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A bookshelf or bookcase is something that can add gravitas and class to any room, but some of us don’t have the space for something large width-wise. If that’s the case, a tall corner bookshelf will save the day. Not only will it look perfect in that neglected corner you don’t know what to do with, but the tall stature of your new corner bookshelf means it won’t take up precious wall space, either.

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Our Picks

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Adjustable Corner Bookshelf

Featuring three adjustable frames and crafted from durable mango wood with a natural light-brown stain, this bookshelf’s biggest asset is that the shelves are removable. This means you can quickly and easily organize your book collection.

Designer Advice:

The stripped-back geometric design of this bookshelf would look amazing in a home decorated in a minimalist style. Warm neutrals would pair best with its ashy brown color, as brighter colors such as red will overwhelm its simplicity. Stick to beige, cream, or off-white for a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. 

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Iron Tall Corner Bookcase

17 Stories

Available in brown or gray, this tall corner bookcase has an 100% iron frame and features seven spacious shelves made from manufactured wood. Additionally, it is black powder-coated for a matte finish and measures 85 inches tall.

Designer Advice:

The clean, simple structure of this corner bookshelf design means it will look good in a traditional or modern home, but it would look especially good in a contemporary living room or hallway. You don’t just have to use it to store books – the floating shelves lend themselves to holding plants and decorative objects too for an aesthetically pleasing look. 

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Industrial Tall Corner Shelf


Measuring 76.9 inches tall and made from MDF and metal, the generous spacing between shelves will accommodate bigger books and objects.

Containing a subtle geometric design, this corner bookcase has curved shelves that offer both function and fashion.

Designer Advice:

These tall corner shelves have an updated industrial feel to them that would suit a contemporary home. Would add the perfect finishing touch to a warm-toned living room. Additionally, this bookcase would be a good choice for those of you with children, as it has an anti-tipping kit to install to prevent any accidents. 

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Cube Shaped Corner Bookcase


Interestingly shaped, this corner bookcase is another one that has geometric shaping for a modern look. You can choose from three, four, or five shelves depending on how much wall space you have, and the high-grade bamboo used is durable and sturdy.

Designer Advice:

This bookcase would look simply stunning in a home office, or it could also be used as a transitional piece in a studio apartment. The polished, glossy finish is directly contemporary, and the thin legs mean it would look best on wooden floor for an up-to-date look that has a hint of retro style. 


Dark Gray Corner Bookshelf

Darby Home Co

Measuring an impressive 94 inches tall but only 15.5 inches wide, this corner bookshelf is a great option for you if you have high ceilings but lack floor space. Also featuring dimmable LED lighting so you can illuminate your collection, it is made from manufactured wood.


Designer Advice:

The purposeful distressing of this bookshelf lends it an old-world look. An easy tip to maintain this vibe is to match the furniture in your room with the dark gray of this bookcase for a cohesive and charming library vibe – you can even purchase more of the same bookcase to create a library wall. 

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Tall White Corner Bookshelf


Modern and chic, this tall white corner bookshelf has five tiers. It features an open back and is constructed from a mixture of wooden boards and a metal frame so you can place heavy objects on it without worrying about their safety.

Designer Advice:

Due to the open back of this bookshelf, using a couple of shelves for plants or decorative objects like a vase would really accentuate the space around it. For an attractive contrast, opt for metal accenting in rose gold, which always looks good with bright white. 

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Steel Corner Book Shelf

Latitude Run®

Constructed from high-quality steel, these corner bookshelves can hold a lot of books. It has 7 sturdy shelves and large gaps in-between, ideal if you have any larger books. You won’t have to worry about heavy books either, due to a weight capacity of 70lbs per shelf.

Designer Advice:

There’s definitely a retro vibe to these bookshelves, but we think they would look great in a room with lots of metal accenting and geometric shaping for a look that is retro without being overwhelmingly vintage. The mid-brown color of the shelves will be easy to match to other furniture, too. 

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Oak Large Corner Bookshelf

Not just tall but relatively wide, too, this oak bookcase offers the ultimate laidback farmhouse vibe. Crafted with a reclaimed oak finish, it has five shelves that offer plenty of room for books, magazines, or toys.

Designer Advice:

We can just imagine this bookcase in a room with a wooden floor and rustic furniture detailing. Inspired by the wood plank design, add small details like throws, cushions, and cushions in cream, gray, or patterns like plaid to bring the room together and make it look instantly welcoming. 

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Unique Corner Bookshelf Design

17 Stories

You can choose from four color combinations with this corner bookshelf design, which curves around for an openwork look that means none of your precious books will be hidden away.

Designer Advice:

If you go for the black/brown color option, place it in a room that has a darker color scheme, as the iron/wood combination will look out of place in a room full of light neutrals. Alternatively, the gold/light brown color option will flood any room with light due to the gaps in-between shelves and the frame – place it near a window for maximum results. 

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Cone Shaped Tall Corner Bookshelf

Old Modern Handicrafts

Crafted from solid wood Canadian cedar and resin fiberglass, this unusual bookcase will make a statement in your home. Standing 90 inches tall, it is a rich brown color and combines classic woodworking techniques with a new and interesting design.

This bookcase stands out from the crowd due to its unique cone design, which is inspired by canoe/kayak shapes.

Designer Advice:

While there are five shelves, each is differently sized, which means the upper two won’t hold much. However, we think that it would look striking in a room that has high ceilings and is decorated in a similar classic style.  

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Buying Guide

Once upon a time, bookcases were used solely for the collection of books. Now, however, their use is for a broad mix of collections including books, artwork, plants, and other items. Therefore, when selecting a tall corner bookshelf, it should be done with thought and consideration regarding what things will be placed on its shelves. Will it become a showcase for a collection of pottery? Is it filling negative space in the corner and needs to contain bold items, including books? We'll be answering these questions, and others, in the following buying guide.

What's the best material for a tall bookshelf?

The materials you select for the tall corner bookshelf are significant. Not only will it impact how the bookshelf looks but it plays a vital role in how long it will last. What it's made from will also determine how easy the piece is to move around. For example, selecting a bookcase made from hardwoods will last longer. These bookcases pose a challenge to move around because the wood is dense. Bookcases made from veneer and plywood are common materials. However, they don't last as long. On the flip-side, these materials are lighter-weight and easier to move around.

Do you want adjustable shelves on your corner bookshelf?

When a tall corner bookshelf features adjustable shelves, customizations are possible. Not only is this optimal for storage options but also when you have items you'd like to showcase featuring different heights. You can play around with the shelf adjustments to accommodate your needs. Therefore, as your decor changes, you can coordinate your shelving as necessary.

Should a tall corner bookshelf have an open back?

Utilizing an open back bookcase gives the room an illusion of a larger space. Placing a tall corner bookshelf without a back will allow the wall to show through. By putting a light in the corner behind it, the area will look more substantial.

How to style with tall corner bookcases?

What's surprising about bookcases is that their style options will mix and match with a variety of styles. For example, if you're working with a rustic style bookcase, you don't necessarily have to pair it with a coastal or rustic style room. You may find that this style tall corner bookshelf will look great in a modern style room. Experiment with different styles and theme options and keep an open mind.

What are the standard measurements of a tall corner bookshelf?

Standard tall bookcases that fit into the corner are typically narrow and will slide right into place. Because they’re tall and skinny, they usually don’t take up much space. Some feature whimsical designs and will require additional space to accommodate those features. However, their depths are typically a standard twelve inches deep, and their widths are usually between twelve to fourteen inches wide. Their heights generally are approximately sixty-four inches tall.

Best Ideas

A simple corner bookshelf that measures from the floor to ceiling, offering a lot of space for books or decorations. It's a great option for an unused corner in the bedroom or living room. It features a universal design that will adapt to any decor.

Providing 6 tiers for storage, this tall bookshelf will be a valuable addition to any corner. Traditionally designed, it delights with its high-quality dark wood finish and the characteristically arched top.

and writing tables end tables bookcases beds domed corner bookcase

Wall shelves for living room applications. They provide space for books, pictures in frames and decorations. Each shelf is durable, but not very heavy, so it is suitable for wall mounting. White finish matches any home stylization.

This corner bookcase is able to nicely complement a contemporary decor. Its design is simple and inobtrusive. It fits well in a room corner where it creates some additional display space with its 6 tiers.

Redford White Corner Bookcase traditional bookcases cabinets and ...

We carry revolutions in standard libraries! We love them all - but the round shelving, tall corner bookshelf is a wonderful variation for our books. Made in pine wood, in white color. Comprehensive solution in the form of column.

Tall Wicker Corner Shelf

65'' Corner Bookcase

Add plenty of style to your interior with this bookcase that will fit any empty corner and allow a more sophisticated look. It not only provides plenty of space for your books with the six, spacious shelves but gives a contemporary feel as well.

Inside Corner Wood Bookcase

If it involves books, I love it. If it makes the most of limited space, I REALLY love it. Add the excuse to have a library ladder in my house, and this design idea really turns me on...

This old-fashioned corner bookshelves with cabinet intended to storage frippery is must-have in living room arranged in a style of nineteenth century. It is made of old, worn-out wood. This piece of furniture isn't pretty, but it is very useful.

This tall width bookshelf will hold all your books or dvd's in the best possible way. Corner storage tower saves space in the most convenient way - shelves are constructed to accommodate different size items. It fits perfectly in the space next to the door.

Divided into two visible parts, this tall corner cabinet constitutes a good example of the cottage or shabby chic design. Finished in charming, warm white, it has 3 open shelves and slat doors at the bottom, which conceal also a considerable storage space.

A simple and stunning bookshelf. The bookshelf gives a nice complement to the room design with its white color giving a nice contrast to the grey walls. The way it’s designed to hang off the wall also provides space on the tabletop for other books.

Tall corner bookshelf in antique white, with sleek lacquered surface that sports a slightly glossy finish to it. Exceptionally tall, offering 5 shelves, it can store a decent amount of books while not occupying much floor space.

dresser is the Hemnes from Ikea as well as the tall bookshelf in the corner

beautiful solid Indian mango corner bookcase.

Every thing I love...books, tons of pictures, wood ceiling. Would LOVE to recreate this room in my living room!

Create floor to ceiling storage for kids books with trim and dowel rods. Modern Beach-y Nursery - beach-style - Nursery - Los Angeles - Mend

Corner Shelf 76.75'' Bookcase

... Bookcases & Bookshelves | Shop With IKEA Tall Corner Shelving Unit

Industrial design for a spacious, five-tiered étagère on wheels, made out of wrought iron with a distressed coat of gray paint. The wooden shelves are crafted out of oak wood and have unfinished, natural look.

Tall cabinet in vintage style. Construction is made of wood and fitted with glass doors. Great for display decorations, storing beddings, books and others necessities. Neutral design for each room.