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Valances for large windows should make a statement while still allowing the beautiful natural light to cascade in. Whether you’re on the hunt for contemporary valances for large picture windows that are crisp and modern or something more subdued and classic for a bedroom, our design experts have put together a list of the best options currently available. 

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Our Picks

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Classic Tailored Grey Valances For Large Windows

Eider & Ivory™

For those looking for valance ideas for large windows, this 84” gray large window valance features a luxurious finely textured fabric that’s cut for premium coverage. It easily fits in a 1.5 inch rod pocket and you can wash this polyester fabric in your washing machine.

Designer Advice:

There are five other classic colors available in this style of valances for large windows. Also, if you’re looking for something to really offset your large windows nicely, this polyester large window valance features a slight shimmer, which feels elegant and timeless. 


Cotton Striped Valances For Wide Windows

Gracie Oaks

If you’re looking for something neutral and cosy, this 60 inch cotton striped gray large window valance features a cute tab top with a wood button detail. The rod pocket diameter for this window valance is 3 inches and it’s also machine washable.


Designer Advice:

Due to their soft modern nature, these valance ideas for large windows is recommended for communal living spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms. If you’re looking for a full coordinated window look, there’s also matching cotton striped tucker tiers, which are sold separately. 


Floral Cotton Valances For Large Living Room Windows

Charlton Home®

Ideal for those looking to bring an air of spring time permanently into their living space, this cotton hydrangea pattern valance for large picture window is just that. It measures at 80 inches wide and features a ruched top with a soft draping. 


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Ruffled Floral Valance For Large Picture Window

Red Barrel Studio®

Elegant and refined, this set of two 72 inch valances for wide windows features a lovely fern and lavender floral pattern. It’s made out of an airy cotton that allows the light to filter through and possesses a 2-inch rod pocket. 


Striped Living Room Valance Ideas For Large Windows

Sand & Stable™

Perfect for a bedroom or family room, this set of two gray striped ruffled valances for wide windows feature various stripes in a neat herringbone pattern. They’re fashioned in a soft cotton and also come in a red stripe for something a little different. 

$25.5 $50.99

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Light Beige Swag Style Large Window Valance


For those looking for valance ideas for wide windows, this light beige traditional swag style valance features a quality 100% polyester fabric that’s silky to the touch but provides ample shade from the sun. It’s also available in over 10 colors. 

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Unique Rustic Valances For Large Windows


Stylish and refined, these creamy floral scalloped valances for large windows are fashioned out of a delicate and airy polyester fabric. The scalloped edges features an intricate pine bough detail that would look elegant in any living room or dining room. 

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Retro Inspired Valances For Wide Windows

Lark Manor™

Giving off optimal vintage vibes, this 72 inch set of two valances for large windows features a fun vertical multi-color stripe in rich yellows, oranges, and browns. They include an easy rod pocket for display and are made of a light cotton fabric. 


Toile Print Valance For Large Picture Window

Darby Home Co

If you’re looking to incorporate traditional French country design elements in your home, this 70 inch blue toile valance for large picture windows is perfection. It’s made of 100% cotton with a classic ruching over the rod pocket and a softly draped bottom.


Designer Advice:

This traditional toile print large window valance is completely machine washable for easy maintenance and it also comes in black or red, if you’re wanting to try something different than the classic blue toile print. 

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Neutral Polka Dot Textured Large Window Valance


Tasteful and unique in design, these valances for large living room windows feature a modern large polka dot effect in a creamy wheat color. They’re crafted out of 100% polyester, contain a 2.5 inch rod pocket and should be hand washed. 

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Buying Guide

When a window is too wide for a standard set of drapes, or when the drapes are very plain, your window can sometimes need an additional treatment to bring it all together. Connect those too narrow drapes or even drapes that fit together with valances.

What is a valance?

A valance is a decorative drape or small curtain placed at the top of a window. Valances can range from a gauzy drape to a specially cut and mounted piece of fabric with lace, fringe or other decorations. They can be narrow or wide, depending upon ceiling height and your personal taste.

What types of valances are there?

Gauzy Swag Drapes

Dress up your window with a swathe of gauzy fabric that might complement, match or contrast with your drapes. Caught up at the corners like a fairytale princess gown or like the heavy bunting used to decorate platforms for speeches, swag drapes are easy to install and easy to take down for cleaning. For a little extra, use the braided cord in a coordinated color to catch up the corners.

Simple Gathered Valance

If you make your own curtains, or even if you purchase them, it is easy to create a gathered valance. You will need a metal curtain rod – the old-fashioned kind that are shaped like a bracket, and that have a continuous smooth surface, and a length of cloth or the cut-off bottom of a too-long curtain. Hem the cloth, and sew a piece of fabric wide enough for the rod to thread through it to the back of the curtain, leaving both ends open. Slide the fabric onto the rod, leaving only enough rod exposed to settle it onto the wall clamps. Some curtain sets come with a valance ready-made for this.

Hanging Loops Valance

This is much the same principle as the simple gathered valance, but instead of placing a piece of fabric on the back of the valance, loops made of cloth or cord are added to the top of the valance. It can then be threaded onto almost any sort of curtain rod, including the really fancy ones with the decorative ends.

Simple Box Valance

This works similarly to the Simple Gathered Valance. A piece of fabric is sewn to the back of the valance through which the basic curtain rod can be threaded. The big difference is that the fabric is the same length as the curtain rod so that it hangs smoothly. This is an excellent choice where the fabric design is such that you want to feature it.

Flouncy and Fringy

Sometimes you just want a valance to be really fancy. That is where a valance that’s both swag and is decorated with fringes or lace comes in. You can create miniature swags along the curtain rod to emphasize a jagged bottom edge. The trim might also emphasize the jagged shape by being lower or deeper at the lowest points of the edge.

Best Ideas

Valances designed for wide windows. It is made of high quality fabric and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. Elegant design for each home.

These curtain blinds are an excellent way to change the look of windows in any interior. Practically rolled blinds allow to darken the interior according to your needs. Attractive colors and design adorably decorate the interior.

If you want to add some fresh accent into your apartment, you can choose the window scarfs with lime green color and 60 inches of wide by 216 inches of long.

With such a beautiful set of valances, your kitchen will be looking like it's pulled out straight from a fairytale. Quality material makes it fashionable and lasting, and you can throw it into your washing-machine.


Enhance your bathroom windows with those exquisite valances for contemporary decor. Designed for wide windows, the valances are patterned with floral embellishments and effectively keep the sunlight outside.

... Windows Open Plan Design: Soothing Valance Ideas For Window Treatment

Sweetwater Stripe 79" Curtain Valance

Short curtain to the window made of cotton. Decorative corrugations and the strips material add elegance. The use in any room as needed.

This valance offers a stunning choice for all those wider windows, ensuring a boost of decorative appeal and charm and provding an utterly elegant and stylish option that can serve as a substitute for a curtain.

Trellis 54" Window Valance

This lovely microfiber window valance is a great way to decorate windows. Beautifully decorated and made in soft neutral colors will be perfect for the kitchen window. Easy installation will grace any interior.

Geneva Valance Window Treatment

Quaint, colorful valance sewn out of fabrics (cotton with polyester blend) with assorted patterns, embellished with button tabs; such a combination allows to add a bohemian touch to a decor. It also lends a pop of color to a room.

Modern jacquard curtains - the perfect choice for those who are looking for more translucent curtains. For those who need to arouse wildness in themselves and in their arrangement-valances for wide window in leopard with sewn tassels will be a great solution.

stained wood cornice boxes

This set of valances for wide windows constitutes a great embellishment of one's living or dining area. Bamboo shades and lambrequins window curtains will add a cosy, warm ambiance to the space.

These valances for wide windows constitute a perfect proposition for one's cosy, cottage decor. Finished in pistachio green, adorned with floral patterns, it will lighten any decor.

Captivatingvalances for wide windows is a beautiful way to the attractive and functional interior. Beautiful colors and excellent quality materials allow you to create a unique window design that takes on a unique style.

Traditional Kitchen, cream glazed cabinets, recessed shelf behind range, wide plank floors, brick red accents, beams- perfect

Belle 84" Curtain Valance

Elegant contemporary draped curtains and a valance for wide windows. They are made of quality off-white linen fabric with a grey geometric diamond design. They should be hand washed and air dried.

A wide window valance, to be used on a spacious window. It’s white, misty colour makes it great at stopping sunlight, yet doesn’t block all of it. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy a light, bright interior, and some shadow all at the same time.

Beautiful window valances. Light-brown colour makes them a fitting addition to this interior, given the colour of walls. Together with the rest of decoration, they create a calm, peaceful atmosphere, to improve the frame of mind of their owners.

Home | Custom Valances | Double Layered Scalloped Valance

This cozy corner to sit owes its warm, charming appeal to the use of a navy-cushioned bench and a lovely flower valance towering over it. Placed next to the window, it creates a good spot to sit with tea or coffee and observe the world.

Traditional Window Treatments design by Tampa Interior Designer Debra ...

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