Tall Bookcases With Glass Doors

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Are you a book lover? Would you rather dive into an epic tale in the pages of a masterpiece then watch it on TV? Then you deserve a medium for which to store your precious stories. Behold, the tall bookcase with glass doors. Now your books will have somewhere to wait while you endeavor to read your entire library. Quality construction and very handsome.

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Tall White Bookcase With Glass Doors

Latitude Run®

A tall white bookcase with glass doors will work well in a modern home, providing you with a sleek and stylish place to display books and ornaments. The simple design of this bookshelf will work well on its own, but to create a ‘library’ effect, you can purchase more than one, and install them side by side. It’s important to remember to anchor tall bookshelves to the wall to ensure they don’t topple over—most tall bookshelves will come with an attachment kit for this purpose.

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Antique Style Tall Bookshelf With Doors

Best Master Furniture

An antique style tall bookshelf will instantly add character and charm to your home. The elegant French-inspired design features beautiful ornate details and antique French-style door bolts, making it a truly unique piece for your home. Shelves inside provide plenty of storage for books and other items, while the glass doors provide protection from dust and dirt.

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Tall Bookcase With Doors and Drawers

Walker Edison

A tall bookcase with both doors and drawers will provide you with plenty of storage for books and other items. The top section features double glass doors where books, ornaments, and other treasured items can be displayed for all to see, while the drawers provide the perfect practical solution for items you don’t want on display. Tall narrow bookcases like this are ideal for smaller rooms since they provide plenty of storage space (thanks to their height) without taking up much of the floor space in the room.

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Black Bookshelf with Glass Doors

Altra Furniture

A black bookshelf with glass doors is an ideal choice for both traditional and transitional interiors. This stunning bookcase features a timeless design in a smart black finish with sliding doors for easy access to your books and other items. For a transitional look, try pairing this bookcase with contemporary furniture, and large-scale patterned textiles.

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Traditional Tall Bookcase With Glass Doors

Darby Home Co

This traditional tall bookcase with glass doors is the perfect choice for a traditional living room or study. The glass doors lift up and slide into the shelf, so you can keep the shelves either open or closed as required. To create a traditional-looking study, try pairing this bookshelf with a solid wood writing desk in a dark finish, and a traditional banker’s lamp.

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Tall Bookcase With Sliding Doors

Bowery Hill

This tall bookshelf features adjustable shelves to accommodate books and ornaments of different heights. The sliding doors make it an ideal choice for small spaces, providing plenty of storage without encroaching into the room. Since this bookcase is also designed as a media unit, it’s quite shallow, so not suitable for storing larger books.

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Large Bookshelf With Glass Doors

Aosom LLC

Get the best of both worlds by choosing a large bookshelf with glass doors and open shelves. Open shelves at the top allow books and other items to be displayed, while clear glass doors cover the bottom shelves to keep valuables protected but still visible. Because of the open shelves at the top, this may not be a suitable choice for families with cats who like to climb, as the open shelves will leave delicate items vulnerable to being knocked over.

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Narrow and Tall Bookcase With Glass Doors

East Urban Home

Maximize a small space with a narrow bookcase that is tall enough to hold all of your books. Although narrow bookcases don’t take up much floor space, they can still provide plenty of storage thanks to their tall height. A tall narrow bookcase can be top heavy, so you will need to ensure that it is anchored properly to the wall to prevent it from toppling over.

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Tall Glass Bookcase

Brayden Studio®

This tall glass bookcase is an ideal choice for modern and minimal homes. The sleek glass design is completely transparent, which allows your eye to travel through the space, helping to keep your room feelight light and bright. Although it looks delicate, this bookcase is made from tough tempered glass, so it’s strong enough to hold most books and ornaments. That being said, this isn’t an ideal choice for families with young children, due to the fact that the glass is breakable.

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Contemporary Glass Corner Bookcase

Orren Ellis

A corner bookcase will make the most of your space, providing you with storage for books, ornaments, and more, in even the smallest of living rooms. The sleek glass design of this bookcase means it will look great in both modern and transitional interiors, while the mirrored back will help give the illusion of more space, making it an ideal choice for the smaller rooms in your home.

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Buying Guide

If reading books is among your hobbies and you have a bunch of books that you love, then you need to find a suitable place for them to sit on. With the right glass door bookcase you also have the freedom to display other treasures alongside the books such as mementos and photos.

The glass doors ensure that your display still shows appealingly and at the same time protects your precious belongings from dust and dirt. Here are some things you should keep in mind before you make any purchasing decisions.

What things to consider when shopping for a tall bookcase with glass doors?

Door style

Of course you will need to open the door when reaching out for your books or adding some more into the bookcase. It is therefore important to consider how the doors open. There are bookcases that come with glass doors that slide to the left or right or some that lift up instead. Others will open normally outwards on their hinges. Choose a style that you feel works best for your settings. If you choose doors opening outwards, then ensure you have enough space for them to open without any obstructions and risks of getting damaged.


Just like the name suggests these are tall bookcases and hence you want to start by ensuring that the length you are getting will suit your ceiling level just fine. When looking at the size, you also should consider how easy it will be for you to place your books and other treasures in all the spaces. With the flexible sizes and shapes in the market, you will find a unit that suits your home right.

Glass placement

Whereas most bookcases with glass doors will feature glasses on their entire front, you may want to consider one with the glass on the top areas of the doors if you have children and pets around the home. Of course you need to be comfortable with the kind of display the glass placement on the doors offer. Some will have drawers on the lower parts with the glass doors starting somewhere in the middle of the unit and others might have wooden or metallic doors at the bottom areas and glass at higher areas. Choose with everything else around your home in mind.

What types of glass are best for tall bookcases?

For proper visibility of your books most of the bookcases will have doors with clear glass. However, you can still find some with decorative glass on different parts of the doors and some that are not transparent as much even though they still are glasses. Think cleaning and appeal when choosing the glass type on your bookcase doors. You want to also ensure that high quality glass is used and that it is fitted well, so as to serve your needs for long even with frequent opening and closing of the doors.

Best Ideas

Cherry And Birch Wood Standard Bookcase

With a sophisticated, stylish design, this bookcase is a great choice of furniture for spaces which require a hefty storage piece, which could also act as a curio display cabinet. The bookcase has accent lights inside of it, which showcase the insides of the bookcase to your guests. The frame of the piece is constructed out of solid poplar hardwood with veneers made out of both cherry and birch wood, which combines durability with looks.

An aesthetic though rather simple contemporary bookcase crafted of wooden materials finished in white. It has a rectilinear frame and a recessed toe-kick. Both small top cabinets and large tall ones (with shelves) underneath have glazed doors.

Mahogany Wood Display Stand

This traditional display cabinet is fitted with antique brass hardware, which further highlights its old-fashioned appearance and makes the hinges tough and solid. The top of the cabinet is fitted with crown molding, which adds an elegant little detail. It is constructed out of kiln-dried solid wood with mahogany veneers, painted in pure white, and the front door is fitted with beveled glass panels, providing a fancy finish.

This grey bookcase with glass front hutch constitutes a stylish addition to every living room, both contemporary and traditional. The 4-piece glazed doors conceal a 7-shelved construction, which offers considerable storage space.

Essex Bookcase With Glass Doors

If you looking for a nicely finished bookcase, you have to choose this one. It features the glass doors and shelves for books and accent pieces. You will be impressed how cool this product is.

Wayborn Furniture 9124 Bookcase with Glass Doors

New Tall Bookcase Glass Doors Drawers traditional-bookcases-cabinets ...

Classic, old-fashioned bookcase with glazed doors. This case is made of dark, mahogany wood and it looks so elegant! It is intended to storage books, but it can be used to curation of tableware, frippery and DVDs.

This black cabinet with glass doors enchants with its elegance. Made from solid wood, painted black, brings style and class to the space. Equipped with 5 shelves, it creates a considerable storage space to display your vases or plates collection i.e.

Allegro 76.5" Bookcase

This element of library furniture is a solid bookcase made of durable wood finished in a stylish black color. It features spacious shelves and attractive glass doors. Upper and lower parts of this construction include decorative carvings.

Glossy White Standard Bookcase

Minimalistic design at its finest – this simplistic, yet elegant bookcase will nicely fit in a modern or mid-century living room, as well as a more traditional bedroom. The bookcase is constructed out of manufactured wood with solid wood veneers, made in a white color with a glossy, polished finish. There are six shelves installed inside of the bookcase, five of which can be taken out to provide some space for taller items.

Universal Oak Standard Bookcase

Combining the function of a spacious storage piece, where you can store all of your books, printer paper, office supplies, files, and other assorted items, as well as an elegant element of interior décor which will give your study room or home office a contemporary vibe, this bookcase is very universal. Made out of laminated manufactured wood with a mix of particleboard and veneers made out of oak wood, the bookcase looks classy and is quite sturdy.

Barrister Bookcase with Glass Door in Brown by Wayborn

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Tall White Bookcase With Glass Doors

Essex Bookcase with Glass Doors

BILLY Bookcase with glass-door modern bookcases cabinets and computer ...

Traditional Standard Bookcase With American Oak Finish

This classic-looking bookcase will bring a touch of elegance to your home décor with its traditional makeover and a hard, wooden frame. The bookcase has accent lights on the inside with a handy touch switch, which highlights the contents and allows you to see better what is inside. The frame of the bookcase is made out of solid hardwood with oak veneers, which not only makes the piece tough but also provides a gorgeous look.

This beautiful set of furniture is a wonderful way to decorate the living room or home office or pantry. The attractive drawers, shelves and cabinets and the possibility of various arrangements fascinate and makes everyone will be delighted with this solution.

Ideal for storing all of your media items or other loose objects, this tall storage cabinet features a simple, elegant design and will be a nice fit into any home's decor with its two glass doors in the front, allowing for easy viewing.

Above: Bookcase with flat-panel lower door kit and glass with mullions ...

Add style, beauty and elegance to your apartment, and create your own and unique home library nook with the Ikea wall bookcase with glass doors. The simplicity of design fits perfectly to any decor.

French Restoration Kamran 86" Bookcase