Tall Ceramic Planters

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So attractive and so useful, these tall ceramic planters are the perfect way to display your plants. And that goes double if you have special blooms that must be admired in the right setting. These planters are so pretty, so sturdy, and with their weight, they are unlikely to topple over, spilling your plant on the ground. So they keep your plants safe from accidents.

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Extra tall ceramic pot

Latitude Run®

Most tall ceramic planters tend to be between 16 and 24” in height. However, if you were planning on placing yours next to some even taller items (for example, your fireplace), don’t be afraid to go even bigger!

For example, a 3 foot tall ceramic planter would create a beautifully balanced result next to your front door. 

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Statement tall ceramic planter

Dakota Fields

If, on the contrary, your new tall ceramic planters are next to neutral or monochrome items, you could seize the opportunity to introduce some more attention-grabbing colors, whether through a pattern or a design relying on several hues. 

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Monochrome tall pottery planters

Foundry Select

Have you already found the exact spot for your new tall ceramic planters?

If you’re placing them in a particularly busy area surrounded by patterned items or furniture pieces, then planters in a monochrome design would be the safest choice.

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Tall glazed ceramic planters

Particularly popular in the Middle East and Europe, glazed ceramic is an elegant alternative that will immediately bestow a sophisticated feel on your tall planters.

It will also result in a brighter, eye-catching finish that will reflect any glint of the sun in a whimsical way.

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Monochrome tall ceramic planters with a unique pattern

So far, we’ve looked at tall ceramic planters in a monochrome finish and a patterned or colorful style, but did you know that there’s also a creative compromise that you could experiment with?

Instead of being painted, some patterned pots rely on an uneven texture that creates slightly different levels and sections. This means that they’ll translate into hypnotizing tricks of shadow and light.

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Tall outdoor ceramic planters

Will you use your tall ceramic planter to further decorate your patio or garden?

Unless it’s in a sheltered spot, there’s something that you really can’t afford to forget about before choosing colors and designs: weather resistance, and especially UV protection.

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Contemporary tall ceramic plant pots

Your garden or patio can be the mirror of your contemporary interiors, and your new tall ceramic planters can actively reinforce it.

The trick is to stick to monochrome designs (even better if in neutral colors) and clean or symmetrical lines. This simple style will also help you maintain the actual plant in the spotlight.

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Set of tall ceramic pots

If you need more than one tall ceramic planter and you’re after a cohesive feel, save yourself some money by purchasing a set.

You don’t necessarily need to stick to the exact same pot. For example, some planters in the same style but different heights can be a conscious decorative choice, particularly when placed in decreasing order.

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Tall ceramic planter with wooden stand

Here’s a different take on the tall ceramic planter idea that’s been gaining more and more popularity over the past few years, especially thanks to minimalist and Scandinavian inspiration.

Instead of a taller piece, prop up an average-size pot with a wooden stand.

The result will be just as slender, and you’ll also get to match your other wood finishes.

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Tall pottery planters with shelves

What if you need a home for a few more plants but haven’t got that much floor space left? In that case, some tall pottery planters can optimize it.

Instead of looking for one pot per plant, scout for layered designs with room for an additional one (or two) at the bottom.

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Buying Guide

A room is never complete without a touch or hint of nature. Unfortunately, interior plants are added into homes as last-minute accessory items. Decorative containers like tall ceramic planters are likewise chosen in a haphazard and rushed manner. Before you dash to your local garden center, check out our buying guide as it is guaranteed to help you pick the right planter for your interiors.

How to select the style and color of tall ceramic planters?

When you're unsure of the style that will look great within your home, take a close look at your hardware. Use the color or finish of furniture legs, hinges, and knobs as a guide in selecting a finish for your ceramic planters. Brushed metallic finishes over tall ceramic planters will make your home look modern and contemporary compared to shiny ones.

If you're thinking about grouping a series of tall ceramic planters to beautify your space, interior designers would suggest you consider series instead of groupings. There's no longer a need for you to cluster Peace Lilies in one corner anymore. By creating a series, you'll have a more stunning room décor especially when the plants and planters are in staggering heights and positioned linearly.

Transitional interiors would call for more contemporary ceramic planters with rich or creamy finishes. Stark, modern interiors that consist mostly of whites, grays, and blacks, however, would need tall ceramic planters with vivid colors to brighten up the space.

How to determine the right size for ceramic planters?

The tall ceramic planter that is right for your space will depend on the size of the plant that you'll be placing inside the container. Basically, the planter's size should be proportional to the plant's size. A tabletop plant will require a decorative planter that has a diameter of at least an inch larger than the plant's grow-pot, which is its ugly plastic nursery pot. As for a large floor plant, it'll require a tall ceramic planter with a diameter that's 2-4 inches larger than its grow-pot.

How to care for ceramic planters?

Decorative containers for indoor-use like tall ceramic planters need to be watertight without any holes for drainage. Otherwise, the leakage will damage your carpeting or floor finishes. Ceramic is the best material for indoor planters as it breathes or sweats. But, you'll also need a plastic liner that's watertight to be placed inside the planter. If you'll be purchasing a container with holes, make sure you fill the holes with epoxy or any other waterproof material to ensure no damage is caused to your home.

Best Ideas

A stunning planter that sports the colorful finish of the structure and is more than enough for elevating the look of your setting, since it is just as suitable for the outdoor setting as it is for the indoors.

A brilliant accent to one's outdoor space. This Marisol Jar in Celadon pearl measures 47 inches tall. All finished with a high-quality ceramic, adding a refined character to your garden.

Blue Ceramic Planters

Elegant tall contemporary standing planters for outdoor and indoor use. They are crafted of weatherproof glossy white ceramic. They feature irregularly twisted and wavy sides looking like dresses with lots of frills.

Tall Fish Bowl Planter

Carefully stained to give the appearance of age, this fiber stone tall indoor planter will distinguish one's space, adding it a refined, classic appeal. Its clever construction is lightweight, while at the same extremely durable, less fragile than concrete.

Series Atomic Orange Tall Entrance Square W35cm

The tall surface of this unique planter constitutes a space to display beautiful mosaic art. Comprising multiple, vibrantly painted, tiny squares, it will add a refined appeal to any interior.

Fall planters

Big and tall ceramic planter in optimistic yellow makes your deck ready for spring time. The planter features sheen finish that reflects sun rays. Yellow hue is an eye-drawing accent looking especially striking on dark wooden floor.

A highly-decorative piece of contemporary art that is more than suitable for embellishing outdoor areas such as gardens, porches, patios, and front doors. Designed of quality ceramic, the planter is beautifully adorned with opaline glass mosaic of blooming red flowers.

Made from high-quality, dark ceramic, this tall planter can be a great way to add style and chic to your outdoors. Its large diameter makes it a consider worthy proposition for bigger plants.

Stylish and solid space for plants. These tall ceramic planters are finished in neutral colors. Their simple design looks very good in different outdoor stylizations. They are not only wear-resistant, but also decorative.

Tall Ceramic Planters

Cylinder Planters Patrizo Tall Square Ceramic Planter

outdoor ceramic pot

Black Tall Round Ceramic Pot 54h

outdoor ceramic pot

This beautiful set of ceramic planters enchant with their various, chic patterning, responding well to the contemporary trends. You can choose from chevron, diamond or crossover patterns. All the items feature the stunning navy blue finish.

Succulent planter ceramic planter

Ceramic elements suitable for outdoor applications. These tall planters are available in different size and shape combinations, so they allow for growing large and small plants. Their ceramic construction is durable and attractive.

Attractive ceramic planters that are very tall and good for different plants. Blue color of a planter looks nice among flowers and other plants. Its solid construction protects plants from negative factors.

Tall indoor planter for a palm tree. Or any other plant. Still a palm would look particularly graceful in such a tall ceramic pot! The planter is finished black, and he oversized square base makes it properly balanced.

This tall ceramic planter will ensure a perfect and stylish boost of functional use for your interior, while letting you perfectly display your plants and keep the space looking modern and immensely decorative.

... fibreglass planters a small collection of planters dotted around

outdoor ceramic pot