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Indoor plants are just great for the home, the aesthetics, as well as the mood of the homeowner. Plants just bring out a light that is usually muddled by the ills of the world. They provide air to the home, they require little care, and they make nice, quiet companions. And in a tall indoor planter, they can thrive in a large, safe environment. Get one and see.

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Our Picks

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Tall abstract indoor planter

With its oversized design and bold geometrical silhouette, this planter will surely become the most eye-catching element of your interior. Handcrafted from durable fiberglass, it has a chic champagne gold finish.

Designer Advice:

This modern planter adds an opportunity to show off your favorite plants or flowers in a carefully curated style. Considering its flashy design, it will work best as an accent piece in minimalist spaces. We think it would look wonderful paired with decorative pieces made from rattan or in a similar golden finish.

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3 piece indoor planter set

These modern planters are the way to go if your living room lacks personality. Each planter comes in a different size and features an openwork metal frame and a cube-shaped pot with a gentle gray pattern.

Designer Advice:

These planters are ideal for creating a cohesive, contrasting display with their visually-appealing height difference. To ensure your plants thrive in their new environment, you may want to add rocks or a liner at the bottom of the pot to help promote root growth.

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Basic tall indoor planter

Reaching 26'' in height, this pot is available in four neutral colors: gray, black, brown, and white. You can pick from five different sizes, ensuring you choose the perfect fit for your space.

Designer Advice:

This planter can help you add something extra to your living room floor or the entrance hall of your home. Its simple silhouette and solid color make it a perfect addition to any minimalist interior. 

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Iron indoor planters

These planters are unlike any other pots you’ll find out there. Coming in a set of two, they are both composed of a slender frame with four legs connected by an x-shape at the bottom and a cylindrical pot with an airy golden design.

Designer Advice:

In industrial interiors, we recommend matching them with black metal furniture and a golden task floor lamp. If your space has more of a retro feel, pair these planters with rattan chairs or cabinets.

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Tall plastic indoor planter

Bring elegant style to your interior with this white pot planter. Crafted from lightweight resin, this pot has a boxy silhouette with a delicate organic texture pattern. Reaching 30'' in height, it has a capacity of 16oz.

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Tall pot for indoor plant

Orren Ellis

You can choose from five lively colors with this planter. It is made from Green Polyethylene, a material that is not only durable but also eco-friendly. This pot comes in three different sizes, and you can also purchase it in a set of two.


Rattan indoor planter

Bayou Breeze

Sometimes, an elevated planter is all you need to add a nice look and feel to the corner of a room. It consists of a black cylindrical frame with an openwork design and a hand-woven pot with a zigzag pattern.

$127.99 $187.99

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Tall indoor pot

Freeport Park®

At 28'' tall, this planter is an excellent way to diversify your interior design. Although it is made of stone, its texture and brownish-black finish resemble natural wood.

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Metal indoor planters

Make a bold statement in your space with this set of two metal pot planters. They both feature gold bowl-shaped pots placed on three angled leg stands. The extravagant pots boast a retro hammered detail.

Designer Advice:

Due to their striking design, we recommend incorporating these planters into your space with subtle golden details, like the hardware on your furniture or a small vase on your table. Before placing your plants in these planters, make sure you put them in smaller pots with drainage holes to remove any excess water.

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Set of two rattan planters


This set of two planters will add a beautiful natural accent to your living room. Both planters, one 18'' and the other 22'' high, feature an intricately woven rattan design and stable tripod legs.

Designer Advice:

We recommend placing these planters in coastal or farmhouse-styled interiors. Contrast their airy design by finding pots in solid pastel colors. To embrace their boho vibe, ensure your space is full of light colors and simple silhouettes.

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Buying Guide

Having plants inside a home can tremendously uplift its ambiance. Furthermore, indoor plants have the added benefit of improving air quality. Before you place plants inside your home, you'll need a few tall indoor planters. Since choosing the right planter can be tricky because of the many choices you have, this article is going to be a buying guide.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you'll have a good idea of the kind of tall indoor planters that will work excellently for your situation.

How to select the right size tall indoor planters?

Keep in mind that some plants can grow into something relatively big. Hence, make sure that the room and planter can accommodate the matured version of the plant. A good rule of thumb to follow is to get a planter that's a size or two bigger than the pot the plant came with.

A plant that is too big for the planter can be very detrimental. Not only will it cut off the needed moisture, but it can also damage the plant's root system.

A planter that is too big for the plant may also cause problems. For one, an excessively large planter tends to keep excess moisture. If this happens, it's like drowning your plants in water. Thankfully, such scenario is easily solved. It's the reason why it's better to err on the side of getting too big rather than getting something that's too small.

What are the pros and cons of different planter materials?

Tall indoor planters come in many different materials, and each has its own pros and cons.

  • Wood gives off a natural and elegant look. However, it can be susceptible to insects.
  • Clay is a good option if the budget is tight. On the other hand, it's easy to break a clay planter.
  • Metal has the advantage of being very tough. Consequently, it tends to become really hot during the summer months.
  • Stone or concrete is good at maintaining soil temperature and retaining moisture. However, it can be burdensome to move around.

A thing to consider is your fondness for rearranging. If you like to rearrange the setting of your home regularly, then it's best that you use a planter that is made from a lightweight material (e.g., plastic). On the other hand, if you are the "arrange once, and that's it" type, then you can widen your options to include concrete planters. One additional benefit for heavy planters is that they are also a lot more durable.

What makes looking for the right planter difficult is the many choices you have; which can be confusing. Finding the right tall indoor planter for your situation is all about knowing how to filter your choices, and you can start with the points mentioned above.

Best Ideas

Create a truly modern-looking and appealing atmosphere in your interior with these sublime planters that will prove perfect for your orchids. Now you can choose more of the same kind to achieve a look of serene beauty.

Very modern square white planters. They can be filled with plants and stones for decoration. Their most important advantage is that they enable you to store big plants indoor for example in an office room. They're highly decorative.

These tall indoor planters characterize with a modern styling, representing simplistic, yet elegant, geometrical forms. A white and navy blue composition will bring in fresh energy to the space.

Tall Fish Bowl Planter

Carefully stained to give the appearance of age, this fiber stone tall indoor planter will distinguish one's space, adding it a refined, classic appeal. Its clever construction is lightweight, while at the same extremely durable, less fragile than concrete.

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Tall White Urn - Luwasa Indoor Plant Hire Melbourne

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Geometric indoor planters like these add visual interest to a minimalist interior. Metal stands utilize straight lines and skews to create simple, yet fabulous shapes, here: tall rectangular and squat three-legged planters.

Dundee Floor Planter with Tall Stand // Crate and Barrel, $69.95

Why not go for a rustic yet extremely modern-looking planter for your plants and choose a wooden structured piece like this one? It offers the tall structure and the distressed finish for a more original look.

Tall Planter

Barrel cactus in sets of 3 tall planters!

... Accents / Plants, Pots & Indoor Fountains / Indoor Pots & Planters

With those tall indoor planters you will easily have both a truly functional piece for all those bigger plants in your home but at the same time a nice accent piece, especially since they sports a vintage look.

Tall indoor planters, standing next to the stairs create an exquisitely stylish staircase for a refined, contemporary house. Their vibrant green finish will be a cool, colour accent, breaking the browns and beiges.

The Magic of Click and Grow Indoor Flower Pots : Indoor Ornamental Plant Indoor Flower Pots

Imagine a huge ostrich egg! It was cut and a large flower pot was created from the lower half, which is additionally supported by thin metal black legs. The flower that comes out from inside the pot together creates an extraordinary tall indoor planter.

This set of tall indoor planters constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's contemporary patio or garden space. Their metal constructions enchant with the smooth, simplistic design.

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A great addition to your home or office decor, that is going to improve your interior with sleek lines and natural accents. The retro planter is made of durable steel, has three slender legs and accommodates one stylish flowerpot.

Enhance your home with those three pot plant stands, made of durable PVC. They have different sizes and are quite stable, offering a square surface on top to properly display your beautiful greenery.

lovely, and also practical, ceramic work - could make similar using a coiled pot as opposed to needing a form or mould :) . . .

Large indoor artificial plant mimicking a fiddle leaf fig tree, placed in a big floor-standing brown pot, ready to be set in an interior to bring some attractive, maintenance-free greenery (just wipe the leaves of dust from time to time).

Coleus Under the Sea™ Gold Anemone Beautiful by itself!