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Tall flower pots are an ideal way to refresh indoor and outdoor decor. These tall pots for plants or flowers can make a small indoor space feel bigger with their long vertical lines. They also add the illusion of height without making your room feel crowded. Placed on balconies or patios, they decorate outside areas with color and beauty and many can be moved inside in colder weather.

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Our Picks


Outdoor European Flower Pot

Fleur De Lis Living

At 20” wide and 30” tall, this large fiber stone composite urn is perfect for gardens, decks, and patios. This Tuscan-inspired garden urn looks heavy but weighs only 12lbs. The finish color is truly white, ready for nature to add an aged look. 

$275.99 $339.99

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Tall Self Watering Pot Planter

Sol 72 Outdoor™

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, this 28” tall pot planter is made from weather- and rust-resistant heavy gauge plastic that won’t scratch, split or crack. It has a 20 oz capacity and comes with drainage holes that allow settled water to escape.

Designer Advice:

The extra panel detailing on this tall planter makes them the perfect accessory for traditional decor schemes. We love the self-watering feature that disguises an empty cavity in the lower half of the planter. This halves its weight and lets you fill the flower pot with house plants and flowers and easily move the planter between indoors and outdoors.

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Whimsical Stone Statue Planter

Bungalow Rose

An Easter Island statue face decorates the front and sides of this one-of-a-kind planter, finished in a weather-look antique green. Made of thin cast stone concrete, this unique planter can be safely left outside all year round. 

Designer Advice:

Bring the look of Polynesia to your backyard with this comical take on a tall flower or pot planter. Add tiki torches and furnishings and you’ll create a tropical vacation right at home. Measuring 24” tall on an 8 ¾” round base, these are hollow from the top of the nose to the bottom, so are easy to relocate.

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Tall Classic Urn Style Planter

Sol 72 Outdoor™

The timeless silhouette of this tall outdoor planter has a turned pedestal base with a tapered body. It’s crafted from weather-resistant magnesium oxide but shouldn’t be left in standing water or snow. A gently distressed finish gives it an antique charm. 

Designer Advice:

Due to its classic design, two of these beauties are even better than one. Placing one on either side of the front porch will create an eye-catching welcome to your home. Three color options: rusty brown, gray, or black ensure that there’s a perfect color choice for any exterior. Although they only weigh a manageable 15.4lbs, they have the look of a more expensive planter.

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30” Tall Metallic Steel Pot Planter


Boasting a modern, sleek square tapered design, the Corten Steel ships in its raw steel state and develops a rust finish over time, usually within a month or two. Weighing 30lbs ensures they are sturdy and not easily tipped over. Will last a lifetime.

Designer Advice:

Although ideal for outdoor plants, these work equally well indoors. By applying a mix of hydrogen peroxide and salt you can create the same rusting effect as outdoor elements will. The peroxide and salt combination is highly caustic so make sure to wear gloves. A final spray with poly will seal and stop the aging process. Southwestern-inspired grasses, cacti, and succulents are the perfect complement to these tall plant pots.


Modern Tall Black Planter


This V-Resin plastic planter weighs only eight pounds but is still the strongest, most durable planter on the market. An interior tray with drainage holes holds the soil so you don’t have to fill the entire planter. Also available to buy as a set of two.


Designer Advice:

The modern and sleek design of this tall plant pot is highly versatile and complements almost every house style. As well, these suit an endless variety of plantings, such as small trees, topiaries, grasses, trailing plants, and cascading flowers. The lightweight nature of the planter will require bricks or stones to make sure wind or top-heavy plantings don’t tip it over.

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Tulip Shaped Tall Plant Pot

Lark Manor™

The soft curves of this tall flower pot lend a sculptural look to its design. Made of 100% high-grade ultra-tough Polyethylene, they are double-walled with built-in UV inhibitors to resist fading. Available in black, white, espresso, and Neptune blue.


Tall Span Box Planter


At 30” wide by 24” high, this tall span box planter allows multiple outdoor plants to share the same planter. The UV-protected finish is powder-coated in black, gray, or white. It includes a raised insert shelf 13” below the top and includes styrofoam insulation for hot and cold weather protection.

$246.15 $259.99

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Indoor/Outdoor Tall Plant Pots

Wade Logan®

These tall planters come in a set of two and have an attractive horizontal striping with a gloss finish in either graphite gray or brown. Made of a durable stone composite, the raised bottom will need to be drilled to be used outside.

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Sloped Top Flower Planter

Wade Logan®

A contemporary take on a tall planter, this planter comes in 20”, 32” or 42” high sizes. Although made of high-grade, UV-resistant polyethylene plastic, the textured finish does not look obviously plastic. Available in blue, espresso, or black.

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Buying Guide

Plants are a great asset to your home. In addition to their decorative aspects, they clean the air, lessen your stress and physical discomforts, and keep out noise, to name only a few of their benefits. The planter pots are an asset to the plants and to your décor.

You may be surprised at how many different planters there are. For instance, go to a nursery and there will be planters as far as the eye can see - every kind you can imagine and more. Where to start! We have collected some guidelines to help you decide on the perfect pots for your precious plants.

What Size Should the Planter Pot Be?

Plants are like Goldilocks: They want a pot that is just the right size. If the pot is too small, the soil dries out, the roots get all cramped up and are deprived of oxygen and nutrients, and the plant wilts. At least 1 inch (2.5 cm) of space is needed around the roots. If the pot is too large, the soil stays wet longer and mold, rot and root diseases can result. If your only choice is between too small and too large, choose too large. Roots really need room to grow.

If you have a plant with large, deep roots (i.e., large plants with lots of foliage), use a deep pot - as deep as it is wide works well. Plants with shallow roots need shallow pots, for example, succulents and cacti.

Aesthetically speaking, the pot should be about half the height of the plant: a 10-inch (25 cm) plant looks best in a 5-inch (13 cm) pot. 

Stores (discount department, grocery, hardware) label planter pots in inches (centimeters). Nurseries label them in gallons (liters), which is more puzzling to the casual plant lover. You can find a chart on the Internet that will convert gallons to inches. Or use a measuring tape to find the diameter of the pot across the top, the size of the pot in inches.

What Is the Best Material for Planter Pots?

There actually is no "best." The material depends on what you like, but it is good to know what materials are out there and a little about each.


Plastic pots are lightweight and a good choice when weight matters, such as with hanging baskets or if you intend to move the plants around. They also come in a pleasing selection of shapes and colors, are inexpensive and keep the soil moist longer. A downside is that they fade and become brittle if in direct sunlight.

Note: Do not use black or dark-colored plastic pots in a very sunny location. These colors absorb heat, get very hot, and damage roots.

Terra Cotta

Terra cotta pots are great for plants that like dry or well-aerated soil, e.g., cacti, succulents, orchids, bromeliads and any plant that does not want to sit in water. The earthy terra cotta color enhances the beauty of most plants and fits in with most decors. They are, however, heavy and comparatively expensive.

Note: A trolley with castors will allow you to move around a heavy planter pot.


Ceramic or glazed pots are fabulously decorative. They come in vibrant colors and a cornucopia of attractive designs. Tropical plants love them because the soil in ceramic pots stays moist.  They are sturdy, heavy and expensive. However, they are often seen for sale at flea markets and yards sales, so you can get a deal if you look around.


Wood planters look great, retain water well and are relatively lightweight. They must be made from rot-resistant wood, such as cedar or redwood. If made from a soft wood, make sure you stain the wood or paint it with non-toxic paint.


Metal planters are durable, fashionable, and make eye-catching accents that fit into every décor, from shabby chic to ultra-modern. Find your own metal planter, e.g., an old watering can, and your planter will be unique.

A problem is that metal pots overheat quickly, and the heat can stress your plants and damage their roots. You can protect your plants by "double potting," put the plant into a plastic insert, then put the insert into the metal planter. Or you can line your metal planters with bubble wrap to insulate the soil and roots from the hot metal.


Resin planters are lightweight, durable and inexpensive. They also can look like any other material, such as clay or stone without the back-breaking weight. They come in dozens of shapes, so you are sure to find pots that you love.

Eco-friendly Materials

You will find many eco-friendly planters: untreated wood planters, pots made from recycled paper, bamboo, corn husks, peat, coconut coir or rice straw. You also can choose upcycled planters, such as old wine or whiskey barrels.

What Are the Different Types of Planters?

Planter Pots

These are the planters that you see everywhere, in the materials that we have already discussed. Typically, they are round, oval, square or rectangular and free standing.

Hanging Planters

These planters are most often round but can be any shape. They are very decorative and perfect for a small space where you do not have room for planters on the floor or on stands. Drill a hook into the ceiling and hang the planter from ropes or macrame hangers. Pets and children cannot get to them - a bonus not only because of the mess from disturbed soil but also because many plants are poisonous.

Window Boxes

Window boxes can be used outside or inside the window. If you have an indoor/outdoor box, you can have it outside in warm weather and take it inside when temperatures start to drop. Plants along the window ledge or the wall below the window add personality and coziness to the room.

Vertical Wall Planters

Vertical wall planters are becoming more and more popular. There are many different types available or you can make your own vertical garden by arranging individual planters on the wall any way you like. They save space when it is at a premium. And they are "two-fers," both an indoor garden and wall art.

Luminous Planters

These are also "two-fers." They are beautiful pots for your plants while they create a romantic, ethereal atmosphere.  The LED light illuminates the plant and provides a soft glow to a darkened or dim-lit room. They are usually made from white polyethylene plastic in an array of sizes and shapes. Use them indoors or on the patio.

Be the First on Your Block!

This is simply a little aside, because these are too cool not to share: wearable planters. Really!

The planters are made of a durable plastic resin that lends itself to an endless variety of artful forms, and there are necklaces, brooches, and lapel pins that hold a sprig, succulent, air plant or a freshly cut flower. It's fun watching those whom you encounter trying to come to terms with your wearing a plant!

Best Ideas

Extra tall plant pots designed to bring colorful flowers and beautiful green foliage into any space. The pots come in a wide variety of sizes and their sturdy construction makes them a great choice for using outdoors. They are also customizable with additional paint if need be.

Fiberglass Round - Tall Planter

Sifting through the Internet for tall flower pots? I'v stumbled upon these bronze tall planters and I already see them complement my modern outdoor patio décor - must hunt for similar tall modern planters!

3 Piece Jewel Tone Round Flower Pot Planter Set

A set of three pot planters of various sizes, coming in three colors: amber, green and sapphire blue. Each pot features antique-like mosaic resembling pattern on its sides, plus each has a thick top rim.

Add a dash of natural beauty and elegance into your spaces with this extra tall flower pots. Constructed from metal and featuring a recessed chrome-plated finishing, these pots come in a wide range of sizes and shapes too. They are also great to use outdoor, especially along the driveway or in the patio.

If you are into DIY constructions, this planters' project shall appeal to you. Instead of buying large and expensive planters for your porch or veranda, why not make wooden ones on your own?

Set of decorative fancy shaped trees. Every tree is inserted in simple, but elegant and flower pot - it is tall and covered with red enamel. They can be unique decoration both in your interior and in a terrace.

With such a gorgeous flower pot you can easily improve the front of your house or your blooming garden. Designed for outdoors, the flower pot is tall yet stable, and able to easily hold even larger plants.

Tall pots fitted with holes. It is completely made of plastic. Great for growing tomatoes, strawberries and herbs. Received many positive recommendations from clients for high quality and modern design.

Modern Concrete Pot Planter

A must for bringing some of the outdoor beauty inside, this concrete planter embodies utilitarian and contemporary design. The combination of cement and clay textile gives this rectangular shaped planter texture and contrast as it houses lush flora of your choice. Place it outdoors to complement an existing garden arrangement or decorate the inside of your home with some horticultural charm.

Loughlin Ceramic Pot Planter

Create the ideal old meets new look inside your home with this adorable ceramic pot planter. Four short wooden legs hold up this round planter that can be used to display your most precious flora, be it indoors or outdoors. The charming planter does not contain drainage holes, so it's purely for decorative purposes. Maintain the glossy finish by wiping with a damp cloth.

Westbury Resin Pot Planter

This picturesque and galvanized looking planter is the ideal addition to any beautiful garden. The square-shaped pot is constructed from robust resin material, which will not get too hot in warmer weather conditions. The copper-like lip allows for easy mobility while the tapered design provides sufficient room for a range of plants and flowers. This weathered and rusted pot planter brings some old-fashioned charisma to your outdoor garden.

Kentshire Self Watering Plastic Pot Planter

Combining style and utility, this self-watering plastic pot planter will accommodate an abundance of plants and flowers. The polyethylene plastic is highly durable, while the self-watering tray enhances the sub-irrigation system to care for your plants. The fade-resistant pot planter can be used outdoors to give your porch or patio facelift or placed indoors to give your interior a bit of botanic flair.

Gussie Fiberclay Pot Planter

The epitome of contemporary elegance, this tall planter, gives an instant facelift to your home's exterior. Due to the rectangular and tapered design, it is able to house tall plants and flowers while the drainage holes prevent you from over-watering your flora. The fiber clay construction is frost, rust, weather, and UV resistant so you can leave it on your porch or patio all year round without having to worry. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth or spray down with a hose.

Mcmullen Iron Pot Planter with Legs

Transform an empty or lonely corner of your home into a trendy and eye-catching space with this old and new looking pot planter. Complete in an antique-gold finish, it adds ancient charm to your interior while the three splayed legs elevate it to an opulent appeal. No drainage holes mean that it can be used for decorative purposes, or if you plan on growing your plants inside, you'll need to lightly water them.

Adamsdale 3-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set

Who doesn't love a tribal-inspired indoor garden? With this three-piece ceramic pot planter set, you'll be able to create a botanical sanctuary inside your home. Each piece in the set comes in a different size so that you can keep them together as a set or space them in various entrance points inside your home. Either way, this planter set will deliver a cohesive ensemble.

Jorden 4-Piece Ceramic Pot Planter Set

Compliment your indoor plant collection with this set of rustic-inspired decorative ceramic planters. Including a set of three pot planters and an oval-shaped tray, it allows you to create the ideal botanic decor for your interior space. The hand-crafted planter set delivers the ultimate horticultural look for your porch, patio, or living room display while the distressed-look adds a bit of aged charm to the ensemble.

Wetterland Fiberglass Pot Planter

Irrespective of whether you want to grow a herb garden or try your hand at growing roses, do it in style with this eye-catching alfresco pot planter. Created to withstand the elements, it's the perfect addition to your patio, porch, or even an existing garden arrangement. The fiberglass construction contains a solid finish adding a bit of understated charm to any exterior space.

Addison MgO Pot Planter

Get your gardening game on with this elegant pot planter. Whether you want to enhance the appeal of a small porch on a large patio, this pot planter with a curved silhouette contains ample space for your plants and flowers. The weather-resistant fiber material makes it last for years, while the natural stone finish allows it to seamlessly blend in with your existing interior or exterior decor. The drainage holes ensure that you don't overwater your plants.

Tall 3 Piece Round Pot Planter Set (Set of 3)

Larger View

Bold foliage plants in a large pot. @LaDonna Coy how about this on my front porch?

Give your home an all-natural feel with these wooden tall flower pots. The boxes are very compact and will take very little floor space. They also have that natural wood stain still intact that make them an all-weather option for any home.

A garden vase with good proportions. This element serves as a flower pot. Its tall size makes it a beautiful focal point in a porch or deck. Durable construction and neutral brown color are the main features of this pot.