Stained Glass Windows For The Home

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Did you know, there are tourist who visit places just to view the stained glass? If you believe this is a useful thing to do on a trip, then you might appreciate stained glass windows for you home. Many of us painted glass for our own stained glass items as kids, but these are no amatuer works. These are done professionally and done to fit in your home immediately.

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Stained Glass Window House Custom made stained glass

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If you want to embellish your window with something truly amazing and colorful, you may want to check this stained glass panel. Designed in slightest details, this decoration is embedded in the steel black frame, and can be easily hanged using a convenient chain attached to the upper part.

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This project embodies what's best in modern design. Ideal for people, who like to distinguish their houses. Stained glass window using Pantone palette adds unique brightness and colorfulness.

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Cool idea for a room on your bookshelves for five new monographs from stunning crop of new modern houses that bring the euphoria. Beautiful effect of rainbow, mirrors all of its colors on the floor. Beautiful tiny bench.

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Transform your home into an artistic cathedral with these extra-large stained glass windows. The windows are fitted with sturdy wooden frames too and come with a unique combination of colors that will completely class up your home.

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River Of Goods Birds On A Wire Stained Glass Window Panel

Beautiful stained glass panel featuring gorgeous avian inspired motif depicting various birds sporting vividly colored feathers while sitting on a bar. This decorative item comes with iron chain to enable easier set-up.

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Tained glass, this one is built in, but you could just set it on the window ledge. Looks super decorative either on the window, or as part of your house architecture - in walls in bathroom or kitchen.

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Ginkgo Stained Glass Window

It is a very beautiful and extremely decorative stained glass. Very impressive and extremely beautifully presented. It is very decorative element. Stained glass is in the form of the window. Shining light through it very interesting highlights images of stained glass.

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Spider web stained glass - would make your house look like a home for fairies! morgan would love it haha

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Buying Guide

What colors and patterns stained glass windows can you get?

You can get many different colors and patterns of stained glass windows for the home. A few of the different types of patterns and colors you might want to consider are floral, geometric, and storyboard. There are some types of stained glass windows that are abstract; there are others that represent specific people or types of flowers, so they are much more constructive and clear.

Stained glass windows come in many colors as well, including rainbow, tonal, and simple clear glass. Each has its benefits; however, if you choose a colored window, you might want to make sure that your furniture and space is more monochromatic, to allow the windows themselves to shine.

Can you install stained glass windows in patio doors?

Lots of homeowners choose to install stained glass windows for their home in patio doors. While some people are hesitant as their not sure if these stained glass pieces will withstand the elements, proper installation, and good maintenance will keep your doors looking great and standing strong for years to come.

A tip is that if the stained glass is bonded to the inside of your original glass, it will protect it from the elements and your doors will remain fully functional and beautiful at that.

What interior styles are suitable for stained glass windows?

Since stained glass windows come in all sorts of designs, it’s not surprising that they fit perfectly in most spaces! So, whether your home has a modern, traditional, vintage, art deco, or contemporary look, it won’t be hard to find a pattern that’ll gracefully complement your interior scheme. You might even want to feature a classic stained glass with colorful floral motifs in your modern home for an eclectic statement! Indeed, stained glass windows for the home provide an easy yet elegant way to mix and match styles without going overboard.

Best Ideas

Stained glass windows in front door made from either matte glass and crystal clear one. Such a cool idea in any house or flat, don't know why it's connected with churches. Beautiful and clear design.

When stepping into a holy place, our eyes seek the light. If we're lucky, the light will be shining through a stained glass window - that may happen also in your house. With stained glass in a colored checkerboard- on the top of the living room dors.

I want a fun house with secret passageways EVERYWHERE(:

A decorative element for aesthetic stylizations of old homes. These glass panels are good for openings above doors. Their multicolor circles with black lines look very nice in any house. This decoration is also durable.

A little garden was invited into the interior of the house - thanks to the stained-glass window - this time located in the kitchen door. The most beautiful - leaves and delicate rural flowers, was created personally on the bright glass

Spear of Hastings Stained Glass Window

......a Wall of #stained glass #windows.. and they're operable.. Wonder where this is. I want to see it!

Emma's adoptive mom makes stained glass and their house is full of stained glass. The house becomes a refuge for Emma and her siblings, the first place where they ever felt truly safe. So I picture the house as both beautiful and big and solid and homey.

Love all of the fun glass!

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A charming, simple idea for DIY stained glass. You just need to prepare squeeze bottles and fill them with white glue and water in various colors. Take framed glass and squeeze the liquid onto the glass. You will get a stunning decoration.

12/18/19 . . . on our way home from Lou's second day of interviews we stopped by an adorable little shop in Stafford, Bluebird Glass Studios. We found beautiful Christmas gifts for everyone and may take classes there in the future

Pasadena Rose Stained Glass Window

Leaded Glass Window from Tudor Home | Olde Good Things