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Highlight your green room with an easy-to-reach tall pedestal plant stand. They are perfect for putting your favorite plant in the spotlight. Because of their height, they are extremely beautiful paired with plants with long vines. Place them in the corners of rooms to draw your eye to the corner. You can also put them in the center of an entryway as the focal point in the room.

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Our Picks


Adjustable 48 inch Tall Plant Stand


Sleek and elegant, this plant pedestal can hold a single plant or item. It features a tempered glass top and bottom and is changeable from 32 to 48 inches in height to suit your needs.

$199.99 $209.99

Designer Advice:

Simple plant stands are highly desired by minimalist designers and anyone who wants the plant to stand out more than the stand. This type of plant stand is fantastic for wide plants that have a large leaf span. The smooth glass surface top is easier to clean and maintain, though you’ll have to dust more frequently.

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Marble Pedestal Plant Stand

Design Toscano

This plant stand looks like a large chest piece. Offered in charcoal or white and two sizes, add it to your study, living room, or entrance for formal finesse.

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Free Form Extra Tall Plant Stand


Shaped like a harp is this unique tall pedestal plant stand with two hooks to hang plants on. It is made of mahogany wood and its fluted base and warm tones add a vintage charm.

Designer Advice:

Music enthusiasts love this plant pedestal because it blends well with the rest of their music instruments. Place it in your music room or somewhere it can easily be seen. This plant stand type is great for hanging plants with long vines because you can change the height of the stand as the plant grows.

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Round and Tall Pedestal Plant Stand

World Menagerie

This Asian-style pedestal stand with an open concept gives your room a more breathable feel. The round top and ring on the bottom give this stand a complete look.

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Reflective Tall Pedestal Stand

Rosdorf Park

Shiny and stunning, this plant stand comes with rectangle shaped mirror pieces. Its gleaming silver coat and podium style makes it the perfect plant pedestal in a glam-style home.

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Tall Plant Stand With Edge

Everly Quinn

Twisted thin metal make up this contemporary and tall plant stand. Its flat plate base, tray top, and wavy mid-section gives it a floating appeal.

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Distressed Tall Wooden Stand

Loon Peak®

Lodge and rustic styles love the natural look this plant pedestal gives. Made of teak wood and built in four sizes it adds to the lived-in look of your home.


Plant Pedestal With Built in Bowl

Red Barrel Studio®

This plant stand has a feminine hourglass shape with an antique gold finish. It features curly leaf patterns and has a balanced feel with its round base and bowl top.

$374.99 $949

Designer Advice:

Plant stands made of stone and metal are durable and last longer than stands made of softer materials. Stone and metal are heavy, which means it’s best for people who plan on leaving it in one place and not moving it around. Its one-size bowl may be a drawback because it is limited to plants with minimal plant root growth.

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Square Tall Plant Stand


Squares, squares, and more squares, this pedestal stand is perfect in modern style homes. It is hand-painted a cool deep brown for the top and base and the center is a lovely silver.

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Tall Stand With Colorful Art Glass

Design Toscano

Designed with European taste is this tall pedestal stand with ball and claw feet. It features an intricate border, wood carvings, and stained glass that can be lit up at a flick of a switch.

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Buying Guide

A tall pedestal plant stand can be the perfect place to set that draping Boston fern, or it can be a colorful accent in a formal room. The stand can match other furnishings, or it can be a bold splash of color in an otherwise monochrome or severe setting. Plants are always a good way to add interest to a room, as well as to help clean up stale winter air or the air in a room that doesn’t have operable windows. Plant stands can also have other uses such as displaying artwork or even being a portable desk for a computer mouse.

What are the most popular designs of tall pedestal plant stands?

Simple, industrial stand

A basic set of plant stands with industrial steel legs and a brushed metal top. They have no frills, no storage spaces, no scrollwork – just plain, business-like supports for your pretty plants. They are ideal for a pot or plant (or both) that are enough of a statement all by themselves.

Stained Oak Plant Stand

A delicately made (but sturdy) plant stand of stained oak, perfect for daintier plants such as African violets or orchids. The legs have been turned on a lathe to create formal patterns, and there’s a storage shelf toward the base – just the place to keep a pretty watering can.

Minimalist Geometric Holders

Matching minimalist geometric plant stands with recessed holders for plant containers are an excellent complement to a leather, glass and chrome office or living room. Holders could contain succulents, bamboo shoots or other foliage plants, or even a beautiful lily.

Victorian style plant stands

Victorian style plant stands are a superb choice for ferns, trailing vines or profusely blooming plants such as geraniums. The ornate bases provide a solid counterbalance to the delicate central support for the plant stand itself. These would go great with either a Victorian living room or with a shabby chic eclectic décor.

Italian Mural Plant Stand

Put your plainest plant or a bust on this plant stand because you’ll want to draw attention to the pictures wreathing its base. Reminiscent of pottery found in ruins, this unique handcrafted piece will surely shine in any setting.

Ornate Mosaic Plant Stand

This is another stand where you will want to emphasize the stand itself. The top is an ornate mosaic reminiscent of a child’s marble embedded paving stone or the elaborate mosaics in a mosque. The pattern of the top is echoed in the small shelf at the base.

What are some other uses of tall pedestal plant stands?

Tall pedestal plant stands can be used to display plants or artworks, or they can be used as tiny occasional tables for a computer mouse, telephone or similar small appliance. They look delicate, and attention should be paid to their balance, but with that said they can be used for a variety of decorative purposes – especially since some of them are works of art all on their own. Whether your décor is ultra-modern, Victorian, shabby chic or bohemian, you will surely be able to find a place for one or a set of these lovely tables.

Best Ideas

Tall wood pedestal round top pedstal

With this tall pedestal, your blooming plants can now be properly displayd, accentuating your whole interior with natural accents. The pedestal is crafted of wood and beautifully sculpted, with a square base and a round top.

Johnston casuals tribute pedestal plant stand

Tall contemporary stands for plant pots. Cast from metal, with chrome finish, they sport sleek geometric design that makes a stunning impression and fits modern decor styles, even those that can be classified as "ultra-modern".

Tall antique french carved tiger oak plant display stand victorian

A wonderful authentic plant stand from the 19th century. It's made of warm brown-finished oak wood. It features 4 very tall turned spindle legs with square joints and carved finials. A lower shelf has cutout sides, a showy top one - arched aprons.

Antique 30 Tall Mission Oak Pedestal Plant Stand Vintage Arts Crafts Table

A space-saving 30'' table with antique accents and sleek lines. This vintage state of art is crafted of wood in a distressed espresso finish, featuring a round base, a turned post, and a small, round tabletop.

Manifest a tall table or plant stand

Thanks to tall pedestal plant stand, even the most modest species of flowers will present remarkably.A wood combining two shades of wood-tiger maple and claro walnut. A slender figure with slightly bent legs, raised by a light-colored rounded top.

Sheesham tray stand

These tall pedestal plant stands bring the solidity and simplicity to any home. They've got a tray tops for enhanced comfort of use. The wooden base and metal top creates the striking product.

Handcrafted Provence Tall Metal Scroll Pedestal Plant Stand

Handcrafted of metal and beautified with amazing scrollwork, this pedestal stand really knows how to display pot plants. It's well-balanced, and has a round top that rests on a slender pole connected to a curvy, 3-legged base.

The metal-like tree-like structure is an excellent way to make a functional wine bottle rack. The whole is robust and durable and can perform many functions. Beautiful performance and unusual design captivate.

These pedestal plant stand have the simple, modern and heavy-duty construction. The industrial iron and raw antique finish are an interesting addition to the living room or entryway.

Artifacts Pedestal Plant Stand

You can beautifully display your favorite potted flower on a wooden pedestal, a native of the Athenian scenes. Adapted to ash wood pedestal plant stand has the shape of a cuboid column with carved lines.

This beautiful set of pods under the flower is made from metal tubes construction that introduces a modern and exceptionally stylish interior. Beautiful copper shades warm expression and beautifully displays flowers.

Plantation Cherry Pedestal Plant Stand

Magnificent traditional stand which can serve not only for plants display. It's of wood with a brown finish. It has a top plate with curved edges, a sleek column with grooves and collars, a showy rich carved base with 3 S-like feet.

Quirky mosaic tall tableplant stand

Add this quirky mosaic table to your interior and enjoy its sublime looks full of colors and rustic charm. It sports the peacock feather fan inlays and mosaic art, all in the deep blue finish of the metal structure.

33 Tall Large Solid Wood Pedestal Plant by HimAndHerWoodworking, $225 ...

Product Code: 17113

too simple, easy to make plant stand



Cooper Classics Sloan Square Pedestal Plant Stand

Geometric indoor planters like these add visual interest to a minimalist interior. Metal stands utilize straight lines and skews to create simple, yet fabulous shapes, here: tall rectangular and squat three-legged planters.

Maenads Sculpture Pedestal Plant Stand


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