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Here's something fun that will give your windows some style. Add window decals for home to them, and enjoy the pictures you've created. We all loved stickers as kids. These decals are like stickers for adults, and more suited to match your personality. Love cats? Put some fun cat stickers. The possibilities are endless. Peruse this collection to see what we have for you.

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Euro Cats Window Sticker

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Euro Gerberas Window Sticker

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Window Decor Peel and Stick Westwood Window Sticker

Beautiful latterday textured stickers and films intended for sticking on glass surfaces. They're of vinyl with a colourful geometric floral design looking like authentic stained glass. They're easy attachable, removable and washable.

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24" x 36" Decorative City Lights Window Film

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Window Decor Peacock Window Film

Great modern removable window stickers made of vinyl and looking like stained glass. They're intended for blocking unwanted viewers and reducing glare. They feature a beautiful diamond design in peacock feathers-inspired blues, greens and purples.

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Window Decor Blossom Etched Window Sticker

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Window Decor Glacier Window Film

Aesthetic modern stickers and films intended for glass surfaces. They're made of removable and washable clear vinyl with an embossed geometric design. They're intended for blocking peeping Toms and reducing glare.

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Mosaic Privacy Window Film

A window film that will allow you maximum privacy, while the innovative concept allows you to put a stylishly designed piece in your home. It features delicate etchings on a window or any glass surface.

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Hummingbirds & Flowers Removable Window Clings

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etched double window done using Egress Etch glass etching stencils

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Buying Guide

What is the difference between a window cling and a decal?

The major difference between a window cling and a decal is that clings do not include any adhesive material, unlike decals. While they can both stick on glass windows, only clings can be repositioned. Nonetheless, decals are a lot more stronger and can last for a very long time until you feel like removing them. In terms of removal, wall decals are a lot more complicated. You’ll need a razor blade, soap, and water to remove the remaining adhesive on the surface whereas window clings can simply be peeled off from the window without needing any cleanup.

What type of window decal should I get?

Window decals for home decor allow you to play with the natural light in your space and add character to a room. The best type of window decal for your home depends on the overall design scheme.

For a kid’s bedroom, consider choosing vibrant, multi-colored decals for the window in the shape of flowers or cartoon animals. These can brighten up the space and add a fun element to the room that your child will love.

You can take some creative liberties in your bathroom and opt for ocean-themed decals like a school of colorful fish. You can also place window decals on interior glass surfaces like your glass shower walls or bathroom mirror.

In living rooms and adult bedrooms choose sophisticated window decals like a black silhouette of a tree or something even simpler like a frosted glass decal for additional privacy.

How to choose a window decal for a kid’s room?

Choosing window decals for your home, especially a child's room, depends on their age, interests, and personality. Great window decals entertain while providing relaxation for kids.  

Teens and tweens appreciate cool and stylish window decals that tell a story. For example, they may enjoy decals displaying their favorite games, music, sports, and travel. Some may even want a meme-themed quote to inspire laughter throughout their day.

Babies and toddlers adore bright-colored cars, animals, fairy tale characters, and dinosaurs. Simple shapes and patterns provide a fantastic way to educate and stimulate their minds while adding a pop of color. The important part is to have an aesthetically pleasing window decal that matches the current room décor.

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