design Checklist at for more ideas

Have to have it. Martin Home Furnishings Point Reyes Wood Bookcase / Display with Glass Doors - Toasted Pecan $619.00

Birch wood bookcase with an adjustable shelf and paned glass doors. Product: BookcaseConstruction Material: Birch ...

This style would be nice in the daybed room! Two-door bookcase with burl inlay and latticework panels. Product: Bookcase Construction Material: Wood, wood veneers, burl wood and glass Color: Warm golden oak Features: Three adjustable she

Deluxe Lawyer's Bookcase $1908. 39 1/2"W x 64 1/2"H x 14"D. You'll love this solid wood bookcase with raised panels and crowned with dentil molding. Glass doors framed with solid wood slide up easily and then glide in and out of the way for easy access to

Fans of the books know how important it is also their proper storage. It is through proper bookcase, you can be highlighted, present, and thus also to encourage reading. This kind of bookcase will be perfect for storage and present.

This beautifully preserved example of yew wood bookcase will enchant everyone who enjoys vintage, rustic climate. Gothic arched glass adds some mystery character. Yew wood provides warm color and subtle grain that is speckled with “bird’s eyes”.

Old-looking, beautiful, extraordinary and adorable - such wooden bookcase with glass doors would transform every lounge or cabinet into a lovely space with the good vibes of books and a smell of old wood.

Have to have it. Wayborn Solid Wood Window Pane Bookcase with Drawers $804.99

Mid-Century Inpsired Reclaimed Wood Bookcase Cabinet Credenza with Glass Doors

Square door handle made of metal finished in satin brass. This practical element perfectly matches modern indoors. Its metal construction is solid and resistant to damage and many other negative factors.

Solid Mahogany Wood Bookcase with Glass Doors and Cupboard ...

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