Topiary Trees For Sale

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Your yard or garden will be the talk of the neighborhood when you install a few of these lovely topiary trees we have for sale. In many styles and designs, along with an array of heights, you are going to love looking out your front-room window and seeing your collection of topiary trees being admired by everyone who passes by. Especially when the stop to admire them.

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Our Picks

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Two-Tone Artificial Boxwood Ball Topiary Tree in Pot

It is a two-tone artificial boxwood ball topiary tree in pot that has got a traditional style and novelty shape. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your home. It is a perfect addition.

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Create an amazing sculptures in the garden with this wonderful topiary trees. Even when they are small, they are very impressive and looking interesting. They are very easy to care, just water it everyday.

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Beautiful cupressus topiary trees pruned in a pompom design. They have tall straight stems with thin twigs. Such a tree is sold in a round brown plant pot of plastic with a vertically slatted pattern and filled with fertile soil.

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These boxwood topiary trees will accentuate any garden or interior with their stunning looks and will provide a tool to complete the decor of any home easily. The boxwood is original and is a sure alternative to the regular planter.

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A lovely addition to your garden, which will enchant your family and friends with its original shape. A Topiary tree adds much charm and warmth to the surroundings, providing a pleasing shadow during hot days.

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Faux topiary in the shape of rabbit. It is covered with resin. Sophisticated decoration for each place. Received many very good recommendations from customers for modern look and high quality.

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Boxwood Round Tapered Topiary in Planter

This is decorative, decorative tree, which looks very nice both in the living room, as well as in any other place. Of course, the tree is the perfect solution for those who do not always remember about watering your plants, but want a little green at home.

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Ficus Topiary for sale All types of flowers and trees are available. For more details:

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Large green vegetable spheres-this is an artificial decoration for any home or garden.Symmetrically shaped from bamboo leaves.They are present in high dark metal pots. Boxwood ball topiary is a perfect way to create a space for bright ideas and conversations.

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Buying Guide

You can buy topiary trees already trimmed into a shape, or you can purchase the tree types that make good topiary. Either way, there are some basic care tips that will keep your topiary in good shape.

How to care for topiary trees?

  • Repot your topiary as soon as possible. Most of the pots in which they are sold are too small to maintain good root growth, which your topiary plant will need to sustain good health and support its shape.
  • Feed your plant, especially if it is growing in a pot. Remember, potted plants don’t have the freedom to search for added nutrients outside their original growing area. Foliar or slow release plant foods work well.
  • Water often, even if the plant is outdoors and has the benefit of rain. Topiary shapes can change the way water is absorbed, especially if the plant is in a pot.
  • Trim in early to mid-summer when the plant has the best chance to recover from pruning. Most will only require pruning once or twice a season.

How to start a topiary?

If you are just starting out with topiary, a tree that is already trimmed in a classic shape, such as the spiral or a double ball can be a quick and easy way to get going. You can learn about taking care of your topiary, maintenance pruning, and how to observe your plant with one that is already started. A boxwood cone and spiral are two easy to maintain shapes, and boxwood is a hearty, easy-care plant.

An easy way to create a topiary is to purchase or make a wire frame in the shape you desire. This works especially well with small plants, such as woody herbs that can be treelike without achieving the stature of a full sizes shrub. Select potted plants that are approximately the right size for your mini-topiary. Place them in an appropriately sized bedding tray, and settle the wire frame over them. Encourage the leaves to poke through the meshes of the wire. As the plants grow, gently trim them so that the wire shape emerges in green foliage.

What are the easiest plants to grow for outdoor topiary?

One of the easiest plants to grow for outdoor topiary is ligustrum delavayanumthe, or box-leafed privet. Just a word of warning: this stuff is so hearty that in some climates it can become invasive, so plant and prune responsibly. It holds up well under frequent pruning, happily putting out new growth at the drop of a rain shower. It puts on flowers in late summer and then berries that the birds love. To encourage it to bloom, give it its pruning in early spring before new growth begins. Yew, taxus baccata, and boxwood Buxus sempervirens, are also good plants for topiary. Yew tends to grow more slowly than privet or boxwood, so be prepared to wait a while on it. Meanwhile, keep its feet reasonably dry. Yew trees dislike swampy conditions.

Best Ideas

Wonderful, spiral topiary that will give your front door a dignified character. It looks really elegant in solid stone vases, which ideally match beige, distressed tiles on the ground. You can often change the cut of the plants.

Two-Tone Artificial Boxwood Ball Topiary Tree in Pot

It is a two-tone artificial boxwood ball topiary tree in pot that has got a traditional style and novelty shape. Everyone will tell you how beautiful it looks in your home. It is a perfect addition.

Two wooden boxes with plants. There are topiary trees and white flowers. This set will look incredible both in the garden and every interior, but it will fit perfectly to insert near your front door.

Live Boxwood Topiaries

Decorative topiary olive trees. They look very natural and attractive among many different indoor and outdoor stylizations. These green trees are able to decorate almost any interior stylization without problems.

Artificial Double Ball Topiary in Pot I

Boxwood topiary idea. Artificial topiary trees are really cool and very decorative. This box is made from wood, hand-rubbed to make it look a bit oldish. Ideal for your favourite decorative trees in the living room or garden.

A funny contemporary topiary manufactured of mosslike or lichenlike faux silk in greenish-grey shades. It has the form of Mickey Mouse figurine standing on a square postument adorned with small balls of bluish resin.

Welcome to Topiary House

If you dream about a luxurious garden, this type of decoration will be perfect for you. This miniature tree is inserted in ceramic, sculptural flower pot inspired by ancient time. It will play its role not only in the garden but on the terrace too.

Boxwood Tree Topiary Set of 3 - 1 each 16", 22" & 30"

Cryptomeria Japonica or Japanese Cedar topiary full standard tree for sale at Paramount Plants - London

and animal shaped topiaries from sk topiary sk topiary showcase

Topiaries can be a valuable enhancement of many refined gardens. Smooth pruning allows to create stunning, artistic forms, like in the case of this wonderful butterfly.