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Let’s fill that corner. Not with furniture or bookshelves, but with life. And the best life is that of plants. If you want a way to keep life safe in your home but need to fill a corner in a decorative way, we think some of these tiered corner plant stands might be just what you are looking for. They are easy to move, come in plenty of configurations, and are very sturdy. Take a look at our collection for details.

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A tripod of teakwood supports three shelves in graduated shelves made of narrow slats on semi-circular forms. This creates a charming plant stand. Imagine the blond wood supporting terracotta planting pots and house plants, especially trailing ivy or spider plants.

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A beautiful decoration that allows you to display your bonsai trees in style. The plant stand is made of durable steel, with lovely scrollwork and 3 curved open tiers. The trays are not included.

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With its corner design and nice metalwork this plant stand for outdoors is long-lasting, decorative, and easy to maintain. Designed of premium metal, the stand comes with 3 curved tiers for pot plants and curved legs for stability.

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3 Tier Corner Plant Stand Classic Style For Indoor Outdoor Patio Garden Flowers

Add ornament factor to patio or deck area: this three tier corner stand displays plant pots in a spectacular cascade, and it looks handsome itself thanks to rounded form, swirls accent and satin black finish.

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Keep potted plants or ornaments secure yet attractively displayed with this tiered corner plant stand. Scrolled black metal legs and edging supports mitered blond wood strips. Add terra cotta planters with plants, or ceramic ornaments to create an attractive arrangement.

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With this 3-tier plant stand for indoors and its corner design, you can save space in smaller interiors. Constructed of oak-finished wood, the stand features 3 open shelves with a slatted surface and curvy shape, supported by 3 stabile legs.

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... tiered. Rail, you. Picture of. Including kitchens and star-tier garden

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This quarter-round plant stand constitutes a perfect proposition for any corner. 3-tiered construction with the widest level on its bottom can accommodate smoothly many plants simulatneously.

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Buying Guide

How many tiers should an outdoor plant stand have?

An outdoor tiered corner plant stand should have at least three levels, but if you have a large outdoor space, you can purchase a stand with even more tiers.

A three-tiered corner plant stand allows you to create an aesthetically pleasing arrangement incorporating different plant sizes, flower colors, and levels to turn the display into its own art installation in your backyard. With a three-tiered stand, you should place your largest pots at the bottom level and get progressively smaller as you move up the stand.

Tiered corner plant stands are an excellent way to showcase your kitchen herb garden on your patio.  

What should a tiered corner plant stand be made from?

A tiered corner plant stand should be made from material not easily damaged by water or dirt, such as metal, plastic,  bamboo, or treated wood. Wooden plant stands are painted in different colors and treated with a sealant to provide your plants with a decorative display space that is also weather-resistant, while green crescent-shaped plastic shelving allows for easy drainage and unobtrusive design. For a more natural look, opt for wooden shelves with a slatted surface.

Wrought metal plant stands give you several decorative options and are a great material for a stand because it provides drainage and stability. Opt for an ornate metal stand with tiered shelves for your flowers, a circular metal stand for bigger potted plants, or a cylindrical-shaped metal shelving unit with round spaces that perfectly hold your succulent terrariums.

Best Ideas

tier-plant-stands-with-green-decorative-detail-fabulous-3-tier-plant ...

A great decoration for patios, decks, and front yards; this corner plant stand can also be successfully used indoors. It has a durable metal frame with lovely scrollwork, a gorgeous crowning, and a black, powder-coated finish, and three sturdy pots.

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The corner plastic plant stand with three tiers, has got the green color, which fits perfectly to any style and decor in any zone. It has enough space for 10 or 20 flower pots.

This beautiful flower stand is a perfect solution for any decor, solid steel construction, lightweight glass shelves and functionality to reveal your favorite plants. Finishing with a cute bird motif adds all charm.

A classic look for a five-tier corner plant stand, which can also be used as a curio display replacement. The plant stand is made out of cherry wood with a dark finish and has thin legs, which give it a minimalist touch.

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Vintage white corner three-tier plant stand

A long-lasting addition to any outdoor area that needs a bit of pampering with colorful blooms. This natural wood plant stand is sturdy and balanced, featuring 3 open shelves with slatted surfaces and metal hardware reinforcements.

Outdoor plant stand. Tiered, allowing to arrange the plant pots in groups and layers. Constructed of sturdy wooden planks, left with natural finish. Sure must help a lot in organizing in a garden or greenhouse!

A plant stand for corner placement. This curved construction features three tiers for different plants and home decorations. Solid frame of this stand features a black color that is neutral and stylish in any arrangement.

The interesting composition of these tiered corner plant stand captivates form and functionality. The whole finished in unusual color and shape is exceptionally impressive and beautifully displays the plants.

Styled by Kirsten Grove. Photography by Allison Corona

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